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Angel The Dreamgirl - Honey, Happy B-Day! - Dec 01, 2016Angel The Dreamgirl - Honey, Happy B-Day! - Dec 01, 2016

This video involves Angel The Dreamgirl doing 1on1 sex as a "doll" (robot, fetish). The video includes: oral (blowjob, handjob); pussy-fucking (doggy-style, missionary) until he cums in her pussy. After that, he decides to cum again on her face and mouth (facial, cumshot).

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Assylum - Slavemouth BobbiAssylum - Slavemouth Bobbi

Patient: Bobbi Dylan Added on August 2, 2016

Bobbi's mouth and asshole get exploited by Dr. Mercies in this degrading case file. She had completed her therapy and was on her way out, but then she agreed to share a drink with Dr. M. Unfortunately, that drink would be slobber and cum. This case file has lots of face fucking, rimming, and spit with very hard spanking. Dr. M smacks Bobbi's ass in the same spot over and over again to make it very painful. He also figs her asshole with a ginger root until she burns inside.

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BallBustingChicks - Liza - I humiliate men in the office!BallBustingChicks - Liza - I humiliate men in the office!

In her opinian men are the lowest and weakest creatures on earth. Even her is better... For the rich lady boss men can only be slaves. Here she let you know how she treat men in her office.

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Wasteland - All Wrapped Up With Nowhere To GoWasteland - All Wrapped Up With Nowhere To Go

Master of kinky sex, Dr. Swallow, is at it again. This time with a very unusual set of implements! Dressed in only 7 inch ballet point heels, saran wrap and wrist cuffs, Sicilia submits to him as he suspends her from above and uses a delightful combination of clamps and clothespins to the nipples and tongue, a large vibrator bound to her clit, a truly remarkable suction device applied to her engorged clit, and a bit of loving bdsm play. After teasing and bringing her to several massive orgasms, he sits beneath her as she takes his cock into her pussy while still suspended from above for a dramatic happy ending.

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BallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Domination and Destruction!BallBustingChicks - Hunteress - Domination and Destruction!

She breaks his will and really makes him beg for more and even harder kicks in his testicles. Fatal with a Mistress like this! She not only destroys his balls with unbelievable brutal kicks and breaks his will, she also breaks his finger bones as he tries to cover the precious "family jwels" with his hands.

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Assylum - SphincterbellAssylum - Sphincterbell

Patient: Anneliese Snow Added on October 26, 2016

Sweet, submissive Anneliese returned to visit Dr. Mercies at his home one night. So he turned her into an anal fairy girl. She gave him a nice, pleasing blowjob, and then he started to facefuck her. Then he adjusted her puppet ropes and fucked her ass from behind. Finally, he fucked her ass very hard like a little doggie on the floor, made her eat his ass, and fed her a big load of sperm. Then she cuddled beside him and probed her own ass with her fairy wand as he returned to sleep.

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Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 7Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 7
Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 8Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 8

Bending my latex slut over on to all fours i have plugged her pussy with an inflatable rubber enema plug! Pumping it up I pull open her rubber body suit and spank her ass hard! The bitch loves it and almost cumms on the spot! Next I decide it's time for a plastic hood so letting my rubber hooded slut breath in the vinyl aromas i slide it over her eager face and head as we start our hooded plastic games. I then let this slut finger herself as I play with her hood!


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Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut Part 5Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut Part 5
Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut Part 6Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut Part 6

Finishing off sucking on my rubber sluts long latex covered legs, I order her to wank and fuck herself with her fingers as I watch up close... I can smell her pussy juices as she starts to get excited! I then take over and using my rubber gloved fingers I fuck her with them as they go in nice and deep!!! This rubber bondage slut just loves it as she wriggles around the chlorinated rubber bed in ecstasy...

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Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 3Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 3
Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 4Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 4

Unable to move in her rubber mittened hands, ashlea has to let me to lick and rub her nice tight ass as it sticks in the air... then laying her on her back in the soft chlorinated rubber bed sheets i remove her inflatable rubber mouth gag and undo her hands but leaving them in the rubber bondage mitts! i think i will use this wet rubber gag for her pussy as i tease it against her rubber panties before pulling back her latex thong and sliding it in!!!

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Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 1Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 1
Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 2Rubbereva - My Rubber Bondage Slut - Part 2

My new rubber slut is ready and waiting as she slides around the chlorinated rubber sheeted bed..i have placed an inflatable rubber breathe through gag in her mouth and her hands are clasped together behind her back in a rubber bondage body, attached to the wrists are some bondage mitts. ashlea hears my high heeled footsteps coming down the long corridor... i enter the room in my long rubber coat swishing on to the rubber bed!!!