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19-05-2015, 02:41 BDSM
AVN winner Skin Diamond's last boy girl shootAVN winner Skin Diamond's last boy girl shoot

All natural sexy starlet Skin Diamond's last boy girl shoot is epic and without mercy...

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19-05-2015, 01:50 BDSM, Femdom
Mistress Sable Does Latex bondage

Mistress Sable brought a friend with a taste for heavy bondage and heavy industrial rubber and latex. He also brought his very large collection. The bondage was outdoors but like all latex subject to every whim of weather change. San Francisco has weather change minute by minute. The bondage combined metal and a bizarre industrial pipe bondage device.


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19-05-2015, 01:31 Femdom
Bratty Bunny Foot dildo teaseBratty Bunny Foot dildo tease

Jerk off stimulation video.
Imagine my feet close to your cock? You would explode with the tip of my toe when it came close to your dick. My tiny little feet and my realistic cock is as close as you'll get to the most perfect foot job ever.

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18-05-2015, 14:06 BDSM
JG Leathers and Company Backyard PlayJG Leathers and Company Backyard Play

JG Leathers and company returned from their tour of Twin Peaks and John/Joanna changed into his Folsom Street Fair gear. He spent the past year creating this beautiful and totally original piece. Later he sported anew southern belle style gown and hat to torment a sassy young woman. The bondage created an awkward predicament that jus screamed spray me with cold water.


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18-05-2015, 13:50 BDSM
Zoie In industrial Rubber Bondage Part 1Zoie In industrial Rubber Bondage Part 1

Zoie has a chance to try something she probably would never buy. Zoie loves latex; I mean Zoie really loves latex. However, she has tones of fashion latex, but nothing like an extra thick industrial strength full coverage Studio Gum cat suit. I have seen her several times styling around in some pretty impressive custom made latex outfits. Zoie has a very curvy figure and a very beautiful bottom/ass. This outfit does not exactly show off her curves, but for any hard core fetishist this video will do it for you. The fun part of this video is that it captures her first reaction to this heavy rubber experience...

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18-05-2015, 02:46 Femdom
Budapest 2012Budapest 2012

Princess Nikki's Lesbian Femdom Paradise...

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17-05-2015, 18:34 BDSM
RealTimeBondage - Bondage Monkey Part 3RealTimeBondage - Bondage Monkey Part 3

It is almost time to be done with our little Bondage Monkey, Endza. As much as we love having her, no good thing can last forever, and live feeds are no exception. At some point we're going to have to untie Endza, probably put some clothes back on her, and turn the cameras off.
But for right now we're going to keep enjoying making her suffer. In fact, we may go as far as to see if we can make this one break before we send her home. Wouldn't it be fun to see exactly how much pain, suffering, and humiliation she can endure before we finally let her go?..

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17-05-2015, 00:38 BDSM
Industrial Rubber Playtime

Studio Gum has the best industrial rubber on the market. These two young ladies spend some time soaking in the fetish. They then stripped down to their rubber hoods and fucked each other silly. Naked hot women in rubber hoods, how on earth does it get any better?


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Beautiesinparadise BerlinBeautiesinparadise Berlin

Princess Nikki's Lesbian Femdom Paradise...

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16-05-2015, 22:30 Femdom
Dominant beauties Budapest 2013 1.1Dominant beauties Budapest 2013 1.1

Princess Nikki's Lesbian Femdom Paradise...