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Mistresszena - Concluding part of the bi filmingMistresszena - Concluding part of the bi filming

In this part we really get down and dirty. I force my 2 sluts to fuck and suck each other while I stuff them with my strap-on.

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26-11-2015, 00:18 Femdom
Mistresszena - This is slave DanielleMistresszena - This is slave Danielle

My Anal whore. This is slave Danielle. Watch her take my fist, my dildo saw, and this little beauty, 2', yes that is 2 feet!! of rock solid dildo, right the way up her gaping ass!! She was insatiable. Watch out for further films with her, we are going to try some extreme anal next.

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25-11-2015, 00:58 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Tits For KicksKinkyKicks - Tits For Kicks

Victoria Summers is wearing very little clothing and looking very hot for this latest instalment of 1 on 1 ballbusting. She is wearing a pair of open toe strappy sandals which she appears to be able to kick in with deadly accuracy. On top of that her victim discovers that the stiletto heel is extremely sharp, coming very close to perforating his testicles! After a few minutes of intense ballbusting he can't really take any more but Victoria just wants to keep going until his balls are completely swollen. They come to a mutual agreement when the ballbustee suggests that he may be able to take a bit more if he has the pleasure of some exposed boobs in front of him. Victoria is more than happy to oblige, exposing her tits for more ball kicks is a fair deal and once again the kicks fly! By the end we see Victoria barefoot and wearing only her knickers really kicking hard and accurately. It looks like this guy is going to need some ice afterwards!

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24-11-2015, 21:39 Incest
Taboo18 - Incest Pack 1080pTaboo18 - Incest Pack 1080p

Starring: Alexa, Alice Manson, Amanda Tate, Ashley Stone, Ashton Pierce, Bri Rhodes, Roxxi Silver, Emily Lam, Jessica Robbin, Mia Hurley, Natalie Heart, Nickey Huntsman, Nikki Lavay, Shelby Paige, Skyler, Vanessa

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24-11-2015, 14:45 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Dropping Like FliesKinkyKicks - Dropping Like Flies

Carla Mai has quickly proven to be one of the hardest kicking girls we've seen for a while. The problem is that she is breaking all the guys too quickly. They are literally dropping like flies! The next guy to face her suggests that his pain tolerance is not as high as some of the previous guys and so Carla agrees to try and go gently on him. However, even going gently she manages to break this guy very quickly, and so the next guy is called in to face the wrath of Carla! She changes her outfit first into a Skimpy underwear set. So now we have Carla looking hot as hell busting the balls of her next willing victim. This guy seems to be able to take a little more than the last and she really tries to wind up those kicks. We have some great angles showing Carla's sexy bare feet slamming hard into the exposed balls before her. He seems to take it relatively well but it can only be a matter of time before he too drops like a fly!

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24-11-2015, 14:37 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Delivery ErrorKinkyKicks - Delivery Error

Zoe has ordered a new sofa to go with her existing one but unfortunately the wrong piece of furniture turns up. She agrees to keep it as long as she can bust the balls of the delivery guy while he sits in it! Kat also pops round to check out Zoe's new purchase and shares her disappointment, joining in the ballbusting of the poor delivery guy! These two girls are a formidable ballbusting duo and this guys balls are going to be seriously paying for this delivery error!

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24-11-2015, 13:30 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Inappropriate InterviewKinkyKicks - Inappropriate Interview

Jade first made an appearance on KK screens a few years ago and became a popular favorite for many guys. Here we have archive footage of Jades very first ballbusting scene which has been unseen until now. The scene has been kept back as we felt that the ballbusting action was too light, but reviewing the footage again more recently we believe that many guys will enjoy seeing this young blonde lady getting her first real ballbusting experience. In the scene we see Jade baring her boobs for a very rude man who is carrying out a very inappropriate interview. She takes revenge on him by letting have the good news in his ball sack!

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10-11-2015, 01:30 Femdom
Sadistic Nurse part 5Sadistic Nurse part 5

It is time to milk him dry. First I have a stroke of his puny dick to get some life into it, then on with the smallest Robojac sheath that I can get my hands on. On with the power and let my mechanical friend do the rest. I give him a nice glimpse of my beautiful breasts to help him along, I can see it is working. As I play with my nipples and undo the rest of my smock he can no longer contain himself and cums into the molded receptacle. I am now finished with him, bored with his company. I do myself up and leave him strapped to the chair as I say my goodbyes. the real doctor is going to get a shock when he returns from dinner to find a naked man tied down, and cum all over his cock.


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6-11-2015, 00:33 Femdom
KinkyKicks - To The LimitKinkyKicks - To The Limit

This is the last scene of the day we filmed with Taylor and Victoria and they really want to finish with a bang! The stunt balls for this scene is one of our more experienced guys who seems to have developed balls of steel and they really want to break him and push him to his absolute limit. From the outset the girls don’t hold back and swing multiple full force kicks directly at his nut sack. His balls are already pretty swollen from previous bustings, making for a target which the girls simply cannot miss. We see the determination from both girls to cause this guy as much pain and suffering as possible. His balls are really kicked, kneed, slapped, punched and squeezed with all the strength the girls can muster. This possibly our most brutal movie yet which really does push the guy to his absolute limit!

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6-11-2015, 00:19 Femdom
Mistresszena - Scrotal InfusionMistresszena - Scrotal Infusion

When I get restless I get sadistic, and luckily my rubber slave is up for anything. So I feel like bondage, heavy bondage with lots of belts, cable ties and cling film.To top it off I pop on his gas mask and administer some of my own special medicine, he's going to need it for what I have planned for him next.