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BallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Overstepping His BoundsBallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Overstepping His Bounds

He got the clear order to clean her shoes with his tongue. As he touches her beautiful legs without permission she beats him ruthless. Brutal whipping of his back and scratching with her finger nails brings him back to obedience in no time!

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BallBustingChicks - Empress Cruel - Balls In AgonyBallBustingChicks - Empress Cruel - Balls In Agony

Dressed as a sex warrior the Empress drags him brutal around by the balls and gives him ruthless kicks in the strictly and painful tied up nuts. Whipping and slapping of the exposed and vulnerable genitals. Trapped in her living room he is the subject for more painful ball kicking.

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BallBustingChicks - Liza - I humiliate men in the office!BallBustingChicks - Liza - I humiliate men in the office!

In her opinian men are the lowest and weakest creatures on earth. Even her is better... For the rich lady boss men can only be slaves. Here she let you know how she treat men in her office.

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BallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Domination and Destruction!BallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Domination and Destruction!

She breaks his will and really makes him beg for more and even harder kicks in his testicles. Fatal with a Mistress like this! She not only destroys his balls with unbelievable brutal kicks and breaks his will, she also breaks his finger bones as he tries to cover the precious "family jwels" with his hands.

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BallBustingChicks - CrushedBallBustingChicks - Crushed

She overpowers him with her skill and recklessness. Occasionally she grabs his nuts and squeeze them cruelly, got him by the balls upside down and throw him right in the next corner. At last finish him off by a swift kick right in the middle of his manhood!

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BallBustingChicks - The CheaterBallBustingChicks - The Cheater

A man who brags about the size of his genitals gets a severe lesson by the Hunteress. The punishment starts by grabbing and squeezing his genitals. She slaps him multiple times hard in the face as she towers over the kneeling little man in her sexy underwear. The lesson ends by busting his balls. She kicks him right in his dangling nuts over and over until he isthrown out of her apartment.

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BallBustingChicks - Dante Posh - Two losers get ballbusted and humiliated!BallBustingChicks - Dante Posh - Two losers get ballbusted and humiliated!

She degrades and humiliates both. One with his sticking out hard on, right after he saw the Mistress wearing almost nothing, she kicks brutal and ruthless in the balls. The other with the smaller penis get a lot of small dick humiliation and unbelievable hard ball kicks and cbt as well

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BallBustingChicks - Axa Jay - Harsh HandjobBallBustingChicks - Axa Jay - Harsh Handjob

Punished For Squirting On Her Leg

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BallBustingChicks - Brutal Testicle KickingBallBustingChicks - Brutal Testicle Kicking

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BallBustingChicks - Isabella - Dominant SmokingBallBustingChicks - Isabella - Dominant Smoking

Smoking outdoors in riding clothes. Extinguishing cigarette with riding boots. Dominant posing in stable with whip and in pantyhose. Showing her dominant legs and ass...