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Yesterday, 19:26 Femdom
Dominant Princess - Verbal WhippingDominant Princess - Verbal Whipping

So you're back again to hear My verbal abuse, well LOSER I'm only too happy to throw it at you as well as shoving My middle finger in your face. Just watch on closely as I verbally rip into you, telling you once again what a low life and a pathetic little being you are! Embrace My abuse you know you need to hear it. I love drumming My cruel words into your mind, mentally dominating you like this makes Me so powerful whilst you become an even weaker feeble little man!

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8-12-2016, 19:01 BDSM, SexuallyBroken
SexuallyBroken - Hot MILF and Made to Cum!

Katy Kiss loves bondage and rough play and Dee is willing to deliver. Katy is first vibrated as a warm up but the face fucking and breath play is what really gets her off. Katy is choked by dick, smothered by Dee's sexy ass and big breasts and vibrated. She is drooling, gasping, cumming and loving it the entire time. This enthusiastic little hottie is begging for more and we are sure to have her back for much more.

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8-12-2016, 17:52 BDSM, Infernalrestraints
InfernalRestraints - Worked Over - Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee was just out for a good time. She thought she would have some fun being thrown around by one of our handlers, but no one ever gets exactly what they are expecting when they sign up to be played with by Matt Williams. In the beginning Lorelei is begging Matt to let her cum. What she doesn't understand is that by the end of their time together she is going to be begging him to let her stop ...

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8-12-2016, 17:46 BDSM, SensualPain
SensualPain - Leather And Pain - Lexy Bound

Lexy Bound in Leather and Pain - Lexy Bound has been wanting to come visit Master James for quite some time now and her day has finally arrived. Her Mistress is out of town for a few weeks and has sent her little slut to us to see if she is truly ready to become the slave she claims she is ready to be. She is willing to go through anything in order to get a good report sent to her Mistress. Lexy is put into heavy metal shackles, spreader bars, chains, an extremely strict leather posture collar and leather bondage, before being led front and center. As she is put through rigorous bondage and painful licks of the whip, she begins to show her excitement through her pink mesh panties. If there's one thing that doesn't lie about the slut you truly are, it's your soaking wet panties. But Lexy is fully aware of her lustful tell tale as she feels Master James giving her glimpses of His primal core. A beautiful and true display of Sensualpain play out in the scenes to follow as Lexy vies for her place at the feet of her Mistress as a true slave.


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8-12-2016, 00:17 BDSM, Infernalrestraints
Infernalrestraints - Humiliation Slut (BONUS) - Kali Kane

Slutty, little Kali gets off on her humiliation. While PD has her locked up to the wall by her mouth he really lets her have it. Hands behind her back, Kali takes the nose hooks and a tongue clamp, leaving a trail of drool all down her chest. He plays with her eyes, nose, tits and pussy, reminding her that she will do anything he commands. That includes jerking off his cock and stripping naked on the wall. She takes his cock first, then she takes his cane, across her tits, legs and pussy.


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8-12-2016, 00:15 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Mistress Irony’s DelightWasteland - Mistress Irony’s Delight

Mistress Irony is so mean, how she loves teasing her beautiful slave Ava. Her cries of pain send shivers down her spine and make her so wet.. How she loves the way her body flinches as she tries to move away from her Mistress’ touch in dreaded anticipation… In fact topping Ava like this always makes Mistress so hot she commands Ava to make her cum again and again. Mistress Irony then pushes a large dildo deep inside Ava and demands that she fucks it as Mistress holds it in place. When she realizes how much she’s enjoying it she decides to make her cum “a la Irony style.” Attaching the zipper down Ava’s side she escalates her to a screaming orgasm.

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7-12-2016, 21:08 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Deep ImpactWasteland - Deep Impact

Master treats his new submissive to a long series of impact play while she is bound, Shibari style, from above. Starting out with simple but highly painful wooden paddles, he stirs things up with a flogging and them moves on the much dreaded cane! Once she can take no more, he rewards her with a pussy fingering and then allows her to suck his cock until he cums on her lovely face.


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7-12-2016, 00:58 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - A Commanding PerformanceWasteland - A Commanding Performance

Nora provides a great BDSM show for three dungeon spectators! After Master Shadrack has her securely bound in rope, he treats her to a world class series of electro-stim, zipper clothes pins, and a bone shaking set of orgasms to the delight of the live audience who cheers her on every step of the way, and then instruct her to give Master a blowjob which she does with great enthusiasm!

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7-12-2016, 00:52 BDSM, FetishKitsch, Latex
FetishKitsch - Inflated & SuspendedFetishKitsch - Inflated & Suspended

August 18th, 2016

With Ingrid Mouth & Nenetl Avril

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7-12-2016, 00:42 BDSM, FetishKitsch, Latex
FetishKitsch - Nenetl's Rubber MouthFetishKitsch - Nenetl's Rubber Mouth

August 11th, 2016
With Ingrid Mouth & Nenetl Avril