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22-05-2015, 23:06 BDSM
The Rights Activist Turns His Attention Towards Adara - LeatherThe Rights Activist Turns His Attention Towards Adara - Leather

This is a continuation of a previously posted clip entitled The Rights Activist Turns His Attention Towards Adara - Transported. This clip starts with Adara strung up in the barn with her hands in leather mitts. After a while her captor returns with her own crop and smacks her ass with it repeatedly as Adara yelps and thrashes about. He throws the crop aside and smacks her ass with his hand for a while, before he rips her fancy button up riding blouse open. Adara's tits are roughly slapped and groped. He removes his belt and commences whipping Adara with it. He finally stops, but He's not done with her yet. He picks her crop up and gives her tits some attention...

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22-05-2015, 22:57 Femdom
Beautiesinparadise - Budapest 2012Beautiesinparadise - Budapest 2012

Princess Nikki's Lesbian Femdom Paradise...

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22-05-2015, 02:35 BDSM
Cassie - boots, gloves, and gagCassie - boots, gloves, and gag

Young Cassie returns for more bondage! Yes! This 19-year old is incredibly tall and cheerful. And in her thigh high boots, she is even taller! She wants to try it all, so we quickly got her back in rope bondage and pulled out a large ballgag. It turned out to be too much for her, but a medium size ballgag was no problem! So there we go: a cute young Cassie, all tied up and gagged, and she was determined to escape!..

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21-05-2015, 02:30 Femdom
Homemade beauties 1.1Homemade beauties 1.1

Princess Nikki's Lesbian Femdom Paradise...

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21-05-2015, 00:54 BDSM
Pepper's Legs Spread Reverse Prayer HogtiePepper's Legs Spread Reverse Prayer Hogtie

Pepper stands in darkness... neckroped and ballgagged, with her arms bound behind her in a reverse prayer position. A door opens and closes and the lights pop on. A masked man appears. He roughly manhandles Pepper. She grunts, and mmpphhs as he grabs her by her huge tits and slaps her ass repeatedly. By the marks already there, you can tell Pepper has endured this treatment for a while now. He finally unties her neckrope from above and puts her in a chair...

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21-05-2015, 00:44 BDSM
Ariel Anderssen - tight gold ropeAriel Anderssen - tight gold rope

Don’t worry! It’s Ariel Anderssen! She can take a tight elbow bondage, and then some! Dressed in some of the finest stockings and garter belt, Ariel looks so stunning: we had no choice, it had to be the gold rope for her! We cinched her elbows all the way together, just to make sure… you never know with these tall blonde bondage models! Enjoy this severe but romantic update!

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20-05-2015, 23:35 BDSM
Emma Green and Emma C - Big boobs tiedEmma Green and Emma C - Big boobs tied

What a treat to get TWO Emmas on one bed! And both Emmas have big boobs we can tie! Yes, let’s not waste any time! We wrap Emma Green in black ropes and her friend Emma C is tied in a strict purple boob harness. Lovely struggles!

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20-05-2015, 23:20 BDSM
Dominika - Blue chicken wing hogtieDominika - Blue chicken wing hogtie

We wanted to practise this chicken wing hogtie some more, so we grabbed a random glamour model to wrap in blue ropes! Dominika has been in all the big men´s magazines, she is super hot! But this is different modelling! She loves bondage, but she wasn´t too sure about this position! It left her so open and vulnerable! Great struggling though!

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20-05-2015, 23:07 BDSM
Raven C - summer bondage photo shootRaven C - summer bondage photo shoot

Raven C is tied up in golden rope by bondage master rigger Damon Pierce! Her awesome boobs are tied in rope baskets! A swarm of photographers seize this opportunity to snap their pictures! Including behind-the-scenes video of the shoot!


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19-05-2015, 12:47 BDSM
Sage is TestedSage is Tested

Sage is new in town. She normally works as a Dominatrix, but she enjoys switching from time to time. I tell her ahead of time what she's in for, and she says she can handle anything. The clips starts with her seated as I tie her to the chair at her waist. Right from the start Sage is a tease. She smiles as I grab her by her hair and grope her tits. I gradually get a little more rough. I untie her blouse and let them fall free. Now I get even rougher... slapping them hard. She asks if that is all I have. I ignore her questions for now. I then start to bind her tits with thin twine. Sage's expression goes back and forth from smiles to heavy breathing and a look of concern. She yelps as I slap her bound tit and flick her nipple. I'm tired of hearing her talk, so I gag her with the biggest red ball gag I have. Now I can play with her bound tit in peace...