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BallBustingChicks - Inessa - Boxing WorkoutBallBustingChicks - Inessa - Boxing Workout

Losers get punished... Both videos in one big file.

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Wasteland - But I Earned It MasterWasteland - But I Earned It Master

After all the training and all the punishments, Violet knew that a day would come where Master would bestow upon her a day of blissful pleasure. Well, almost blissful…after all you can’t let your submissive think that they are due anything, but rather all pleasure must be earned.

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Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Part 5

Laying on my back totally covered in black rubber i slide in this ribbed rubber cock that is stretching me to the max as it enters my wet pussy! Fucking myself hard i move over on to all fours which is not easy covered in all this lube... Once in position i finish myself off fucking in lubed rubber until i cumm!!! Kneeling up it's time for the sploshing fun to start as I shake the can of whipped cream...

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Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Part 3 - 4
Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Part 3 - 4

Rolling around the PVC bed i am just lost in the super slippery lubed covered latex that is encasing every inch off my body from my rubber hood down to my latex toes, i then crawl over on to all fours and grab one of the huge rubber cocks that has been thrown in to the rubber lube bath... It's not long before i slide it between my thighs and open up my rubber catsuit and start to fuck this monster cock as it stretches me open!!!

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Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Pt 1 - 2
Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Pt 1 - 2

There is nothing like having fun outside in heavy rubber, well for me at least... I have a new PVC bath to play in and i am dressed head to toe in black rubber, from my underwired rubber catsuit, to my favourite thing at the moment, my rubber toe socks! Once in the bath i pour an whole litre bottle of silicone lube over my entire body!!! Then it's time to slip and slide around my plastic bath as i just writhe in lubed rubber outside in the hot summer sun...

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Wasteland - Coffee, Tea or Me, Goddess?Wasteland - Coffee, Tea or Me, Goddess?

After using Violet as a human coffee table that also serves as a shoe polisher, she allows her to worship her legs ass and legs to get things warmed up. Violet then turns her attention to Goddess’s lovely breasts and nipples, leading to a hot session with a vibrating magic wand which brings her to several enthusiastic orgasms. What’s for desert, Violet?

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Wasteland - Peaches and ScreamsWasteland - Peaches and Screams

Master Shadrack has Peaches right where he likes her: Bound to a bamboo rod and suspended from the ceiling! In this scene, he puts her through the paces of multiple dildos and insertion toys that bring her to many screaming orgasms!

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FetishKitsch - Nenetl's Night InFetishKitsch - Nenetl's Night In

with Nenetl Avril

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Assylum - Slop YogaAssylum - Slop Yoga

This super-hot yoga babe gets exploited and used like a filthy piece of meat. Dr. Mercies discovers her in the garage of the A$$y!um, where she has been hanging out in hopes of being a patient. Then he admits her, knowing he can use her any way he wants--all for her therapy, of course. He jams different types of anal beads all the way up her asshole, then pulls them out and shoves them down her throat--again and again. He fucks her face and makes her eat his ass too. During all of this, she has to spit her slop into a big bowl. Then He fucks her ass really hard, making her cry and does lots of ass to mouth on her. She says she has to go to the bathroom due to the anal sex, but he ignores and just does more ass to mouth. Finally, he pours her bowl of slop into an enema bag, drips the mix into her ass, makes her squirt it out and eat it. This is just part 1. Orderly Damian takes his turn in part 2... and it gets even rougher for this poor little teenager.

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BallBustingChicks - Empress Cruel - Slap The Dick Hurt The Balls After JerkingBallBustingChicks - Empress Cruel - Slap The Dick Hurt The Balls After Jerking

Handjob the Dominatrix way! She masturbates and beats his hard on, she beats his cock right in the moment when he squirts in her direction. Her special cruelty is to kick him in the balls right after he shot his load. Then she grabs his hurting, swollen testicles to beat them merciless. His genitals are aching like hell and his balls are bl**ding and it looks like a piece of mashed meat...