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27-04-2015, 01:15 BDSM
Crystal Frost Hung and MummifiedCrystal Frost Hung and Mummified

Dr Cupcakes has captured poor crystal. She is bound on the dirty floor with tape. She struggles for a while before the Good Doctor arrives. He grabs her by her hair and gropes her tits before shoving a pair of someone's dirty panties in her mouth. He then tapes them in with clear tape. He sits her up and adds tape around her entire body, above and below her tits. He then rolls her back on the dirty floor. She struggles again just for a bit, but he has further plans for her. He produces several lengths of rope. He uses it to bind Crystal's ankles and feet. He then ties her bound feet to an overhead hoist. He hoists her up and crystal's world is turned upside down Dr. Cupcakes takes a little time to manhandle her tits and smack her ass. The clip ends shortly after.

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26-04-2015, 01:12 Femdom
princess ashley povprincess ashley pov

You aren't a real man. You could never take us out on dates or fuck us. But you CAN pay for us dates with real men - alpha males who know just how to please us. You could never compare to our guys and that's why you're only good enough to be our little cuckold bitch! You can pay for our dates and spoil us with gifts so our hot boyfriends can reap the benefits. Hahaha you are such a loser! And that's why you like paying for things even though you know you'll never get any. We are so hot and could have any men we want. You, on the other hand, loser can't seem to have anyone or anything! You fucking worship us and the men we deem worthy of our presence and that's why you'll pay for whatever we say. We are going out now so you better be anxiously checking your messages for our receipts so you can reimburse us and our men ASAP. Haha, bye loser!