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KinkyKicks - Agony Of AutumnKinkyKicks - Agony Of Autumn

We are proud to introduce a brand new ball buster to KinkyKicks, British porn star Chessie Kay, who today has teamed up with Strict Miss Zoe to inflict a whole new world of testicular pain on whoever deserves it! Today it's the gardener who falls into that bracket. He's been given one simple task of clearing all the leaves from the garden but is clearly failing miserably! Some say that Autumn / Fall is a season of beauty as all the leaves fall from the trees, but for this guy it seems that this is going to be a season of agony!

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KinkyKicks - Last Ghoulie StandingKinkyKicks - Last Ghoulie Standing

Zoe is minding her own business at home when three crazy beings appear in her living room in an attempt to scare her. Unluckily for them this is a girl that is not easily scared and Zoe fights back in her own special way. She instigates a competition where the three fools must stand in front of her and take her hardest kicks. The winner 'might' get a happy ending! All three ghoulies clearly want to out do each other, but it quickly becomes apparent that their goolies are no match for Zoe and her hard ballbusting kicks! So sit back this halloween, grab the popcorn and see who will be the last ghoulie standing!

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Sado-ladies - Strong man trashedSado-ladies - Strong man trashed

This clip is hard to describe. Let's say it so: After the shooting was done, Faye and Cloe were still in a cruel mood and her sadistic desires were not satisfied. That's why they decided to take the strong slave again and do all the bad things to him they wanted.

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Sado-ladies - Trashing balls is funSado-ladies - Trashing balls is fun

On red stiletto heels Mistress Akella walks into the hall, dressed in a skin tight black latex skirt and a red latex top. Her long legs seem to be endless. As the blond beauty reaches the slave, his dick is already gib and hard. Akella is pleased to see that.

"So nice that your cock is already in the right position for me!", she says but she doesn't talk about sex. She talks about ballbusting. And she smiles in cruel anticipation. And then she starts. She takes 2 steps backward and kicks into his ball. So hard that he gasps for air and breaks down. But of course, that was just the beginning

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Mistresszena - 3 Critter Carnage part 6Mistresszena - 3 Critter Carnage part 6

Breathplay, the most trusting of disciplines for the sub. He has to have complete confidence in his Mistress, confidence that she will take him to the edge but return him unharmed. Now combine this with giving sub something else to distract him, like needles through his bell end. Now we have the ultimate thrill, slave having to concentrate on breathing slowly as to not run out of air, combined with the excruciating pain of the needles. clips4sale

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KinkyKicks - Mud BallsKinkyKicks - Mud Balls

Victoria has been down the stables all day walking in all the mud and horse crap in her little pink hunter wellies. On her return home she decides to keep her filthy boots on to abuse one of her slaves, stomping, squishing and kicking the exposed cock and balls presented before her. Lovers of muddy boots cock and ball trampling and kicking will love this, and Victoria adds the extra little treat of having her great boobies on show too!

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KinkyKicks - Kelly's CaptiveKinkyKicks - Kelly's Captive

Kelly is a lady who has a personal vendetta against men. On a mission to right the wrongs she feels have been committed by men against women `Kelly goes hunting around local bars and finds an unlucky victim to go home with. Here starts a long and drawn out nightmare for this particular guy as he is subject to a series of bribery and painful sexual torment! Kelly uses a variety of techniques incorporating ballbusting / cbt, footjobs, handjobs, glove and uniform fetish to drive the guy into a frenzy of pain and pleasure!

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Sado-ladies - Pleased To See You SufferSado-ladies - Pleased To See You Suffer

There is no other Mistress who shows a slave how much she is aroused bis his suffering. And because it's so arousing, Ezade loves to make slaves suffer, especially this tall and strong slave.

Ezada is dressed to tease. Her leather corset pushes her breasts up so the slave has an amazing view at her cleavage, that is framed by her black leather jacket. Her outfit is completed by a short leather skirt and overknee leather boots. No wonder that the slave's dick shows immediately reaction as Ezada pushes her leather clad body against him and plays with his nipples.

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Sado-ladies - None of your excusesSado-ladies - None of your excuses

Countess Stella returns from a female friend and she looks so stunning. The blond goddess wear skin tight leather trousers, a leather corsage, boots and long gloves. She calls her slave and immediately starts to call him names.

She is in an angry mood because she found the front garden of her mansion still outstanding. From her point of view this is such a lazy slave and so he gets some hard face slaps. Of course, she left him with a lot of orders and work. Much too much for a single slave. But who cares? More face slaps follow.

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Sado-ladies - Empress' feetSado-ladies - Empress' feet

What a lucky day for this slave. Returning from visiting the plantation and seeing all her slaves working so hard, Empress Victoria is in a cheerful sentiment. There are days he is being whipped very hard but today, the Mistress wants to relax and have her feet pampered.

She looks down at the slave who is first cleaning her stiletto heels with his tongue. She says: "I know how much you crave for licking my feet. Drop of my pumps and start worship my feet!" Of course, the slave immediately starts what he was told. With a big passion he starts kissing her feet.