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Aaaspanking - Pink socks pink bottomAaaspanking - Pink socks pink bottom

Beautiful teen petite model, Alice Michaels, is back in this hard hitting OTK spanking and strapping video. Alice turned up for her photo shoot ignoring any wardrobe requests and arrived up in a mismatched outfit including some hideous pink thigh high socks. The photographer could just about accept this misdemeanor but when he saw that her bottom looked marked from a recent spanking by her boyfriend this was the last straw and this gave him an idea. He decided to see how much more she could take since he had a fetish shoot later that day and this would be perfect practice ...

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Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Tangent - Sinderella - pt 1Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Tangent - Sinderella - pt 1

Her pussy which is freshly filled with Her boyfriends cum (so She says). Mistress Tangent joins in and they make him lay flat while they torment him underfoot. Mistress Rose just cannot seem to stay off his face and is loving having Her pussy orally serviced.


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Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 5Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 5

In a post session humiliation, Mistress Jade seats Herself on the toilet chair as slave Spartacus is made to beg the nectar from Her cunt. She has a full bladder and Her pussy pulstates in rythym with his begging, working the glistening hole full. Finally She releases and a heavy flow for some time hits the ground. His low volume narrative is perfect harmony to Her humiliating offering to Her most loyal submissive. Finally he is allowed to function as human toilet paper for his most beloved Mistress.

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Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 4Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 4

Mistress Jade’s well manicured fingers dick into the soft flesh of spartacus’ cock and balls. She grinds Her hips down onto his face, making him tongue Her fast so he has the taste of Her pussy in his mouth as She swings a long leg off and positions Herself between his spread legs. She plays with his cock and slaps it back and forth. She is a silled masturbatrix and gets him right to the edge several times and then orders him to refrain and control himself as She ceases Her ministrations. She puts his stiff cock between both Her high heels and plays with him. Finally, She forces him to orgasm and he squirts time and again, releasing a huge load onto the clear plate. She uses Her finger to scrape it to the edge and then straddles his chest and delivers it down his throat.

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Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 3Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 3

The sizzling electricity courses up and down his rock hard shaft as Mistress Jade focuses on the corona, the nerve bundle near the tip. She gets a bowl of ice and cools off his hot cock but it stays hard as She resumes zapping his shaft and balls. She moutns his face and orders him to lick Her asshole clean as She crops his torso and cock. She moves to take the ball crusher off his nuts and then plants Her pussy back down on his face and smoth.. him as She twists and yanks his cock and balls, digging Her long nails in and making him cry out beneath Her pussy hole.


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Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 2Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 2

Now laying beneath the spread and bound legs of Her subject, Mistress Jade plays with Her pussy, lifts Her legs and begins to punch him in the bottom of his ball sack. His cries of pain help Her achieve orgasm. She removes his cockpump and teases him, pretending to suck his stiff dick. Now laying on his back, Mistress Jade fastens the ball crusher to him and cranks it down tight, all the while verbally humiliating him and threatening to castrate him. She produces the violet wand and goes to work on his cock and crushed balls.

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Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 1Mistress-jennifer - Hard the whole time - pt 1

Mistress Jade, dressed only in heels, garter and stockings, has slave Spartacus bound and spread standing. She teases him with Her tight young body and then uses a cock pump, nipple clamp and crop to create a symphony of pain and pleasure using his body as Her instrument. She fills the red tube with his cock and strings it up to the ceiling before torqueing down his nipples in the clamps. He is prepared to sacrifice for his beautiful Mistress and She knows She can do anything at all to him and he will thank Her for it.

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Aaaspanking - Lily Swan & John Osborne - The punishment roomAaaspanking - Lily Swan & John Osborne - The punishment room

Lily was one of those persistently naughty school girls who always felt that the rules didn't apply to her. The morning's lessons had just finished yet when she felt the need to go pee Lily couldn't wait until she got home... or even rush to the bathroom before she left. Oh no, she had to do it when she felt like it on the new gravel path around the back of the school, a short cut many people used. Perhaps she liked the thrill of being caught?

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Aaaspanking - Adriana Evans & Miss Chris - Spanked mouthsoaped & strappedAaaspanking - Adriana Evans & Miss Chris - Spanked mouthsoaped & strapped

This is one of our most dramatic punishment films ever made. Lots of raw emotion, power struggles, defiance, severe punishments and their consequences. This could have been a straight forward punishment for Adriana Evans, but her big mouth got her into trouble with Miss Chris in no time at all. Representing the school away from home was a big responsibility so when Adriana had been caught in the hotel gym doing provocative exercises in front of others she was sent to Miss Chris to be dealt with. In no time Adriana was spanked over her tight gym pants but rather than leave the matter there she continued to fight back and her pants were pulled down so the spanking continued on her bare bottom.

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Toaxxx - Outdoor Bullwhip Session for Yvette - november 14, 2015