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Mistresszena - The Examination pt. 2Mistresszena - The Examination pt. 2

Here is a full examination of my patient. We start with presure, then onto heart rate. Now it starts to get fun, I attach electrodes to his nipples and cock and pump up the powerWatch my little patient jump almost out of his skin!!

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29-12-2015, 02:03 Femdom
Mistresszena - Rubber playthings pt.1Mistresszena - Rubber playthings pt.1

Ahh, now what could be better than me dressed all in rubber, with my trusted latex clad droid shafting your sorry ass as I stuff your face full of cock!! This could be you bent over my fucking bench taking 9" of solid cock while I direct my toy to drill you so deep that you will not be able to walk properly for a week.

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28-12-2015, 02:03 Femdom
Mistresszena - The rocket electro strap-onMistresszena - The rocket electro strap-on

Meet the rocket, my steel electro strap-on. I test it's potency out on my rubber clad toy to see how much current can run through a mans ass before he screams for mercy.

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23-12-2015, 01:17 Femdom
Mistresszena - Robojac PlusMistresszena - Robojac Plus

It is time to milk him dry. First I have a stroke of his puny dick to get some life into it, then on with the smallest Robojac sheath that I can get my hands on. On with the power and let my mechanical friend do the rest. I give him a nice glimpse of my beautiful breasts to help him along, I can see it is working.


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Xev Bellringer: Staying After ClassXev Bellringer: Staying After Class

Class is dismissed for the day - don't forget to prepare for your presentations next week. Not you, you stay right there in your seat until everyone leaves. We are going to have a little talk. What was that stunt you just pulled? Nothing you say? Well what I saw was not nothing. While the whole class was reading silently, you were busy staring at my cleavage. You see, I can't have any of my students getting distracted... no matter how tempted you are. So how do you propose we solve this issue? You don't think you're distracted in my class?..

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Xev Bellringer - Supergirl Becomes Sex SlaveXev Bellringer - Supergirl Becomes Sex Slave

In the midst of a battle at a local chemical plant, Supergirl is caught-off guard when Lex Luther's evil robots suddenly release a strange, debilitating purple gas. As the gas fills her lungs, Supergirl's powers are severely weakened, and she is forced to retreat

Hello? Hello? Oh hi! I'm Supergirl. I'm sorry for hiding in your house, but I thought such a...cute guy could protect me until I get my strength back. I just feel so must have been something in that gas. I feel so...turned on. I can't control myself. Oh no! The gas must have contained Kryptonite mixed with Venus -Chemical! The chemical plant was a trap! Lex Luther's plan must have been to capture me and enslave me as his sex toy!..

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22-12-2015, 23:59 Femdom
Xev Bellringer - Cuckold Boyfriend for Big Black DickXev Bellringer - Cuckold Boyfriend for Big Black Dick

Sorry I got home so late baby, my boss kept me after hours and I think you know why. That was the best sex I've ever had, he really knows how to use a woman. I can't tell you how glad I am that you agreed to let me fuck other men - getting railed by a black man who is actually hung was more amazing than I could have imagined! I mean, when I got with you, I thought I was getting the whole package, mandingo dick and all. But you kind of let me I have no choice but to seek sexual satisfaction outside of this relationship...

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22-12-2015, 23:55 Femdom
Xev Bellringer - Babysitter's BonusXev Bellringer - Babysitter's Bonus

A very well done JOI centered on her ass in a babysitter/employer and slightly home-wrecking scenario. Weirdly no nudity.

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22-12-2015, 01:09 Femdom
Mistresszena - Sub girl fun 1Mistresszena - Sub girl fun 1

Now that I have had my fun I want to crank it up a bit. Bring on one of my trusted slaves to service my sub girl. Let's see how good she is with the real thing. While I straddle her face and get her eating my pussy, I direct her to suck on slave. Very nice technique I must say. Then instructed to enter her pussy slave boy does as he is instructed. Quite good pounding in sues with me rubbing sub girls clit.

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22-12-2015, 00:49 Femdom
Mistresszena - Clingfilm my rubber slave and elecrto tortureMistresszena - Clingfilm my rubber slave and elecrto torture

Cling film and Electrics Have you ever watched "Dexter" the U.S. T. V. show about the police expert who moonlights as a serial . Well I got this idea from him. I love to bind my subjects to my inversion table with copious amounts of cling film, fill their heads with white noise, then turn them upside down. Now they have no idea where, when, who, or what they are, or more importantly, what is about to happen. Under my complete control this critter is about to go on a journey complete trust in his Mistress to not subject him to any lasting harm.