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BallBustingChicks - Isabella - Jerked Off In The BathroomBallBustingChicks - Isabella - Jerked Off In The Bathroom


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Assylum - Painal Pendulum (EXTREME!)Assylum - Painal Pendulum (EXTREME!)

Patient: Tanzi Added on October 19, 2016

Tanzi craves rough anal punishment and hard ass beatings. So we turned her into a clock and swung her like a pendulum back and forth between Dr. Mercies and Orderly Pain. They treated her petite body with maximum sadism inside and out as she counted the hours with tears and screams. Orderly Pain finished her off with an anal creampie that he fed to her, and then Dr. Mercies shoved a giant wand vibrator into her asshole and turned it on. Of course, there was plenty of gagging and ass to mouth involved as well. This kind of therapy session is very rare folks. You don't see a girl gets suspended THIS long, assfucked THIS hard, and punished THIS severely very often. Others fake it, we make it.

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Assylum - Miss Pure & the Ass WhoreAssylum - Miss Pure & the Ass Whore

Amelia Dire & Arielle Aquinas Added on June 3, 2016

Innocent Arielle devours the anal filth from Amelia in this filthy ass to mouth anal therapy session. You see, Arielle is too much of a good girl, and Amelia is too much of a hardened, filthy ass pig who has failed multiple treatments. So Dr. Mercies decides to transfer some filth from Amelia to Arielle to help them average each other other out. This involves a brutal anal punishment pounding from Orderly Damian and lots ass licking and ATM. Then the two girls learn to "meet in the middle" for some rough face fucking as they cross back and forth over each other to suck the two cocks of their sicko therapists. Finally, Dr. Mercies makes Amelia lick his ass while Arielle gags on his cock. He cums in innocent Arielle's mouth and makes her drool it all over Amelia's face, into her mouth and eyes. Amelia eats all the sperm, and then the two girls are dragged by the hair into the padded cell.

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BallBustingChicks - Catwoman unfair!BallBustingChicks - Catwoman unfair!

She grabs his nuts, squeeze them brutal and stuffs her underwear into his mouth... She rips his underpants off and kick him in the balls... Finally after a she wrestled him down she grabs his nuts again to inflict unbearable pain in his bollocks and to force him out of the room...

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BallBustingChicks - Inessa - Grabbed NutsBallBustingChicks - Inessa - Grabbed Nuts

She overpowers him, then she plays a devious and unfair wrestling game by grabbing and abusing his helpless exposed balls...

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BallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Overstepping His BoundsBallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Overstepping His Bounds

He got the clear order to clean her shoes with his tongue. As he touches her beautiful legs without permission she beats him ruthless. Brutal whipping of his back and scratching with her finger nails brings him back to obedience in no time!

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BallBustingChicks - Empress Cruel - Balls In AgonyBallBustingChicks - Empress Cruel - Balls In Agony

Dressed as a sex warrior the Empress drags him brutal around by the balls and gives him ruthless kicks in the strictly and painful tied up nuts. Whipping and slapping of the exposed and vulnerable genitals. Trapped in her living room he is the subject for more painful ball kicking.

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Wasteland - Turning the Paige - Chapter 2Wasteland - Turning the Paige - Chapter 2

In this second installment of a 7-part episodic series inspired by the literary works of Ernest Hemingway, we see that Master Doc has taken Paige to his Sanctum Santorum Dungeon for punishment and training. After putting her n a partial rope suspension, he warms her up with a hard flogging and them proceeds to a harsh single tail whipping and caning which breaks her down into sub space. As a reward, he brings her to a massive squirting orgasm (well, not a reward for him as he now has Paige Juice all over this dungeon floor!)

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Assylum - Built for AnalAssylum - Built for Anal

Patient: Tangled Tanzi Added on May 25, 2016

Double anal punishment awaits this bratty masochist as we pry and hammer open her asshole with demolition tools. We tell her that her we're going to treat the brat in her hard so that she learns to be a good, obedient, submissive whore instead. Orderly Damian, our new staff member, pounds her asshole while she is bound with measuring tape and a level and balanced on one leg. "Stay level," he tells her, before jamming a dildo into her ass alongside his cock. Tanzi is also made to tongue Orderly Damian's and Dr. Mercies' asses for a long time and do lots of nasty ass to mouth and face fucking. Honestly, the treatment failed, because this pervert liked it too much. But we've got more punishment in store for her. This is just the beginning of her anal therapy.

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Rubbereva - Purple Plastic Bodybag Fuckers - Pt 3Rubbereva - Purple Plastic Bodybag Fuckers - Pt 3
Rubbereva - Purple Plastic Bodybag Fuckers - Pt 4Rubbereva - Purple Plastic Bodybag Fuckers - Pt 4

Sliding up and down my PVC encased slave, i use all my body weight to keep him in his place as he squirms beneath me in his hooded plastic body bag... I can feel the hard cock pushing against my ass as i tease him, riding it up and down on tight plastic ass! It's time for me to add a little to his plastic slavery as i add another bag for good measure! Then pulling on his leather collar i ride him before thinking about releasing his cock for my pleasure...