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6-05-2015, 02:24 BDSM
Stress PositionStress Position

Mistress Miranda and Elise play with Segufix gear from Germany. Miranda found some plastic clips that seemed to intrigue her. This video is a playful and quite painful. The chemistry between these two is a joy to watch.

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6-05-2015, 02:17 BDSM
Anna and Gwen Do Some Local ShoppingAnna and Gwen Do Some Local Shopping

Two latex fetishists and an evening in San Francisco - why not go to the local store in rubber? After all we needed some wine and a few other things. So we locked them together with a pair of metal waist belts and a heavy chain and we were off into the night. Once we arrived at the store we drew a small crowd. Imagine that! Thanks to everyone involved for their cooperation and good natures.

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6-05-2015, 01:56 BDSM
Facing Fears in Full RubberFacing Fears in Full Rubber

I have had a long interaction with this lovely young woman on the internet. We joked about my love for bacon and heavy gear bondage. She expressed an interest a long time ago and slowly but surely she became curious enough to show up. The biggest fear she shared was classic claustrophobia, but suspected there was a little more. Her first visit she brought her husband and mastered the leather hood and chair. This time it was a sunny weekday morning and she came alone. I thought it would be a good time to take a more sensual journey...

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6-05-2015, 01:50 BDSM
Elise Graves - Rubber AlienElise Graves - Rubber Alien

Our friend Elise Graves really likes rubber. This is something we had not known until our recent SBI Christmas party. During the party we zipped Elise into a heavy Studio Gum suit and an Outer Planets hood, and then locked into a small cage. We had to restrain her hands with some metal bondage mitts to prevent her from eating the Christmas cookies. Once she was fully restrained and totally helpless it was suggested that she wait up for Santa and offer him some cookies and milk. This idea was scrapped however, as Christmas was still 21 days away. In any case, everyone had a good time and a special thanks to Elise for being such a good sport!

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6-05-2015, 00:42 BDSM
An Evening of Gags With Terra MizuAn Evening of Gags With Terra Mizu

Watch the premiere episode of "An Evening of Gags" with your host Eric Cain. This is the first television show of it's kind, where every week a lovely damsel is bound and repeatedly gagged for your viewing pleasure! Terra is this weeks damsel. Eric explains the format of the program before introducing Terra. He has her pose for a bit before he steps in. He binds her wrists before roughly manhandling and groping Terra. He explains that she is nervous and stressed and that the hair pulling, groping, and spanking will actually calm her and reduce her gag relex, which will come in handy. Her first gag is a huge white cloth sealed in with clear tape...

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5-05-2015, 01:06 BDSM
Caroline Pierce Insulted the Wrong Security GuardCaroline Pierce Insulted the Wrong Security Guard

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... This clips starts with Caroline seated in a chair and the Security Guard adding more rope to her chest harness. Her shirt is cut open exposing her pert tits, which are then groped and slapped repeatedly. Her elbows are soon tied and chicken-winged. More rope is added around her forearms and waist and then cinched. She continues her smart ass comments as she is being bound. The clip cuts to Caroline on her stomach on a coffee table. She is about to be hogtied. She moans as the rope pulls her into as much of an arch as she is physically capable of. She still has a rope tied into her hair and that is tied off, forcing her head back and making the hogtie more stringent. Even though the smart ass comments have stopped now, as I knew they would. She's still going to be gagged. I strap the ballgag back in her mouth and I leave her to endure the strict hogtie. Caroline is in real distress at this point as you can tell by her moans, whimpers, and the look on her face. NOTES: At the end of the clip I have added some additional footage...

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5-05-2015, 00:51 BDSM
Caroline Pierce Insulted the Wrong Security GuardCaroline Pierce Insulted the Wrong Security Guard

Caroline is a rich brat who is used to always getting her way. She shoplifts for the thrill because she knows that her daddy will bail her out of any trouble she gets into. When she is caught red handed by security she curses him and even spits on him. Normally he would just cuff her and call the police, but she has gone too far. He has gone through the same training as the police and he deserves the same respect. The clip starts with Caroline, wrists bound and ballgagged, being forced into his living room. He ties another rope around her wrists and pulls her arms up, forcing her into a strappado. He grabs more rope, Lots more, and starts binding her legs. He starts just below her ass and adds many bands of tightly cinched ropes as he moves down her shapely legs. More rope is added above and below her tits as well. He smacks her ass a few times before he ungags her...

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4-05-2015, 00:02 BDSM
Good Old Fashioned Tight Hogtie for AdaraGood Old Fashioned Tight Hogtie for Adara

This clip starts where part 1 ended... adara waits for me to return bound and ballgagged on her knees. When I return, I grab her by her hair and remove her gag. I spend some time groping and manhandling her. I have another gag planned and I want to make sure it will fit, so I shove 2 or 3 fingers down her throat and she instinctively starts sucking. I think the new gag will fit just fine. I shove a large rag in her mouth and make her hold it there as I tie a length of rope in her hair. I then seal the rag in with clear tape. I smack her ass a few more times before I lift her onto an old bed. It's not long before I hogtie her tight. adara can barely move, but I'm not done yet...

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3-05-2015, 23:55 BDSM
Good Old Fashioned TIGHT Hogtie for AdaraGood Old Fashioned TIGHT Hogtie for Adara

This clip starts with adara sitting on a chair. I ask her a few questions and explain what she's in for. I ask her if there's anything she's looking forward to, and she says that just looking forward to getting started. adara Loves bondage and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love providing it to her. Soon after we walk back into the scene. Her hands are now bound behind her back. I add a rope around her neck and tie it off overhead. Now I spend some time groping and manhandling her. I smack her ass as I hold onto her by her hair. adara has gorgeous legs, so I make her keep them spread as I add a chest harness. I then tightly bind her thighs in 4 places...

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3-05-2015, 23:49 BDSM
Ashley Graham Hogtied in JuteAshley Graham Hogtied in Jute

Ashley's masked captor has a handful of her hair as he leads her in. He turns her around and roughly gropes and manhandles her before strapping a ballgag in her mouth. He ties a rope around her neck and secures it overhead to keep her in place as he turns her any which way he pleases. He gropes her bountiful tits and smacks her ass as she moans and yelps through her gag. He then starts adding to her bondage. He starts with a simple chest harness and works his way down. A crotchrope is pulled tight before he adds a few cinched bands of rope to her thighs, and then to her lower legs. He unties her neckrope from above and pulls up a chair behind her.