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14-05-2015, 12:43 Femdom
Xev Bellringer - Xev's First FootjobXev Bellringer - Xev's First Footjob

Witness my 1st ever footjob. I gently explore your cock and clumsily rub and tug with my toes until you are fully stiff between my feet. I continue to discover new techniques and movements that will eventually make you cum. Squeezing and stroking your cock between my arches eventually causes you to blow a huge load all over...

Femdom Views: 844
14-05-2015, 00:55 Femdom
Princess Rene - He Likes It When I WatchPrincess Rene - He Likes It When I Watch

Custom clip. Mike enjoyed my clip "I'm Watching" so much that he requested this kinky little custom fantasy, in which he and I have met up for a cam session. I constantly remind him that I love seeing him stroke, love watching him jerk to his Princess Rene. I tease him relentlessly, commanding him to edge for me before encouraging him into the big finish, while I watch. (Note: this isn't an actual cam session but a fantasy, virtual cam session with you, the viewer).

Femdom Views: 1287
14-05-2015, 00:38 Femdom
Your Time with Sasha's Size 6 FeetYour Time with Sasha's Size 6 Feet

You're alone in the room with Sasha Foxxx, one of the hottest girls on the planet! She is wearing sneakers and white cotton socks and you just can't help staring at her feet. The thing is, she catches you in the act. She saw you staring at her feet. But then, just when you think she's going to be disgusted with you, she tells you that it's alright and that she knows about your foot fetish. Just to hear speak those words will give you butterflies!
Sasha takes things even further though. Not only is she ok with your foot fetish, she is more than happy to let you indulge in it as well. That's right! So she sexily removes her sneakers and peels off her socks, revealing two of the nicest, softest feet you'll ever encounter!..

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14-05-2015, 00:22 Femdom
Bratty Bunny - Think ButtBratty Bunny - Think Butt

Just think about it. Touch yourself to my ass. Worship my perfect booty.

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14-05-2015, 00:14 Femdom
Bratty Bunny - Fem Domme AddictionBratty Bunny - Fem Domme Addiction

It's an addiction, to be sexually stimulated by a powerful dominant female, I know. It's just that you are so weak and helpless and especially when your dick gets hard by watching my beautiful self, then you fall deeper and deeper down. It's a vicious vortex of dominance by me, and submission by you. You better get naked, and down on your knees, I'll show you what addiction really is. Go ahead boy, listen up and worship this powerful female that controls you with a glance.

Femdom Views: 968
13-05-2015, 23:56 Femdom
Bratty Bunny - Black Nylon Foot TeaseBratty Bunny - Black Nylon Foot Tease

You've been waiting for this one! Black nylon thigh highs around my sexy little feet. You wish you could have them in your face and down your throat don't you? Look at my pretty little peds, nice and petite. Freshly pedicured. Want to suck on them? Lick them? This is as close as you will get!

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13-05-2015, 14:29 Femdom
Slave Whipping Part 2 CBT and Ball Busting with BootsSlave Whipping Part 2 CBT and Ball Busting with Boots

My slave's cock leapt to attention when I threatened it with my whips, so now it is time for some cbt. That's "cock and ball torture" for the uninitiated.
My slave is bound securely in metal-reinforced straight arm binders but I add chains, locks and institutional brown leather straps to make sure nothing can bring him down from the cold steel cross... except for me.
As I bind my slave facing outwards on the Saint Andrew's cross, I enjoy his helplessness and his growing hard-on. I can't resist torturing his poor cock and balls, first with my hands and then with my vicious riding crop...

Femdom Views: 861
13-05-2015, 14:15 Femdom
Sex Slave Training Part 2 Sling Strap-On Sex and SingingSex Slave Training Part 2 Sling Strap-On Sex and Singing

I still can't believe that Mistress Minax intends to use her huge "shlong" on our new sex slave's ass...
Deep throating that huge cock is one thing, but she insists that he should be able to handle getting fucked with it... especially after the way she pounded his ass with the solid steel dildo...

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13-05-2015, 13:51 Femdom
Submissive Couple FMF Threesome Part 2 - Pierced Pussy Licking Worship

Now that Mistress Leila Valentina's female submissive is bound securely to the torture chair, the real fun can begin.
Mistress Leila shoves her male submissive's face into her female slave's pussy. As he begins to eat her out enthusiastically, Leila starts to paddle, pinch and finally whip his tender ass.
He loves to lick pussy, so even though Leila torments him, he never pauses except to come up for air. Submissive Sarah's moans are delicious but Mistress doesn't forget to torture her too along the way...

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13-05-2015, 12:58 Femdom
Ride The Lightning - Sex and Metal Cage Electro Shock TreatmentRide The Lightning - Sex and Metal Cage Electro Shock Treatment

The lightning strikes are getting closer in the Texas storm and that inspires me to pick up a cattle prod to goad submissive number 9 into flinching and flailing inside the special metal cage full of pointed barbs.
This Sex and Metal cage has captured my imagination because it is powder coated a brilliant "sports car" red but also because it uses locking pins to hold a submissive in place from ALL directions at once, making it a dangerous prospect to struggle for any reason... and making it extra fun to give subs a reason to struggle against the painful points...