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Larkin Love - Doll Factory - Our First Sex Doll - Jay's TurnLarkin Love - Doll Factory - Our First Sex Doll - Jay's Turn

Starring Nova White, Larkin Love, and Jacean Mikhael

After confirming the new sex doll is good at pussy eating, Larkin has to make sure it can handle blowjobs. It takes a little bit of hands-on instruction, but soon Larkin has the sex bot sucking like it should. Together they finish a POV-style blowjob and even do a little cum swapping.

Like the last one, this new update is pretty low-res--I think she's going for a "homemade sex tape" feel, but I think it's kinda annoying.


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Assylum - Let me take you higher, SirAssylum - Let me take you higher, Sir

Patient: Anneliese Snow Added on October 5, 2016

Anneliese is a sweet little submissive girl who comes and squirts from anal sex. But she was also a virgin in some ways. She had never done things like ass to mouth or rimming. So Dr. Mercies had lots of fun using and teaching her. There's no treatment in this case file, just Dr. Mercies authentically dominating a super hot, filthy girl. He fucked her so long and hard that they bent the steel cart she was on. Then he made her worship his shoes and sweaty feet and ass until he shot a huge load of cum all over her face. As she licked up the splatter, he stuck his cock, which just kept on throbbing, right back in her blown-open asshole and fucked her some more. This is a genuine, intense anal domination documentary filmed in real time with Dr. Mercies in his utmost happy place. Others fake it, we make it.

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Assylum - Anal Toilet Princess - Patient: Tangled TanziAssylum - Anal Toilet Princess - Patient: Tangled Tanzi

Tanzi's anal therapy gets taken up a notch after her relapse. She is told that at her last treatment she was treated like a princess compared to what is going to happen to her this time. Then she is made to wear a princess dress, gets a toilet plunger gag shoved into her mouth, and gets tied to a rolling toilet seat. Dr. Mercies and Orderly Pain spin her round and round, face fucking her, spitting in her mouth plunger, slapping her, caning and whipping her, and rolling her into Dr. Mercies' ass. Then Dr. Mercies fucks her ass in a painful position while she counts to 100. The men also feed her anal beads off their shoes and feet before it's time for her patient sperm meal. Being the sick masochistic brat that she is, I have a feeling that Tanzi enjoyed all this.

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Assylum - "Whatever you like best" - Anal Bimbo 2Assylum - "Whatever you like best" - Anal Bimbo 2

Arielle Aquinas - August 17, 2016

Real, extreme BDSM with intense anal pain, face fucking, mind fucking, ass eating, and more. I don't know how to describe what we have here, because you can't find stuff like this anywhere else. It doesn't get more real, more crazy, more intense, or more beautiful in the end than this. That's all I'm going to say. Watch the trailer for more.

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InfernalRestraints - Pull - Violet MonroeInfernalRestraints - Pull - Violet Monroe

Violet Monroe doesn't know what to do when she finds herself completely immobilized by shackles holding down her arms and legs. She thrashes them around, looking around for someone to help her, panicked at not having control over her body. And now that she's lost mobility O.T. is going to make it much worse for her. Being tormented by someone else is one thing, but when your own body betrays you things get so much scarier.

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HardTied - Bent Back Bondage Bitch - Zoey Laine

It's always an easy day when you're doing what you love. That's why Zoey Laine is going to be all smiles when she is done spending the day in some of the tightest bondage of her life. She loves the idea of struggling and telling everyone how much she hates the feeling of being tied up and violated, but that's only because it makes it so much hotter to act like she doesn't want this.

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SexuallyBroken - Yhivi Tied to Box and Fucked

From Both Ends By Couple! - Yhivi

Yhivi may have started the show strong, but she is not slowing down a bit. This little slut can't be worn out. Matt and Dee Williams tie her to a box in the perfect position to expose her pussy and mouth hole. They proceed to fuck her from both sides, each taking turns with her pussy and throat and Yhivi still can't get enough of it. For someone so small she is insatiable and we love her for being so. Yhivi can't stop cumming over and over on cock. If deep throating was an olympic sport she would have a gold medal. Thank you for coming back Yhivi. We will be seeing lots of you in the future

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TopGrl - Fear Play - Rain DeGrey - London RiverTopGrl - Fear Play - Rain DeGrey - London River

Rain Degrey is used to being dominant in most of her games, but she and her friend London River have made a deal. London is allowed to use her as her personal sex toy, but only if she promises to really deliver a challenge. And that's exactly what she does. Right away Rain finds herself confronted by one of her worst fears as over two hundred crickets are poured into her tiny plastic cage. If she hurts or steps on any of them she will have to lick them off of her skin. She is crying within a few short minutes. Rain does a good job of not hurting any of her creepy crawly roommates, but that doesn't mean she needs to know that. London decides she still wants to punish her further.

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Wasteland - Turning the Paige, Chapter 1Wasteland - Turning the Paige, Chapter 1

In this first installment of a 7 part episodic series inspired by the literary works of Ernest Hemingway, we are introduced to Paige Pierce, who is in training to become a FemDom under the masterful guidance of Master Doc. But, as tradition calls for, in order to become a Top, one needs to start at the bottom as a submissive. After being instructed by Doc to go finish sorting his books, Paige has a little temper tantrum and is icily punished for her insolence!

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Wasteland - Maid to order - Part 2Wasteland - Maid to order - Part 2

Finding good domestic help always seems to be such a challenge! So when Mistress Vendetta found ReVay, she was thrilled. ReVay was beautiful, intelligent and exuded passion and sexuality. Now this was promising! After months of training and many sexual adventures, Revay became excellent at everything, everything except house cleaning. She tried, she tried so hard but she always fell a little short. Revay soon learnt that no matter how loving her Mistress was, It’s never a good thing when you pissed off Bella Vendetta. Spanking, flogging, fishnet pantyhose, breast and pussy play, strap-on action, foot worship, squirting, very uncomfortable restraints and many other surprises.