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29-07-2016, 00:42 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 4Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 4

Mistress Dia takes a moment to smack his reddened ass while she pounds him with the huge black dildo. Now it’s time for another strap-on, Mistress Dia straps a larger rubber toy on to do some more plugging of his hole. She grabs his hardening cock with one hand while Her hips thrust the dildo in and out of the strapped down wimp. There is nothing he can do and She decides to torment him with some more zippers. She attaches the clothespins one at a time to his chest ending on the tip of his cock. Mistress Dia likes to watch the sub squirm and she smiles at his moans and screams.

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29-07-2016, 00:36 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 3Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 3

After taking a moment to strap it on, Mistress Dia starts in on the submissive’s ass. She pounds the rubber strap-on hard and fast into his as he moans. She takes a moment to use the paddle on him when he forgets and uses disrespectful curses in Her presence. She checks and finds the wimp has finished getting the huge black rubber dildo wet and She uses it to plug his butt up. Driving it deeper and deeper she smiles as he begs for more. She takes Her time and goes back to using the dildos one at a time taunting the sub marco into not coming until she is ready for him to.

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29-07-2016, 00:31 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 2Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 2

Mistress Dia laughs as she torments marcos ass making the current stronger and stronger and inflating larger and larger. She takes a moment to stop and spank him with a wooden paddle. She has the submissive prick eject the butt plug and then She rewires him with more electrical pads. Watching his ass wiggle with surges of power She laughs and turns up the juice. She grabs the huge black dildo and shoves it in his mouth making it nice and wet. Mistress Dia gets down and grabs the zipper of clothespins asking the sissy if she should pull fast or slow. His response is slow and stupid like he is so She pulls fast. Then She pulls the second zipper slowly smiling as he screams in pain.


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25-07-2016, 22:50 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 1Mistress-jennifer - Drill by Dia - Part 1

Mistress Dia finds sub marco bent over a chair, strapped down and waiting for Her. She admires the brands made by someone on his ass and uses a paddle to spank him. He cries out with each paddle and She smiles knowing she has given him a reminder of who is in charge. She dons Her black gloves to examine the gaping asshole waiting for anything She can shove into it. She lubes and prods then jams in a vibrating butt plug in his ass. While he is made to hold the plug tight and snug Mistress Dia attaches rows of clothespin zippers up and down the fat on the pigs thighs. Then it’s time to add an inflatable butt plug which also has an electric voltage.

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21-07-2016, 23:31 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - So Obedient - Part 3Mistress-jennifer - So Obedient - Part 3

Total foot domination as slave is put to his back and foot dominate and face sat. He loves the torment and gobbles anything jammed down his throat. Sensuous and good low shots of two gorgeous and aggressive females using a male.

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21-07-2016, 23:10 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - So Obedient - Part 2Mistress-jennifer - So Obedient - Part 2

They laugh as they make him take off their stockings with his teeth ever so gently. Bare legs and bare feet heaven as he licks and sucks and is verbally chastised for his efforts. A bit of ass kissing begins for the humble foot servant.

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21-07-2016, 14:52 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - So Obedient - Part 1Mistress-jennifer - So Obedient - Part 1

Mistress Tangent and Mistress Rose have the scrawny submissive down where they like him at their feet. The view from down there is great and he gobble up their nylon covered ankles and licks the bottoms of their high heels. Great point of view from down load as a groveling foot worshiper to two gorgeous women.

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21-07-2016, 10:25 Femdom
Mistresszena - Subgirl Plaything - Part 2Mistresszena - Subgirl Plaything - Part 2

Well the electric pinwheel around her pussy seems to have made her all wet. So better take the opportunity to slip some cold hard steel in her, oh and it's electric as well.
She seems to like that, lets make her like it even more by tickling her clit with my magic wand.
Slavegirl is writhing about with pure pleasure, but I haven't given her permission to cum , no no no, I will tell you when, until then take it.

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17-07-2016, 21:33 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Sinderella - Part 3Mistress-jennifer - Sinderella - Part 3

Time to play nurse maid they tell their submissive. They have him on his knees and Mistress Rose has such perfect young breasts. They tease him with Her two perfect tear drops and then he gets to nurse. Mistress Tangent stands by and assists with verbal humiliation and directs his head to each of the perfect peaches poised in front of his mouth. Now it’s time to pay for his fun and they get him on all fours and try and squeeze his balls until they burst. He yells a lot and they enjoy his agony a great deal before putting him to his knees again to nurse as reward for all the pain in his big balls. They show him his pink outfit…little panties and a matching bra and get him dressed as their sissy.

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17-07-2016, 13:44 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Stella - Fun CumMistress-jennifer - Mistress Stella - Fun Cum

Mistress Stella face sits and teases and torments until a huge geyser of cum erupts from the slave’s cock. As soon as he starts to shoot She lets go of the blue sleeve She has around his cock and the fun begins. After all the cum is out She steps a high heel into it several times and has him lick it off the bottom of Her shoe as She laughs.