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10-05-2015, 01:17 Femdom
Captured By Government AgentsCaptured By Government Agents

My black bag can change your whole world in an instant when I pull it over your head.
This unfortunate subject has been caught up in a complicated web of international politics and terrorism. This intense fantasy role-play scene played out in real time but the results are much more like a "mini movie" then some of my other offerings...

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10-05-2015, 00:24 Femdom

Get the backstory of Bacon Day (it involves a topless woman, Burning Man and chocolate covered bacon) as we humiliate our hog in this fun femdom threesome.
We have a hyper-realistic (slightly creepy) humiliation piggy mask for our sub, plus a curly pink butt plug tail and a GENUINE hog swatter! This farm tool is guaranteed not to bruise your pigs and therefore not ruin their meat when you swat their backsides to herd them along to their delicious doom! There is a fine line between "bruising" and "tenderizing" and this is the perfect professional tool for the job!..

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9-05-2015, 02:49 BDSM
Ginary's TestGinary's Test

Ginary wanted to be a Futile Struggles model. I like to run new girls through a test shoot. They usually end up hogtied, but in the process, I subject them to spanking, manhandling, a few different kinds of gags, and maybe some clamps. Ginary waits patiently, but nervously on her knees with her arms behind her back as I prepare. The first thing I do is get her wrists tied behind her back. I have a longer length than I need right now. I kind of wrap the excess around her wrists to keep it out of the way. I have plans for it later. I grab Ginary by her hair and start groping her tits with my other hand. I tie a rope around her neck. I use it to pull her to her feet before I tie it off overhead. I now commence groping and slapping Ginary's tits, ass, and thighs...

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9-05-2015, 02:40 BDSM
Cheyenne Shown Some RestraintCheyenne Shown Some Restraint

Not only did Cheyenne run up the credit card, she ran up a card that I didn't even know we had. She needs to learn to exercise restraint and I think restraints will help her with this lesson. Being that she lied to me as well, I believe they need to be uncomfortable as well. I grab her by her hair and guide her into the living room. I bought some lumber with the CC and built a nice little structure that will come in handy not only today, but also, I'm sure, in the future as well...

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8-05-2015, 02:10 BDSM
Ellen Hogtied in Black Jeans and BootsEllen Hogtied in Black Jeans and Boots

Ellen showed up the other day wearing some sexy black jeans. I thought that she'd look good hogtied in them. I had her put on some boots and I got out the rope. I have her pose for a bit so we can get a good look before I start binding her. We chit chat as I tie her wrists and add a neck rope. The chit chat ends on her part when I strap a ballgag in her mouth. I tie the neckrope above before I grope and manhandle my new captive. The remainder of the clip is the on screen tying of Ellens legs...

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8-05-2015, 02:02 Femdom
Brat Princess Lucy Cuckold TeaseBrat Princess Lucy Cuckold Tease

So, I’m kind of a huge slut. I really love sex, I need to be fucked like three or four times a day, and sometimes that doesn’t suffice. I can’t help it, I just get so horny. I NEED SEX!! I fuck everyone, your brother, the mailman, random guys I pick up in bars. Just last week while you were out of town, I got so wet and turned on I ended up inviting the delivery guy up to fuck me. I want to fuck all the time, but not you boyfriend, no, you’re just my inadequate little cuck with your stupid useless limp dick. You haven’t even seen my fully naked. Hahaha!..

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8-05-2015, 01:55 Femdom
Femdom Facefuck with Maryjane JohnsonFemdom Facefuck with Maryjane Johnson

The first thing Maryjane likes to do when she wakes up... bust a nut all over her slave's face. That's why she always keeps a pet at the foot of her bed. She gets turned on by facesitting and grinding on his face. Then she straps a ball gag with black dildo over his mouth. After she gets herself off, she leaves him there all wrapped up until she needs him again. After all, Maryjane's slaves only exist to serve her.

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7-05-2015, 02:42 BDSM
Bitchy Arrogant Co-Worker Summer Taught a LessonBitchy Arrogant Co-Worker Summer Taught a Lesson

Summer is a co-worker of mine. She works in the office and I work in the warehouse. She is always being a bitch. She thinks that she is better than us because she works in the office and her family has money. They must think she's a bitch too because she still has to work. One day in the break room we were watching a show on the TV where a woman was bound with rope. Summer said that it was stupid...

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7-05-2015, 02:23 BDSM
Betty the BratBetty the Brat

Betty has been a brat lately. Some tight bondage, and more specifically a tight hogtie, should cure that. The clip starts with Betty standing withe her wrists tied behind her back. I arch her back and bury a ballgag in her mouth and strap it in tight giving Betty the multiple chins that I like. I grope and manhandle her for a while before I neckrope her and tie it off overhead. I then start binding her. I start with a rope around her waist. Betty moans as a tight rope is pulled tightly between her legs. More ropes are tied under her ass cheeks, making her ass bulge the way I like it. I rip open her blouse and manhandle her again. I add a simple rope chest harness, before I start binding her long muscular legs which are accentuated even more by the fact that she is wearing 6 inch heels. I bind her upper legs with 3 bands of tight rope and 1 band below her knees before I take a break. I spend some time groping her before I untie her neckrope from above and put her in a chair...

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7-05-2015, 02:09 BDSM
The Whore Won't be Getting His InheritanceThe Whore Won't be Getting His Inheritance

Adara is standing in a darkened room with her arms bound behind her back and around a post. She is blindfolded with an Ace bandage. You see she is a money grbbing whore who has been dating her captors Grandpa in hopes of inheriting his money when he passes. His Grandson will not have this and will do what ever it takes to make sure it doesn't. Sounds like a Soap Opera doesn't it? Adara is confused and has no idea how she got there. She struggles and yells for help. The Grandson soon arrives. He puts a hand on her throat and smacks her ass with his other. Before he ships her off he's going to enjoy making her uncomfortable for a while. He straps her neck to the post with leather. He manhandles her tits a bit. He grabs her inner thighs and slaps them as well. He finally removes her blindfold and Adara realizes who is holding her captive. He immediately uses the blindfold to cleave gag her...