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30-06-2015, 01:27 BDSM
Cassondra X HogtiedCassondra X Hogtied

Cassondra has been wanting to be bound and gagged for ages, but like a lot of women she had a hard time communicating her wants and needs. She then met a good friend of mine, JJ. She knew JJ got tied up for a living and was secretly jealous. One day JJ asked if she'd like to try it and Cassondra agreed. She loved it just like she thought she would. She then did a suspension and fell in love. She decided she wanted to take it up a notch and contacted me. She had some things in mind she wanted to try. They were pretty extreme, so I decided to break her in a little more slowly. I figured a nice tight rope hogtie would be a good starting point. I bring Cassondra in and start roping her up...

BDSM Views: 907
30-06-2015, 01:21 BDSM
Cat Burglar Breaks into the wrong HouseCat Burglar Breaks into the wrong House

Amanda has been terrorizing the neighborhood. A master thief, She has been breaking into houses at will... even in broad daylight! Today is her unlucky day though. She is captured by an angry home owner. She is played with, groped, taken to the basement, and tied up. She is not happy about her situation and lets the home owner know. For her efforts, He gags her with a huge dirty cleaning sponge. He makes her bondage even more strict by tying her elbows and her ankles...

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30-06-2015, 01:14 BDSM
Adara the Pony GirlAdara the Pony Girl

Just like in any sport or competition, people bet on Equestrian events. Adara has borrowed money from a group of unsavory characters, in return she promised to fix a big event. She failed for whatever reason and now she owes them 20k. They know that most likely she'll end up at the bar drinking. Sure enough, she shows up and one of the thugs is bar tending. He pours her a drink. After she's distracted he walks around the bar and grabs her. He shoves her up against a support post and straps her waist to it. She wants him to let her go, and he says he will if she's got his 20k. She of course does not, so to teach her a lesson, they are going to make an example out of her. Turning her into an obedient pony seems fitting, and they know a good strong ponygirl will sell for much more than 20k. He straps her wrists together around the post, before a few more are used to secure her to the post...

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29-06-2015, 23:38 BDSM
Rubber Sensory OverLoadRubber Sensory OverLoad

Heavy rubber, gas mask, breath restriction, and dildos….Oh my! This sexy young woman takes it all in when she immerses herself in a heavy rubber sensory overload. No acting here, this is a true fetish experience. Just look at her eyes through the steamy gas mask.

BDSM Views: 712
29-06-2015, 23:34 BDSM
Rubber Necro E Stim TormentRubber Necro E Stim Torment

E-Stim is a simple electrical charge that creates sensations. Some of these sensations can be very pleasurable, very painful, or both. Rubber Necro seems to enjoy both. Dalton put his topping skills to work as he turns up the juice and applies a magic wand in just the right place. This video is hot because of the heavy rubber neck and body corset, the bondage, and the great reactions of our lovely plaything. A special thanks to Rubber Dynasty in Los Angeles for the use of their photo studio.

BDSM Views: 759
29-06-2015, 02:35 BDSM
Things To DoThings To Do

Everything and anything was the focus of this scene. This scene has it all except a clear plot. The D/s dynamic is blurred in a delightful way. The theme seemed to play out like this; “Damn I can do that to her or make her do it but I want to do it.” This scene is hot, in my opinion the hottest one these two have done to date.

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29-06-2015, 02:30 BDSM
Mistress Miranda - Ashley Renee - Yellow CubeMistress Miranda - Ashley Renee - Yellow Cube

This is a quick video we shot with Ashley Renee, Mistress Miranda and a stand-up vac-cube we had on hand. It was at the end of the day and we were just messing around. You can see our friend Mumman sitting in the background. We discovered that we could turn the vac-cube on it's side, which I didn't know could be done until we did it. We will have to do this again when we have more time.

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29-06-2015, 02:25 BDSM
Wet And WildWet And Wild

Our young friends continue their play. This time they make use of certain body liquids. Bondage, rubber, and piss play, what else can I say.

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28-06-2015, 21:11 Femdom
Xev Bellringer - Sucking For A Goopy FacialXev Bellringer - Sucking For A Goopy Facial

My warm lips encase the flaccid cock, gently sucking until it throbs for me. I slowly tease the hard shaft with my wet tongue, licking all the way up to its sensitive head. The cock sinks deep into my mouth over and over until it explodes with a hot, sticky load all over my face. No dialogue - just pure, passionate cock sucking...

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28-06-2015, 21:07 BDSM
Nyssa Nevers - struggle queenNyssa Nevers - struggle queen

Nyssa Nevers! Another big bondage name added to this website! She is such a great struggler, watch her go wild on the bed in this red rope elbow and chest harness! And what a chest, by the way ;)