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4-05-2015, 00:02 BDSM
Good Old Fashioned Tight Hogtie for AdaraGood Old Fashioned Tight Hogtie for Adara

This clip starts where part 1 ended... adara waits for me to return bound and ballgagged on her knees. When I return, I grab her by her hair and remove her gag. I spend some time groping and manhandling her. I have another gag planned and I want to make sure it will fit, so I shove 2 or 3 fingers down her throat and she instinctively starts sucking. I think the new gag will fit just fine. I shove a large rag in her mouth and make her hold it there as I tie a length of rope in her hair. I then seal the rag in with clear tape. I smack her ass a few more times before I lift her onto an old bed. It's not long before I hogtie her tight. adara can barely move, but I'm not done yet...

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3-05-2015, 23:55 BDSM
Good Old Fashioned TIGHT Hogtie for AdaraGood Old Fashioned TIGHT Hogtie for Adara

This clip starts with adara sitting on a chair. I ask her a few questions and explain what she's in for. I ask her if there's anything she's looking forward to, and she says that just looking forward to getting started. adara Loves bondage and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love providing it to her. Soon after we walk back into the scene. Her hands are now bound behind her back. I add a rope around her neck and tie it off overhead. Now I spend some time groping and manhandling her. I smack her ass as I hold onto her by her hair. adara has gorgeous legs, so I make her keep them spread as I add a chest harness. I then tightly bind her thighs in 4 places...

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3-05-2015, 23:49 BDSM
Ashley Graham Hogtied in JuteAshley Graham Hogtied in Jute

Ashley's masked captor has a handful of her hair as he leads her in. He turns her around and roughly gropes and manhandles her before strapping a ballgag in her mouth. He ties a rope around her neck and secures it overhead to keep her in place as he turns her any which way he pleases. He gropes her bountiful tits and smacks her ass as she moans and yelps through her gag. He then starts adding to her bondage. He starts with a simple chest harness and works his way down. A crotchrope is pulled tight before he adds a few cinched bands of rope to her thighs, and then to her lower legs. He unties her neckrope from above and pulls up a chair behind her.

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3-05-2015, 22:20 BDSM
Let's Have Some FunLet's Have Some Fun

Mystic Moon finds her wrists tied together around a sturdy post in the work shop. I let her work off some of her energy before I come out to have my fun. I start by gagging her with 2 pairs of large panties. I cut her shirt off next so I can squeeze and slap her perky tits. I crotchrope her and pull it out and above, pulling her hips out from the post. I grope and manhandle her for a bit before I increase the severity of her arm bondage. Her nipples are clamped, before the clamps are pulled tight and tied off. I tape her head to the post as well, which pretty much eliminates her last bit of movement. I sit back and enjoy the show. All poor Mystic can do is grunt and endure her bondage including the cruel rope which splits her...

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3-05-2015, 22:04 BDSM
Foxx to Bunny TransformationFoxx to Bunny Transformation

A lot of eggs need hiding and the job should be done by a bunny. I have a Foxx, Amanda Foxx, and I decide to do a makeover. Of course it will be much more entertaining if she is bound and gagged as she hops and hides eggs. The clip starts with Amanda already sporting whiskers and a black button nose... her wrists rope cuffed behind her back. I add a crotchrope and waist ropes. Her tits are bound before she is harness ball gagged as well. Hers wrists are untied from behind her back and tied to her bound tits. Her bunny ears are put in place. I attach her little egg basket by hanging it off of clover clamps. The basket hangs a tad low. I have a better idea. I enjoy Amanda's reaction as I remove the clamps... for now. I tie her elbows and add more rope to her upper body and make sure to cinch it all in place...

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3-05-2015, 01:27 Femdom
Slave Roller Chastity CBT Nipple Torture Mistress Masturbating TeaseSlave Roller Chastity CBT Nipple Torture Mistress Masturbating Tease

I love tormenting slaves while they are locked in chastity!
Now that I have properly whipped Roller's back side, I start to pick on the front of him! This means lots of nipple play while they are tender from clamping and plenty of tease and denial!..

Femdom Views: 943
2-05-2015, 14:39 Femdom
Strap-On Hospital Part 2 - BBC Naughty Nurse Anal ThreesomeStrap-On Hospital Part 2 - BBC Naughty Nurse Anal Threesome

Our patient has been responding positively to his treatment so far... which means he is ready for the "advanced" prostate stimulation exam.
My kinky nurse lifts the hydraulic birthing bed into the proper position with just a touch of her high heeled boot to the lever. The bed rises in smooth silence, disorientating our patient even more. He will agree to ANYTHING now that his cock is pumped up to maximum harness.
His cock has doubled in size inside of the pumping chamber and that gets me VERY excited...

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2-05-2015, 14:15 Femdom
SissyAmy Arrival Part 1 - Stripped of Masculinity Transformation MakeoverSissyAmy Arrival Part 1 - Stripped of Masculinity Transformation Makeover

Mistress Sindee has shipped her slave cross country for advance training with me!
Since she lives so far away, I am filming all of SissyAmy's captivity to share with "her" Mistress who can't be here in person. Join us as we embark on the opening of what for this poor slave will be three full days of 24/7 feminization and captivity.
Mistress Sindee, Madame Suzanne and I all conspire to make sure that SissyAmy has three days of unforgetable public sissification, bondage, chastity and strap-on training! At no point will she be allowed free... even spending her nights in bondage...

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2-05-2015, 13:57 Femdom
Rebel Girl ChastityRebel Girl Chastity

I use my slave as human furniture for my own masturbation pleasure once she is horny and worked up from the CBT.
This is as close as my chastity sissy has gotten to my pussy in months. I am wet, ready and hovering just above her as I give myself a noisy orgasm...

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2-05-2015, 13:49 Femdom
Alice Masturbating POV Tease and Denial - True Desires RetreatAlice Masturbating POV Tease and Denial - True Desires Retreat

Welcome to the True Desires FemDom fantasy retreat weekend. For 3 days and nights 9 dominant women enslave 10 submissive men for what feels like eternity of full time bdsm service.
The men are being kept naked and in chastity for our pleasure while serving us, but now that it is evening they are all locked into kennels for the night. The Mistresses have gone to bed but I am still wide awake and horny.