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Natalia Forrest - simple elbow tieNatalia Forrest - simple elbow tie

Yes! We captured the gorgeous Natalia Forrest again! We just love her struggling, and her frustration with bondage. So restraining her elbows and leaving her wrists and legs free is a perfect mind fuck for Natalia, she will be even more frustrated that she can’t free herself! Ok, that’s a little mean, but we love her!

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Minerva - beautiful struggleMinerva - beautiful struggle

Wow, Minerva was back very soon after her first bondage experience! This cute freckled red head can’t seem to get enough of struggling around in ropes! This time we used a natural rope, which is even more restrictive since there is no slack at all. Minerva loved it, she softly moans while struggling for quite a while, she seemed to be in her own place! Nice!

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Beautiesinparadise - Budapest 2014Beautiesinparadise - Budapest 2014

Princess Nikki's Lesbian Femdom Paradise...

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Xev Bellringer - Taboo Cousin DefloweredXev Bellringer - Taboo Cousin Deflowered

Oh my God, turn around! I just saw your...thing! Please put your boxers back on and let me wrap this towel around me again. Ugh I can't believe I just dropped it and you saw everything. I'm sorry, I should knock next time. I guess it's not the worst thing in the world for family to see each other naked...Can you leave the room so I can get dressed? ...Well can you at least turn around and cover your eyes then? Let's just get to sleep and not worry about what just happened...

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Xev Bellringer - Mommy Controls You With BreastsXev Bellringer - Mommy Controls You With Breasts

I have been very disappointed with your behavior lately, young man. The principal called me today and told me about your attitude problem at school. You are not obeying your teachers, doing terribly with your school work, swearing in class, and being aggressive at break. I didn't raise you to be a delinquent do you want to be held back??..

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Xev Bellringer- Coworker Blackmailed into SexXev Bellringer- Coworker Blackmailed into Sex

I appreciate you taking me out for drinks, but I didn't want to go that far. No please, stop touching me, I mean it. Maybe you should go. You what? Oh know I stole money from our boss? Fuck. No of course I don't want to go to jail...I...I'll do what you want. Just, let's get this over with. You want me to take my clothes off? I don't know about this...I mean, I do find you attractive, but you shouldn't be using this against me to get what you want with my body. No no no, please don't make me do that.

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Sylvie - elbow tieSylvie - elbow tie

A simple elbow tie on a naked girl is so sexy! Sylvie’s arms are super flexible, no problem for her! But getting out is impossible, even though she tries very hard to struggle, her hands just can’t reach the blue ropes! Sylvie is such a gorgeous girl! We love her struggling!

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Xev Bellringer - You Will Fuck MeXev Bellringer - You Will Fuck Me

Shhh I picked this bathroom because it's the farthest away from the rest of the party - no one will hear us. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about, Adam, you're going to fuck me and cum for me whether you like it or not. And if you resist me, I'm going to tell my fiance and my brother that you forced yourself on me. It would ruin you. So you better just play along. Don't worry, you'll enjoy this - I know you've fantasized about fucking me ever since you were little, and I've had my eye on you too. are BIG. Much bigger than my fiance, I bet you fuck better than him too...

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Xev Bellringer - Mommy's Jerk Off InstructionXev Bellringer - Mommy's Jerk Off Instruction

Sweety, you did so well on your report card! I'm so proud of you. You made Mommy so happy, and for that, I'll wear that thing you like so much. Yes, the red lingerie. I know you enjoy seeing Mommy wear that, so I'm going to let you watch me as a reward for doing so well in school. Honey, I think if you really enjoy the way I look in this outfit, you should take your penis out and touch it for Mommy. Yes, I know you've been told not to touch your penis unless you're alone, but you really impressed Mommy with your grades. I want to give you something special.

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Xev Bellringer - Titty Fucking My New FembotXev Bellringer - Titty Fucking My New Fembot

My new fembot Xev finally came in the mail and I was so excited to unbox her. She has a bunch of different tasks already programmed into her system that I wanted to test out. She can clean, do the dishes, and make sandwiches - all with her tits out! It didn't take long for me to order her to stop what she was doing and let me grope her juicy, life-like tits. They felt so soft and warm, I got a raging hard on. Luckily I knew the command to have her rub my cock through my pants. It just wasn't enough, I needed to try out the pleasure functions this fembot came with. There was no way I could resist her titty fucking program, especially with jugs like those!