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KinkyFamily - Olivia LuaKinkyFamily - Olivia Lua

Here is a POV scene from KinkyFamily featuring Olivia Lua. She sucks her brother's cock and fucks in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy before taking a load on her ass.

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Assylum - The Human SexipedeAssylum - The Human Sexipede

Amelia Dire, Arielle Aquinas Added on June 15, 2016

The sickest ass to mouth and anal sex therapy session ever conceived. Arielle must learn to be less innocent. Amelia must learn to be less filthy. So Dr. Mercies joins them together so that they can balance each other out in harmony. Orderly Damian rides the new Anal Creature around the padded cell while fucking it in its ass. Make no mistake about how intense this is. It's not just the anal; it's the knees, the necks, the shoulders, and the loss of air. Others fake it, we make it.

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StepSiblingsCaught - Ember Stone and Jill Kassidy - Do as we say  - January 11, 2017StepSiblingsCaught - Ember Stone and Jill Kassidy - Do as we say - January 11, 2017

Tyler Nixon is chilling when his stepsisters Jill Kassidy and Ember Stone come outside in matching outfits and demand that he put lotion on them. When he declines to do a repeat performance later, the girls do some performing of their own with Jill rubbing the lotion all over Ember's back while Ember flashes her tits at Tyler. When the girls turn around so that Ember can give Jill the same treatment, Tyler can't take his eyes off of them. Later, when the girls demand that he helps them out of their tight dresses, he reluctantly agrees.

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SlaveClub - Ass Cleaning ServiceSlaveClub - Ass Cleaning Service

While relaxing on the couch, with a pet gently caressing and rubbing her feet, Phoenix muses about the wonderful time she had the previous evening. She is debating whether or not to place a call to her lover. She decides to and instructs her slave to keep his mouth shut and not even utter a moan, while she discusses in depth the wonderful evening she just had. As the call progresses we learn that dinner was expensive, delicious and romantic. Afterwards the pair went for a long walk and culminated the evening in some hot, steamy, nasty, sexy fun, which Phoenix relives on the phone for her own self indulgent pleasure. All of this gives her lowly worthless pet an earful as well as a reason to exist. That reason is to pamper her completely. For starters, since Phoenix has sore feet from her evening walk, her slave gets to rub and massage her lovely feet. Then as her conversation continues we learn how her lover had fucked her ass the night before. Since she hadn’t cleaned herself up from the hot sweaty anal pounding yet, her pet is allowed the privilege of cleaning her ass completely with his tongue! Lucky slave...

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Wasteland - Here, K!tty Kat! Time For Your LessonWasteland - Here, K!tty Kat! Time For Your Lesson

As the next step in her sex and submission training, Kat is introduced to orgasm denial and control. After being bound from above and warmed up by Master Shadrack, she is then restrained to the dog cage and with her bottom exposed, is repeatedly brought to the edge of orgasm until Master finally rewards her for her efforts with a series of screaming orgasms. Good job, Kat!

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Assylum - I'm a Little Piece of Dirt on the Floor - September 9, 2016Assylum - I'm a Little Piece of Dirt on the Floor - September 9, 2016

19 year-old Anastasia Rose Added on September 9, 2016

Anastasia serves Dr. Mercies with her mouth and ass like a filthy slave girl in this new case file. I don't want to give away the plot, but this is another special scene for Dr. Mercies. It has extremely rough anal sex, ass to mouth, face fucking, deep ass eating, a big piss enema, licking piss off the floor to use as anal lube, cum in every face hole, hard spanking and face slapping, and a puppet rope suspension with Anastasia serving Dr. Mercies grapes while she gets beaten. Best of all: the scene was filmed in real time and is completely authentic. No one else makes stuff like this.

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Larkin Love - Doll Factory - Our First Sex Doll - The UnboxingLarkin Love - Doll Factory - Our First Sex Doll - The Unboxing

Starring Nova White, Larkin Love, and Jacean Mikhael

I bought my husband a very special anniversary gift this year. He's always on the bleeding edge of technology. Every new gadget, he just has to be the first to have it! Have you heard about Doll Factory Labs? They're making fully functional sex doll robots now. It's true! They look, feel, talk, move, and fuck just like a real person. You can customize them in any way imaginable. They come with real AI and fully functioning holes, along with several other extra special functions . . .

Hey, honey! Get the camera! Your gift has finally arrived, and I can't wait to do this unboxing video. Oh, she looks so lifelike. Don't you want to try her out? Just look at her cute little titties and pretty face. I just know you love blondes, too.

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Larkin Love - Doll Factory - Our First Sex Doll - Jay's TurnLarkin Love - Doll Factory - Our First Sex Doll - Jay's Turn

Starring Nova White, Larkin Love, and Jacean Mikhael

After confirming the new sex doll is good at pussy eating, Larkin has to make sure it can handle blowjobs. It takes a little bit of hands-on instruction, but soon Larkin has the sex bot sucking like it should. Together they finish a POV-style blowjob and even do a little cum swapping.

Like the last one, this new update is pretty low-res--I think she's going for a "homemade sex tape" feel, but I think it's kinda annoying.


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Assylum - Let me take you higher, SirAssylum - Let me take you higher, Sir

Patient: Anneliese Snow Added on October 5, 2016

Anneliese is a sweet little submissive girl who comes and squirts from anal sex. But she was also a virgin in some ways. She had never done things like ass to mouth or rimming. So Dr. Mercies had lots of fun using and teaching her. There's no treatment in this case file, just Dr. Mercies authentically dominating a super hot, filthy girl. He fucked her so long and hard that they bent the steel cart she was on. Then he made her worship his shoes and sweaty feet and ass until he shot a huge load of cum all over her face. As she licked up the splatter, he stuck his cock, which just kept on throbbing, right back in her blown-open asshole and fucked her some more. This is a genuine, intense anal domination documentary filmed in real time with Dr. Mercies in his utmost happy place. Others fake it, we make it.

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Assylum - Anal Toilet Princess - Patient: Tangled TanziAssylum - Anal Toilet Princess - Patient: Tangled Tanzi

Tanzi's anal therapy gets taken up a notch after her relapse. She is told that at her last treatment she was treated like a princess compared to what is going to happen to her this time. Then she is made to wear a princess dress, gets a toilet plunger gag shoved into her mouth, and gets tied to a rolling toilet seat. Dr. Mercies and Orderly Pain spin her round and round, face fucking her, spitting in her mouth plunger, slapping her, caning and whipping her, and rolling her into Dr. Mercies' ass. Then Dr. Mercies fucks her ass in a painful position while she counts to 100. The men also feed her anal beads off their shoes and feet before it's time for her patient sperm meal. Being the sick masochistic brat that she is, I have a feeling that Tanzi enjoyed all this.