BDSM, SexuallyBroken Views: 180
31-12-2016, 16:00 BDSM, SexuallyBroken
SexuallyBroken - Yhivi Returns For Face Fucking and Brutal Orgasms in Live

Tiny slut Yhivi is back with a vengeance for a live show. First she is strapped with her arms stretched back to a box, her face the perfect height for cock sucking. Matt and Dee Williams take turns fucking her face until she is light headed and drooling. Yhivi likes breath play though. So when we are ready to see her eyes roll back as she has her intense orgasms, we tighten a rope around her neck.

BDSM Views: 233
29-12-2016, 22:59 BDSM
HardTied - Folda' Frau - Sierra Cirque

Sierra Cirque may well have been an acrobat at some point with the way her body moves. She is as flexible and nimble as she is sexy and submissive. Our guy is going to have a lot of fun folding her up into different positions and beating whatever bits of skin those reveal to him, and if she's very good, maybe she'll get to have a little fun herself.

BDSM Views: 315
29-12-2016, 22:54 BDSM
InSex - Creep Meet - Sierra Cirque

Creep: Where is she? Well, she has been driving for four hours.

Sierra cirque: He wasn’t kidding when he said it was remote. Woodlands and run-down towns.

Creep: God, she looks great. She’s so beautiful. I love the glasses. It makes her look smart. She’s tall. She seems willing enough too.

Sierra cirque: Boy, he looks old, but he’s not fat. He’s tall. He seems safe enough.

BDSM, Wasteland Views: 279
29-12-2016, 22:46 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Maid to Order - Part 1Wasteland - Maid to Order - Part 1

Finding good domestic help always seems to be such a challenge! So when Mistress Vendetta found ReVay, she was thrilled. ReVay was beautiful, intelligent and exuded passion and sexuality. Now this was promising! After months of training and many sexual adventures, Revay became excellent at everything, everything except house cleaning. She tried, she tried so hard but she always fell a little short. Revay soon learnt that no matter how loving her Mistress was, It’s never a good thing when you pissed off Bella Vendetta. Spanking, flogging, fishnet pantyhose, breast and pussy play, strap-on action, foot worship, squirting, very uncomfortable restraints and many other surprises.


Femdom, Mistresszena Views: 243
29-12-2016, 22:30 Femdom, Mistresszena
Mistresszena - Fucking with my Chastity slaves headMistresszena - Fucking with my Chastity slaves head

Nothing I like better than a little psychological head play.
And what better way to do it than to place my slave in chastity, cover his eyes, and make his head do all sorts of weird things to him.
Well as well as me doing weird stuff to him as well.
Shocking his tiny cock when he doesn't please me, making him suck my big fake dick, tease his sissy hole with my strap-on, making him listen as I lube up a cock and make squelching noises while wanking it off.

BallBustingChicks , Femdom Views: 261
27-12-2016, 23:52 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Alani and Friend - The CompleteBallBustingChicks - Alani and Friend - The Complete

This movie contains all the best of Female Domination, Corporal Punishment and Ballbusting of two sadistic ladies!

BDSM Views: 200
27-12-2016, 23:44 BDSM
RealTimeBondage - Pain Puppet - Paintoy Emma - Part 2

In the beginning of our live session with Paintoy Emma she made it clear that she thought it was going to take a lot to break her, so to start this installment we are going to put her in her place. We hobble her hands with tape and belt her arms and legs so that she is forced to crawl around on her knees and elbows. Then we put an electric collar on her so that any time she isn't the perfect puppy we want her to be we can punish her with powerful shocks.

BDSM, Infernalrestraints Views: 305
26-12-2016, 22:36 BDSM, Infernalrestraints
InfernalRestraints - Barrel of Fun - Rain DeGrey

Rain DeGrey is always a great time. She's cheerful, she's loud, she's animated, and she lets us do pretty much whatever fucked up thing we can think to do with her gorgeous body. And we have a lot planned for today. We are going to take some time for each side of Rain, her top and her bottom, and the best way we can think to do that is to stick her inside the barrel with whichever part of her we want to play with exposed.

BDSM Views: 196
22-12-2016, 23:04 BDSM
RealTimeBondage - Pain Puppet - Paintoy Emma - Part 1

At the beginning of each of our live feeds we like to take a while to get to know our models by asking them a few questions. Once we get started questioning Paintoy Emma, though, we are having too much fun to stop. We have some very special ideas for how to make this process especially fun for us and especially rough on Emma. We are going to take our time interrogating this one.

Incest Views: 423
21-12-2016, 01:40 Incest
SisLovesMe - Gia Paige 1080pSisLovesMe - Gia Paige 1080p

Gia Paige gives 2 blowjobs ending with cum in her mouth then gets pussy fucked doggy reverse cowgirl cowgirl and missionary with a shot on her trimmed bush.