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BallBustingChicks - Rose - Not As ExpectedBallBustingChicks - Rose - Not As Expected

Mistress Jessica, Mistress Rose and Rebekah Dee take brutal revenge on a disgusting man. Instead of dirty sex games as he planned, he gets his balls busted like crazy. They beat his swollen balls senseless. They kick him so hard in the balls that he would not even think about sex for the next weeks...

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BallBustingChicks - Liza - How to beat downan erection!BallBustingChicks - Liza - How to beat downan erection!

She first tease him, then she get the most fun when beating an erect penis so hard and brutal with her leather gloved hand that it shrivels up in front of her in a very short time. She humiliates him further when she force him to wag his tail like a . His cock must hurt like hell taking all these hard beatings from her leather gloved hands!

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BallBustingChicks - Fetish Liza - Hear his screams!BallBustingChicks - Fetish Liza - Hear his screams!

Fetish Liza not only enjoys to kick a man hard and ruthless in the balls, she also grabs his down hanging bollocks, squeeze them until they seem to pop and then punch them brutally! Perfidious when she calls her girl friend while ballbusting this slave, so the girl friend can hear his screams on the phone. And he get kicked not only from the front, she let him also take this awkward position where she best can see the dangling nuts from behind and kick them with all her might.

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Wasteland - Lily Exposed!Wasteland - Lily Exposed!

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6-05-2017, 03:00 BDSM
Wasteland - Why Santa’s Elves Don’t Wear PantiesWasteland - Why Santa’s Elves Don’t Wear Panties

Tis’ the night before Christmas when all through Santa’s workshop the elves are all hustling and bustling away. All except one elf that is. Head-Elf Irony had to hire a lot of extra help this year, it seems the demand for “toys” had increased. Elf Cheri seemed to have all the right qualities for the job, how could Irony have been so wrong.

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BallBustingChicks - Inessa - Boxing WorkoutBallBustingChicks - Inessa - Boxing Workout

Losers get punished... Both videos in one big file.

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Wasteland - But I Earned It MasterWasteland - But I Earned It Master

After all the training and all the punishments, Violet knew that a day would come where Master would bestow upon her a day of blissful pleasure. Well, almost blissful…after all you can’t let your submissive think that they are due anything, but rather all pleasure must be earned.

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Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Part 5

Laying on my back totally covered in black rubber i slide in this ribbed rubber cock that is stretching me to the max as it enters my wet pussy! Fucking myself hard i move over on to all fours which is not easy covered in all this lube... Once in position i finish myself off fucking in lubed rubber until i cumm!!! Kneeling up it's time for the sploshing fun to start as I shake the can of whipped cream...

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13-04-2017, 15:13 BDSM, Latex
Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Part 3 - 4
Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Part 3 - 4

Rolling around the PVC bed i am just lost in the super slippery lubed covered latex that is encasing every inch off my body from my rubber hood down to my latex toes, i then crawl over on to all fours and grab one of the huge rubber cocks that has been thrown in to the rubber lube bath... It's not long before i slide it between my thighs and open up my rubber catsuit and start to fuck this monster cock as it stretches me open!!!

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Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Pt 1 - 2
Rubbereva - Slippery Black Heavy Rubber - Pt 1 - 2

There is nothing like having fun outside in heavy rubber, well for me at least... I have a new PVC bath to play in and i am dressed head to toe in black rubber, from my underwired rubber catsuit, to my favourite thing at the moment, my rubber toe socks! Once in the bath i pour an whole litre bottle of silicone lube over my entire body!!! Then it's time to slip and slide around my plastic bath as i just writhe in lubed rubber outside in the hot summer sun...