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13-05-2015, 14:15 Femdom
Sex Slave Training Part 2 Sling Strap-On Sex and SingingSex Slave Training Part 2 Sling Strap-On Sex and Singing

I still can't believe that Mistress Minax intends to use her huge "shlong" on our new sex slave's ass...
Deep throating that huge cock is one thing, but she insists that he should be able to handle getting fucked with it... especially after the way she pounded his ass with the solid steel dildo...

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13-05-2015, 13:51 Femdom
Submissive Couple FMF Threesome Part 2 - Pierced Pussy Licking Worship

Now that Mistress Leila Valentina's female submissive is bound securely to the torture chair, the real fun can begin.
Mistress Leila shoves her male submissive's face into her female slave's pussy. As he begins to eat her out enthusiastically, Leila starts to paddle, pinch and finally whip his tender ass.
He loves to lick pussy, so even though Leila torments him, he never pauses except to come up for air. Submissive Sarah's moans are delicious but Mistress doesn't forget to torture her too along the way...

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13-05-2015, 12:58 Femdom
Ride The Lightning - Sex and Metal Cage Electro Shock TreatmentRide The Lightning - Sex and Metal Cage Electro Shock Treatment

The lightning strikes are getting closer in the Texas storm and that inspires me to pick up a cattle prod to goad submissive number 9 into flinching and flailing inside the special metal cage full of pointed barbs.
This Sex and Metal cage has captured my imagination because it is powder coated a brilliant "sports car" red but also because it uses locking pins to hold a submissive in place from ALL directions at once, making it a dangerous prospect to struggle for any reason... and making it extra fun to give subs a reason to struggle against the painful points...

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13-05-2015, 00:06 Femdom
Mz RubbaDubDub Part 1 Latex Ball Busting CBT Anal Probing

Mistress Minax is out to train her new slave in the fine arts of release control - an important aspect of chastity training.
He has been very naughty, at the DomCon Chastity class he spurted his subby cream ALL OVER himself even after being ordered NOT to cum by the classroom full of Dominantrixes.
This cheeky rubber slut is here for ADVANCED training. If he cums without permission, he will be punished.
Mistress Minax creates a complicated game of protocol to befuddle this horny boy as he polishes and worships her latex-clad body. Her swift, sharp barefoot ballbusting kicks and face slaps bring him into line for any transgression, no matter how minor...

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12-05-2015, 02:21 Femdom
StrapOn Pool Table Domination - How a Dominatrix Wins At Billiards

I want to completely decimate and defeat my submissive in every way imaginable... It is my turn to finally WIN AT POOL!
Once he is tied down there is nowhere for him to go... even once I show him the strap-on cock that I plan on fucking his ass with. He's embarrassed, exposed, excited and quivering with anticipation.
At first, he looks horrified at the idea of being penetrated, then intrigued. Once the implications start sinking in, his cock starts looking a little harder and perkier too...

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11-05-2015, 00:12 Femdom
Medical Clinic Fucking Machine Part 1 CBT Chastity With Maitresse ReneeMedical Clinic Fucking Machine Part 1 CBT Chastity With Maitresse Renee

Maitresse Reene has a beautiful medical facility and I enjoy showing it off on my last night in Dallas, TX.
Enjoy a brief guided tour before we lay her chastity submissive down on the gyno table and start strapping him down. We have just enough energy for one more scene... and Servant #1 is desperate to earn an orgasm!
If he can survive our cbt treatment then this patient might earn a sexual release! His hard-on doesn't seem to diminish inside of the pink chastity device, even under painful duress...


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10-05-2015, 23:29 Femdom
Whipping Gangbang Part 2 - 3 Sadistic Dominant Women With StrapOnsWhipping Gangbang Part 2 - 3 Sadistic Dominant Women With StrapOns

Our sub is very willing but very disoriented when we put him into bondage on the sling. Now he is weightless, surrounded by femdom hands, groping, probing, pinching and stimulating every inch of him.
He can no longer tell who's hands are doing what or what will happen next. He is in a delicious state of overwhelmed sensory overload and surrender...

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10-05-2015, 23:14 Femdom
Double Domme Tease and Denial

Mistress Leila Valentina brought me a present today - her new slave-in-training.
He seems polite enough, but we want to test him through PAIN!
Ball weights and a latex wrestling suit look very nice on this young, slender, stud slave. I can't resist tormenting his lovely ass through the open-bottomed catsuit. It is just a matter of time before I want to INVADE that perky ass, but first we want to MARK it...

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10-05-2015, 22:31 Femdom
Introducing Maitresse Renee and CBT Chastity Twins Part 2Introducing Maitresse Renee and CBT Chastity Twins Part 2

Maitresse Renee lines up her two chastity slaves on the couch so that we can admire their chastity devices and punish their tender asses with a warm up spanking!
I love spankings but it is going to take more painful treatment to get through to these masochistic submissives. Fortunately Maitresse Renee brough a wonderful selection of toys with her from Dallas on this trip, including a massive single-tail whip!..

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10-05-2015, 02:13 Femdom
Stinging Nettle CBT Humbler Gardening and Lifestyle FemDom ThreesomeStinging Nettle CBT Humbler Gardening and Lifestyle FemDom Threesome

What kind of CBT addict grows his own stinging nettles? My very favorite kind, apparently!
Join me as I delve into the dark side of gardening with a real life cuckolded femdom couple in their kinky garden and private basement dungeon...