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SensualPain - SSS number One - Abigail Dupree

Sex Slave Stock- The Sex Slave Stock is a huge back log of Web-cam footage featuring slave 525-871-465 aka Abigail Dupree. Her servitude extends out to those in need of the mystique, erotic, and acutely individual kinks that we all have. She serves those in need because that is her kink, her calling... she lives to see what it is that makes you tick and to somehow make that fantasy come to life without the luxury of human touch. You will leave feeling like you have had an out of body experience as she pulls you in to her genuine and twisted mind.. Watching her is mesmerizing, inviting and addictive. Please enjoy this gem of pleasure and let her warm your heart like she has her Master's... In this archive video, you will witness three different moods and scenarios from slave abigail. She starts out with a short clip of her getting ready for a night in her cam room after getting a new massive toy in the mail. Her Master catches her "practicing" with it and decides to take over the filming as she struggles to get this giant toy inside of her un-used holes. In order to do her best by Him she ends up fisting her ass to prepare herself for the bigger toy...

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SensualPain - SSS number Two - Abigail DupreeSensualPain - SSS number Two - Abigail Dupree

In this fascinating video I get into full character and have some fun with my cock. But first I need to stretch out my ass hole in order to take that horse cock in my ass like a good stable girl. I start with my black anal snake and then move to the 41 inch tonguetacle which I get 27 inches deep. mmm... now it's time to widen that ass hole. I use an array of big heavy plugs to get nice and ready for that horse. I suck off the horse to make sure it's ready too and then fuck it nice and slow with my pussy. When I feel like it's ready to cum I slide it into my ass and finish it off taking a huge cum load in my ass and then pushing it out for all of you to see. I feel so naughty and sexy when that cum slides out of my ass in massive amounts.

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SensualPain - The Branding of slave abigail - Abigail DupreeSensualPain - The Branding of slave abigail - Abigail Dupree

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SensualPain - Turkish Twister - Abigail Dupree -  Part 1

Turkish Twister is what she is in.
Ever wonder what it would be like to own your very own human property? What would you fill your day with? What would you do when you got bored and wanted a bit of entertainment? slave abigail dreads those days when she can hear her Master at work in his workshop...grinding away at some new device he has brilliantly designed for his play thing. This time he was fabricating a device to test the limits of His slaves twistabilities... because one must know, of course, just how far is the body able to be twisted before excruciating pain is rendered? At first glance, abigail finds this new device to look quite inviting compared to the confined spaces of the bird cage which she has endured through the cold dark night. She was quite mistaken and only hopes that her Master is in the mood to see her in some sort of pleasure after all of this. After slave abigail is woken up with a stick in her bird cage from her Master, she undergoes some harsh treatment in various awkward bound positions. Though she had good aim while peeing into a bucket from her cage, she still had a small mess to clean while in straps of leather and steel.

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Hardtied - Morph - Marica Hase

When Marica Hase starts our shoot she is cute and composed, all done up in an outfit and makeup that make her look like the girl next door, with her wrists tied up to our ceiling. Matt Williams isn't about to let that last long, though. He is intent on transforming Marica into a drooling fuckpuppet by the end of her time here. The best way he can think to do that is to keep her going non-stop until she breaks.

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Hardtied - Super Nova

After being left standing tied up in a cold, dank room for what feels like forever, Alexa Nova is starting to get impatient. She wriggles, trying to find a more comfortable position, and calls out for O.T. to come back. Alexa doesn't seem to understand that the discomfort she is experiencing now is a blessing when compared to the pain and torment O.T. is going to put her through when he finally answers her calls.

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Hardtied - Bush Barrel - Roxanne RaeHardtied - Bush Barrel - Roxanne Rae

Roxanne Rae isn't sure how she ended up where she is, bound in rope hanging from the ceiling as a strange man plays with her body. More than that, she can't tell if she likes it or not. He toys with and bites her long hair and runs his hands along her curves. He runs a crotch rope through her legs, then, when he realizes he can't reach every inch of her body he wants to touch, he cuts off her panties. Roxanne is scared but excited. While she moves away when he goes to bite her hair and tickle her, the little moans and sighs she lets out when he slaps her tits and touches her pussy give away the fact that she's having at least a little fun.

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Ballbustingpornstars - Creepy Santa Milf Ballbusting with Kianna BradleyBallbustingpornstars - Creepy Santa Milf Ballbusting with Kianna Bradley

Kianna gives Creepy Santa a very special present!

Late at night after a long day of working out at the gym, Kianna Bradley fell asleep. Suddenly during the middle of the night, she woke up and found Santa sniffing her moist panties and jerking off inside her room! She immediately confronted the dirty old pervert by busting his naked balls!
The sexy MILF gave Santa several painful kicks to his balls and knees that dropped him to the ground. She took his manhood in her hands and had complete control over him! Then, she began administering a brutal cock-biting and ball-biting blowjob filled with pain and pleasure.