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29-04-2015, 21:00 BDSM
Behind the Scenes with Rubber NecroBehind the Scenes with Rubber Necro

Serious Bondage went to LA for some photo shoots and met up with the young latex fetishist RubberNecro. She not only enjoys wearing rubber, but she loves how it smells. She was more than happy to try on a heavy rubber straitjacket owned by our friend Rich from CaptiveKink who happened to be with us at the time. This back stage video show Necro's personality and the nuts and bolts of a photo shoot.


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29-04-2015, 00:53 BDSM
Ashley Renee Submits to Red Duct tapeAshley Renee Submits to Red Duct tape

In this video the popular bondage model Ashley Renee is subjected to a strict wrapping in duct tape, and, just like icing on a cake, we added a gas mask and rubber hose to her pretty face for good measure. I'm not sure Ashley liked the gas mask, but hey, as far as I'm concerned, she looked fantastic! Thanks to our friend 'Bondage Roadie' for the mummification, and to DungeonCorp for the use of their photo studio.

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28-04-2015, 23:55 BDSM
Nude Chair Tie For RachelNude Chair Tie For Rachel

This clip starts where Part 3 ended... Rachel's Captor asks if she'd like him to remove her nose clamp and since she does a good job of begging he does so. He then starts to free her of her bondage... most of it anyway. It takes a little time, but soon all the ropes are removed except her wrists and her hair. Rachel is put on her knees, and her hair is tied to her wrists, and the open mouth gag is applied once again. Her Captor leaves her once again, but he'll be back soon enough to put Rachel and that gag to good use.

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28-04-2015, 23:50 BDSM
Nude Chair Tie For RachelNude Chair Tie For Rachel

This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Rachel whimpers and sobs as snot and drool run down her face and chin, and onto her tits and pussy. Her Captor soon clamps her septum and then her tongue. The clamp painfully pulls on her tongue as her head is pulled back and tied by her hair. He pulls the tongue clamp straight up. He enjoys watching poor Rachel gag and gargle on her own drool for a bit before he removes the clamp. Her nose clamp, however, is pulled tight and tied overhead. Rachel really has to focus to be able to breathe in this position and even the slightest movement causes a pull on her nipple clamps and the septum clamp. For the remainder of the clip, Rachel is left to endure her bondage and cruel predicament.

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28-04-2015, 22:59 BDSM
Alice's First Ever HogtieAlice's First Ever Hogtie

Part 1: Can you believe it? 51 years old and she's never been hogtied. Alice is somewhat of a pain slut and has quite a bit of experience being beaten with various implements, but she has not been bound much. She is ready for new experiences though and today that means tight rope bondage...

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28-04-2015, 00:21 BDSM
Punishing Nude Chair Tie for AdaraPunishing Nude Chair Tie for Adara

A full roll of medical gauze is roughly stuffed in Adara's mouth. She is seated nude and bound to a chair with her wrists behind her back. The gauze is held by a full roll of microfoam tape. I then cross and bind her ankles. I slide a wooden bar through opening at the back of her chair. Her thighs are roped and then pulled tight and tied off to the ends of the bar, pulling her thighs apart. Next she is cleave gagged with a thin ace bandage. Then a full roll of vet wrap is added on top. Then many wraps of white electrical tape. This is a tight and uncomfortable gag. I continue wrapping the tape under her chin and basically all over her face. I add a tight crotchrope to Adara's bondage. I then remove her gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

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27-04-2015, 22:14 BDSM
Nude Chair Tie For Rachel - Part 2Nude Chair Tie For Rachel - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Rachel is tightly cleave gagged before her Captor adds more opes. He adds a chest harness and ties her more securely to the chair as well. The snot and drool start running down Rachel's face as her ankles are tied to a ring bolted to the floor and then up to a rung in the chair. Her gag is then made even tighter after black tape is wrapped on top of the ace bandage. After a while the gag is removed and replaced with an open mouth variety. Her whimpers intensify as her nipples are clamped and tied tight to her thighs. By this time, drool has run all down her chest and pussy, and is puddling on the chair. Her elbows are drawn together and tied before her wrists are tied to a lower rung on the chair. Her bondage is TIGHT! Her gag is removed. This is where Part 2 ends.

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27-04-2015, 22:06 BDSM
Nude Chair Tie For RachelNude Chair Tie For Rachel

Rachel finds herself bound, hooded, and tied to a chair in the dark. She mmmppphs and struggles for a while before her captor enters and turns on the lights. He removes her hood and we can now see that she is ballgagged. He lets her eyes adjust to the lights before he removes her gag and replaces it with a large roll of gauze. He uses and entire roll of microfoam tape to seal it in tight. This is a very effective and tight gag. The first thing he does afterwards is crotchrope her. He then ties her thighs back to a wooden rod at the back of the chair. After that, Rachel's captor removes her gag. This is where Part1 ends.

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27-04-2015, 21:51 BDSM
Crystal Frost Hung and MummifiedCrystal Frost Hung and Mummified

This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Dr. cupcakes rips away the plastic around Crystal's tits and binds them very tightly with Black tape. He notes her reactions as he then squeezes them and pinches her now erect nipples. Crystal hangs around for a bit while Dr.Cupcakes goes to get more tape. He returns with wide gray electrical tape. He starts just under her boots and eventually completely mummifies Crystal, except her tits and head. He walks off again. When he returns this time he has a length of rope, which he ties into her hair. A 5 lb weight is then hung from her hair. Dr. Cupcakes wanders off again. When he returns this time he nose hooks poor crystal. He then has some fun spinning her around and groping her tape bound tits. He then leaves Crystal to hang for the remainder of the clip. At the end of the clip is some behind the scenes footage of Crystal being untaped and lowered back to the floor.

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27-04-2015, 01:50 BDSM
Crystal Frost Hung and Mummified - Part 2Crystal Frost Hung and Mummified - Part 2

Dr. Cupcakes starts cutting away Crystal's sweater... then her stretchy pants. It's not long before she is wearing nothing but panties, boots, and some tape on her wrists. He spins her around while squeezing her tits and slapping her ass. He takes a break and oils Crystal up. He then once again starts slapping crystal's ass as well as slapping and squeezing her tits. After a while, he clamps her tits with clover clamps and then hangs a heavy lock from the clamps. Dr. cupcakes steps away for a bit as poor Crystal hangs by her ankles, gagged, bound, and clamped. When he returns, he cuts off her white panties. He then starts wrapping her with clear plastic wrap. Once he gets to her tits, he removes the clamps and continues wrapping. Once wrapped, he steps away again as Crystal hangs. When he returns, he adds to her bondage by means of black tape. He tapes above and below her breasts then all the way up her legs. He leaves Crystal once again. Crystal remains hanging for the remainder of the clip.