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30-10-2016, 00:32 BDSM, FetishKitsch
FetishKitsch - CagedFetishKitsch - Caged

May 19th, 2016

With Savannah Fox and Mr.Fox

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26-10-2016, 02:13 BDSM, FetishKitsch
FetishKitsch - Caroline in Trans - Part 3FetishKitsch - Caroline in Trans - Part 3

May 25th, 2016

With Caroline Pierce

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19-10-2016, 00:25 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Her RewardWasteland - Her Reward

Having now completed her submissive slave training, young Cat is rewarded by Master Argus by being collared for her very first time. After a firm but loving warm-up with a wooden paddle and a flogger, Master treats her to some intense pussy play bringing her to orgasm repeatedly. The scene culminates with Cat getting a proper fucking whilst suspended from above. Being a good girl does have its rewards!

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13-10-2016, 12:54 BDSM
Infernalrestraints - Halved - Iona Grace

Iona Grace is trapped in some heavy metal bondage and she can't get out. O.T. has her in a metal collar attached to two pillars, one in front of and one behind her. As if that isn't enough, he further locks her in place by handcuffing her wrists to the front pillar and her ankles to the back pillar. Then, when her whining gets too annoying, he switches her bit gag to a cloth and tape gag and pulls a plastic bag over her head so she can't breathe...

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12-10-2016, 01:44 BDSM
Sensualpain - Abuse That Throat Slobber On Those Fuckin Tits Ya Dirty Fucking Whore

Abigail Dupree

"I promise I'll go easy on you this time" famous line from this guy every time I agree to a show with him:) It's quite a commitment saying yes to this brutal self torture.. and I love every minute of it:) I fuck my face, gag and drool all over my tits and fuck my pussy and ass and spread my holes wide after a good pussy and anal fisting. I definitely get a work out in this one. Time for a nap. Abigail Dupree, huge dildo, anal snake, Dildo, anal dildo, anal, big d, Big dildo, slut, masturbation, Homemade, Amateur, nude, naked, solo, large dildo, spread wide, large toys, spread pussy, pierced, gap, gaping, swollen pussy, cunt, spread wide, pink pussy, big pussy, submissive - Note

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12-10-2016, 01:30 BDSM
HardTied - Play Date - Dresden

The fact that Dresden shows up to her play date with O.T. in a tiny dress and no panties tells us that she was hoping to have a good time when she came over. The confused and frightened look on her face when he starts teasing and hurting her tells us that she didn't know what it was she was signing up for. Maybe she should have looked into that before letting O.T. tie her up to a chair, but there's no turning back now...

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10-10-2016, 01:27 BDSM
Infernalrestraints - Hook Up - Dee Williams

When Dee Williams was first talking to Matt before they met up, she told him she liked to "play rough". It is very possible that Dee didn't actually know the meaning of the phrase until she found herself chained up and bent over in his house in the woods. She'll learn quickly, though, as she becomes a living advertisement for why you should look into someone more before meeting up for anonymous sex...

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10-10-2016, 01:21 BDSM
Sensualpain - Sensualism - Abigail Dupree

In this compilation video we visit sensualism from a slow tantric perspective and cover a wide range of sensualistic subject matter, as it is defined by seven different individuals. slave abigail is a Master, in her own right, of taking one individual's fantasies, and translating them into her own language of compersion and sexual expression. She seamlessly weaves together a coherent and infinite expression of the divine regions that ones mind can reach in fantasy, and melds it with her own wickedly dark fantasies, to create a temporal formulation that only begs for more time to find the orgasmic conclusion. She is fed by her distant counterpart and their hunger and surprise when they find that her fantasies, are now becoming theirs and thus rendering them devoted to getting to the deepest layers of what exactly makes her pendulum swing and why it is so hypnotizingly addictive.

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10-10-2016, 01:13 BDSM
Infernalrestraints - InsexLive 2 - Endza Adair

Endza Adair had a booming business running a show from the comfort of her home on her computer. A while back, though, that business went south when a few over-eager customers showed up at her front door and took from her what she had been showing them on her feed. It was her mistake, she shouldn't have been teasing them so much. Now Endza has made her second mistake: she's made a private visit to one of her long-time viewers' homes. She should have already learned not to be so trusting.

Endza is in for a real surprise when she finds out that her favorite customer "DaddySadist" is in fact a Dommina who has hired a few men to use Endza for her entertainment. Now she's going to be gagged, handcuffed, and tormented by a group of strangers, and one man she has only seen once outside of her worst nightmares when he came into her home with his friends and took what he wanted from her.

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7-10-2016, 01:14 BDSM
SensualPain - Turkish Twister - Part 2 - Abigail Dupree

Ever wonder what it would be like to own your very own human property? What would you fill your day with? What would you do when you got bored and wanted a bit of entertainment? slave abigail dreads those days when she can hear her Master at work in his workshop...grinding away at some new device he has brilliantly designed for his play thing. This time he was fabricating a device to test the limits of His slaves twistabilities... because one must know, of course, just how far is the body able to be twisted before excruciating pain is rendered? At first glance, abigail finds this new device to look quite inviting compared to the confined spaces of the bird cage which she has endured through the cold dark night. She was quite mistaken and only hopes that her Master is in the mood to see her in some sort of pleasure after all of this.