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2-05-2015, 01:02 Femdom
Wicked Grounds Gimp Tea Party Public HumiliationWicked Grounds Gimp Tea Party Public Humiliation

My favorite exhibitionist slave and I are out for a walk in windy San Francisco. I almost loose my hat but since I am wearing skin-tight black rubber I don't need to worry about the rest of my clothing catching too much air.
It is fun to listen to all the horns that honk at us. Enjoy the expressions on the faces of the normal people that we pass by on our little walkabout...

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1-05-2015, 23:47 Femdom
Introducing Maitresse Renee and Her Chastity Twins Part 1Introducing Maitresse Renee and Her Chastity Twins Part 1

Maitresse Renee is a true Texas beauty queen, but she is visiting me here in California to show off her two chastity sissies and perform some advanced training.
By linking the two boys together via electrodes on thier cock and balls, she is showing them that teamwork is of utmost importance. Also, if she punishes BOTH of them with CBT for every indiscretion, soon they will start looking after each other to avoid pain!
These sissy twins in chastity need to get a little more "intimate" and comfortable with each other... so Maitress Renee brings a double ball gag with her!..

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1-05-2015, 23:31 Femdom
Vice Crushing CBT Part 2 - Ball Squishing FaceSitting Blowjob with TeethVice Crushing CBT Part 2 - Ball Squishing FaceSitting Blowjob with Teeth

We cut out a strategically placed hole in order to take advantage of our slave's cock and balls. There is nothing he can do to protect himself as we tie up his genitals... Master Cottonmouth even demonstrates a "helicopter" for us.
We are ready to inflict some serious pain now that our slave is completely immobilized in palate wrap and mummified with a whole roll of duct tape. Fortunately we have prepared something very special... an industrial vice augmented with clear plastic plates so we can CRUSH his balls completely...

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1-05-2015, 02:25 BDSM
Polly's Strict HogtiePolly's Strict Hogtie

Polly has been fascinated with bondage since a young age. She finally experienced bondage for the 1st time a few months ago. Now she wants more. I lead her in, wrists already bound, by her hair and immediately tie her overhead by her neck. I grab a handful of her hair and start groping and manhandling her restrained body. I then start slapping her ass. So far Polly seems to be enjoying herself (She did mention later that she loved the neck rope). I then start binding her further. I add some rope around her waist, which is the basis for a crotchrope. I then add more ropes to accentuate her nice ass as well. I work my way down, adding 3 bands of cinched rope around her thighs. I love the look on her face as the ropes around her legs are cinched tight...

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30-04-2015, 12:22 BDSM
Taylor's TestTaylor's Test

This is Taylor's first visit, and like usual with first time models I just tie her up and see how she does. I start by binding her wrists behind her back. You can tell by the look on her face that Taylor loves being bound. We chit chat as I tie her. I neckrope her next and then start to smack her ass. You can tell by her moans that she like being spanked as well. So far so good! Soon I raise her skirt, revealing her orange satin panties, and continue spanking Taylor's perfect ass. I turn her back around and grope her tits. She tells me that she enjoys being manhandled as well...

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30-04-2015, 00:29 BDSM
Adara's Panty Gag HazingAdara's Panty Gag Hazing

Adara really wants to get into the Cum Laude sorority. She's applied or whatever it is you do to get in, lol, and she is now in the "testing" phase or Hazing as it used to be called. For this test, the sorority sisters have sent a laundry hamper full of their dirty panties. adara is to be bound tightly and then cruelly gagged with all the panties in the hamper. In between gags, I add more rope to adara, making her bondage more and more stringent. The clip starts with adara seated with her wrists bound behind her back and her waist tied to the chair. She struggles for a while before I enter the room. I grab her by her hair as I lightly slap her face and inner thigh...

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29-04-2015, 23:50 BDSM
Rubber Elle Full Rubber PredicamentRubber Elle Full Rubber Predicament

Rubber Elle is that cute woman in the local grocery store that you would never imagine is kinky. She has a nice figure and pretty face, but probably doesn't wear provocative clothes to do errands around town. However, put her in latex and watch out. She maybe petite by she is fit and powerful and a lot of fun to tie up. The boots were custom made by a fan of our site for his petite partner many years ago. We have searched for the perfect fit of the boots and Rubber Elle fit the bill. I really love this video because it captures so many elements I enjoy. Rubber Elle seems to put everything into her kink and this video is no exception. A special thanks to Rich of CaptiveKink for supplying the rubber bondage gear, and to RubberDynasty for the use of their Los Angeles studio.


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29-04-2015, 23:32 BDSM
A New Day BeginsA New Day Begins

Our friends at Captive Kink in the UK sent us this fun set of photos and videos titled ‘A New Day Begins'. Karina, who is wearing a black spandex suit, ballet boots and leather helpless mitts is released from her (overnight?) captivity in a metal cage by her mistress Adreena. Her wrists are then locked to a ring in the wall above her head and her suit is stripped away from her body. At this point she is dressed in a latex catsuit, leather boots, rubber straitjacket and latex hood. Her legs are secured together with leather straps and in her final and helpless state she is subjected to the relentless stimulation of a powerful vibrator. Wow, what a way to start a day! Oh well, girls will be girls. Our thanks to Captive Kink for sharing these photos and videos with us. Rubber hood and Straitjacket from Elenas Latex, helpless mitts from Mr. S, catsuit and latex stockings from Murray and Vern.

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29-04-2015, 22:42 BDSM
Kimmy Lee Hogtied in the New StudioKimmy Lee Hogtied in the New Studio

After a summer of moving, I am finally in the new studio and Kimmy lee gets to be the first to experience it. As with most first time models, I want to get an idea of what Kimmy is capable of. I grope, spank, and manhandle Kimmy and she seems to like it... so far so good. I crotchrope her and bind her legs. I am using some stiff flea market rope, so it takes a while to get her legs bound. I spank and fondle her more before I untie her neckrope and seat her...

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29-04-2015, 21:14 BDSM
Rubber RompRubber Romp

Rubber is not new to these two but heavy SG industrial rubber reaches whole new level. This is a pure fetish experience because they both get lost in the feel and smell of heavy rubber. The sounds are amazing. A special thanks to Mistress Kalliope and her play partner for sharing their passions with us.