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Sado-ladies - The Password - Part 1Sado-ladies - The Password - Part 1

Do you know these business ladies who would stick at nothing for their own success? They wear short skirts, tight blazers and high heels and they are used to get what they want. Always!

You can see Cloe and Sarah in this clip as stone-cold business woman who wants to get a special technology from a scientist who works for another company. They already tried the soft way. They met him in a restaurant and started flirting with him but without success. That's why they brought him to this hall where they will make him suffer until they have the password to his notebook.

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Sado-ladies - Big Cock - Big RuinSado-ladies - Big Cock - Big Ruin

As Mistress Athena enters the dungeon, one thing is for sure: She is here to milk her slave! She is dressed only in expensive lingerie, long black leather gloves and sky high stiletto heels. The slave's cock is fully erected before his Mistress has reached the wooden cross he is bound to.

The blond bombshell tells him that she is here to make him cum and she starts stroking his cock slowly and gently. She spits on his dick and continues to wank. The slave immediately starts moaning in pleasure. Athena makes him feel her body and strokes his dick faster and faster. But she also tells him that he has to ask for permission to cum.

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Elegantfemdom Videos 1Elegantfemdom Videos 1

Including Scenes:
Feb 11 2014 - The lowly slave licks and worship Lady Amanda bare feet...
Feb 13 2014 - The maleslave sniffs and worship Lady Ann's hosed feet...

... and more...

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Sado-ladies - Bad ImpressionSado-ladies - Bad Impression

Mistress Jessica is waiting for a candidate who wants to get the job as her new house keeper. It seems he is a little bit late so Jessica is already in a bad mood as he arrives. The boy is apologising very politely but Jessica has already found another point she don't like. His outfit.

She asks him why he comes in jeans and a t-shirt only to apply for a new job while she is dressed in a very nice business suite. He makes such a bad impression. He wants to answer but before he is able to open his mouth, Jessica has already given him a hard face slap. And there are more slaps to come.

It looks like Jessica has found something to delight herself and she continues with the face slaps, no matter what he says. In the end she tells him the rules he has to follow and of course, to make sure he will keep them in his mind, she punctuates them with more hard face slaps.

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Sado-ladies - The mad secretaries - part 1Sado-ladies - The mad secretaries - part 1

Those 2 secretaries are totally mad. They want their own slave and so they had a crazy idea: Today there is a meeting with a new gardener who was hired to take care of the garden. They put knock out drops into the drink they offered him during the meeting and now he finds himself downstairs in the basement storey with a bag over his head.

There is the sound of high heels as Faye and Cloe come down the stairs. The secretaries have changed their outfits, they are dressed in skin tigh trousers and high heels now. Faye drops off the bag and before he can discuss what happend they ladies have him down on the floor, kissing their shoes and boots. Faye explains him that he will be their slave now.

What follows is his first lesson not to answer back. Faye slaps his face very hard and fast while Cloe laughts at him. But then, Faye holds his head while Cloe continues to slap his face and then they change again, His face turns into a red color very soon but the mad secretaries have too much fun to stop. And at the end they tell him that he will stay here in the cellar and that they will return in one hour...


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KinkyKicks - WinningKinkyKicks - Winning

Carla Mai has been going through her male ballbusting victims very quickly on this particular day. We've already seen some of the guys literally dropping like flies and its the turn of another brave volunteer to face her quick feet. For this one Carla decides to try out some very very dangerous looking platform high heel shoes. They actually look like the sort of footwear which could cause permanent damage and the next guy up is going to let her kick him in the balls with them!!! So will he fair any better or will Carla keep on winning in this battle of Carla Vs Balls?!

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Courtney Scott - Slut Sister StudiosCourtney Scott - Slut Sister Studios

Including scenes:

Sister Needs A Ride
My sister asked me if I could give her a ride to her friends house, bullshit you ain't getting anything without me being satisfied. I tell her to show me her tits. That's not all though...I want to see her ass, better yet get naked slut. Being the little slut sister I know she is I'm going to make her ride my cock for this here favor. She looks disgusted as if we haven't fooled around before but today I have the upper hand and she desperately needs a ride. Her pussy is wet just thinking about how me, her big brother, just coaxed her into fucking once again. She rides my cock while I spread her ass. I love looking at her ass while she takes me deep into her. I give her a pounding from behind so she knows who is in charge here. I drop my load off on her asshole and use my finger to push the cum into it. Damn my sisters ass is tight as fuck...

...and more...

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Latexgirlies Siterip Videos 2015Latexgirlies Siterip Videos 2015

Little naughty latexgirlies in trouble
Bad girls take bondage and torture
Exotic beauties in metalbond
Sadistic teenies in latexcatsuits and leather
Beautyful young girls in latex and bondage

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Larkin Love - Cum Eating Academy 1 - 9Larkin Love - Cum Eating Academy 1 - 9

Larkin Love instructs you through a series of nine lessons in jerking off and eating your own cum. By the end of the series you should be a complete cum-slurping slave of Queen Bitch Larkin, and love every second of it. Solo topless/nude with dildo extras.
In her own words, a few examples:
This cum eating challenge is for advanced players only. I highly recommend you watch Lessons 1-4 first in order to, shall we say, whet your appetite. If you’re ready for some intensely slick and sloppy jerk off action with a special in-your-face finish, then you’ve come to the right place. Only true cum-sluts need apply.
You’ve made it all the way to Advanced Cum Eating. You’re ready for something special. I’ve had a huge load building up in my balls for some time now, and your slutty little face is the perfect target for me to spray my sperm all over, from eyebrow to chin. I’m going to cum on your face. And once I’ve glazed you, I’m going to let you lick your lips clean. That’s what you want, right, my cum whore? You miss the taste of sperm already? You can’t wait to get another mouthful?..

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Larkin Love - Cum Academy seriesLarkin Love - Cum Academy series

This is a collection of the cum academy series of clips where Larkin Love trains you on how to eat your own cum.