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8-04-2017, 00:55 BDSM
Assylum - Slop YogaAssylum - Slop Yoga

This super-hot yoga babe gets exploited and used like a filthy piece of meat. Dr. Mercies discovers her in the garage of the A$$y!um, where she has been hanging out in hopes of being a patient. Then he admits her, knowing he can use her any way he wants--all for her therapy, of course. He jams different types of anal beads all the way up her asshole, then pulls them out and shoves them down her throat--again and again. He fucks her face and makes her eat his ass too. During all of this, she has to spit her slop into a big bowl. Then He fucks her ass really hard, making her cry and does lots of ass to mouth on her. She says she has to go to the bathroom due to the anal sex, but he ignores and just does more ass to mouth. Finally, he pours her bowl of slop into an enema bag, drips the mix into her ass, makes her squirt it out and eat it. This is just part 1. Orderly Damian takes his turn in part 2... and it gets even rougher for this poor little teenager.

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23-03-2017, 23:58 BDSM
Assylum - Painal Pendulum (EXTREME!)Assylum - Painal Pendulum (EXTREME!)

Patient: Tanzi Added on October 19, 2016

Tanzi craves rough anal punishment and hard ass beatings. So we turned her into a clock and swung her like a pendulum back and forth between Dr. Mercies and Orderly Pain. They treated her petite body with maximum sadism inside and out as she counted the hours with tears and screams. Orderly Pain finished her off with an anal creampie that he fed to her, and then Dr. Mercies shoved a giant wand vibrator into her asshole and turned it on. Of course, there was plenty of gagging and ass to mouth involved as well. This kind of therapy session is very rare folks. You don't see a girl gets suspended THIS long, assfucked THIS hard, and punished THIS severely very often. Others fake it, we make it.

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23-03-2017, 23:52 BDSM
Assylum - Miss Pure & the Ass WhoreAssylum - Miss Pure & the Ass Whore

Amelia Dire & Arielle Aquinas Added on June 3, 2016

Innocent Arielle devours the anal filth from Amelia in this filthy ass to mouth anal therapy session. You see, Arielle is too much of a good girl, and Amelia is too much of a hardened, filthy ass pig who has failed multiple treatments. So Dr. Mercies decides to transfer some filth from Amelia to Arielle to help them average each other other out. This involves a brutal anal punishment pounding from Orderly Damian and lots ass licking and ATM. Then the two girls learn to "meet in the middle" for some rough face fucking as they cross back and forth over each other to suck the two cocks of their sicko therapists. Finally, Dr. Mercies makes Amelia lick his ass while Arielle gags on his cock. He cums in innocent Arielle's mouth and makes her drool it all over Amelia's face, into her mouth and eyes. Amelia eats all the sperm, and then the two girls are dragged by the hair into the padded cell.

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21-03-2017, 23:53 BDSM
Assylum - Built for AnalAssylum - Built for Anal

Patient: Tangled Tanzi Added on May 25, 2016

Double anal punishment awaits this bratty masochist as we pry and hammer open her asshole with demolition tools. We tell her that her we're going to treat the brat in her hard so that she learns to be a good, obedient, submissive whore instead. Orderly Damian, our new staff member, pounds her asshole while she is bound with measuring tape and a level and balanced on one leg. "Stay level," he tells her, before jamming a dildo into her ass alongside his cock. Tanzi is also made to tongue Orderly Damian's and Dr. Mercies' asses for a long time and do lots of nasty ass to mouth and face fucking. Honestly, the treatment failed, because this pervert liked it too much. But we've got more punishment in store for her. This is just the beginning of her anal therapy.

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21-03-2017, 00:47 BDSM
Assylum - Slavemouth FallonAssylum - Slavemouth Fallon

Patient: Fallon West Added on August 26, 2016

Fallon West got her face punished hard after disturbing Dr. Mercies' golf game on his day off. He slaps her face, tits, and ass; throws her in a straightjacket; and makes her count to a 100 and apologize at every number while she sucks his ass. Then he makes her apologize while gagging on his cock and licking his balls too. Finally, he cums in her eyes, and sticks a slobber-covered gag in her mouth. Then he goes back to his golf game. Just rude, rough punishment of a submissive girl's face here.

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22-02-2017, 11:11 BDSM
Assylum - Slavemouth BobbiAssylum - Slavemouth Bobbi

Patient: Bobbi Dylan Added on August 2, 2016

Bobbi's mouth and asshole get exploited by Dr. Mercies in this degrading case file. She had completed her therapy and was on her way out, but then she agreed to share a drink with Dr. M. Unfortunately, that drink would be slobber and cum. This case file has lots of face fucking, rimming, and spit with very hard spanking. Dr. M smacks Bobbi's ass in the same spot over and over again to make it very painful. He also figs her asshole with a ginger root until she burns inside.

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20-02-2017, 23:47 BDSM
Assylum - SphincterbellAssylum - Sphincterbell

Patient: Anneliese Snow Added on October 26, 2016

Sweet, submissive Anneliese returned to visit Dr. Mercies at his home one night. So he turned her into an anal fairy girl. She gave him a nice, pleasing blowjob, and then he started to facefuck her. Then he adjusted her puppet ropes and fucked her ass from behind. Finally, he fucked her ass very hard like a little doggie on the floor, made her eat his ass, and fed her a big load of sperm. Then she cuddled beside him and probed her own ass with her fairy wand as he returned to sleep.

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14-02-2017, 23:20 BDSM
Assylum - Anything You Wish - Pt - 2Assylum - Anything You Wish - Pt - 2

18 Year-Old Anastasia Rose Added on July 7, 2016

Something different today. Dr. Mercies had a dream and decided to make it real with the beautiful, filthy Anastasia. She was already a genie in her previous therapy session, but now she literally raises herself into the air for a hard ass fucking from Orderly Damian. Then Dr. M takes her down and goes to town. Honestly, it would be hard to call this a therapy session. More like Dr. M (with help from Orderly D) doing what he loves the most by turning this teenager into his little exploited slavegirl. This is intense and twisted anal domination in authentic form. Others fake it, we make it.

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21-01-2017, 22:22 BDSM
Assylum - AssfaceAssylum - Assface

Patient: Audrey Holiday Added on June 9, 2016

Anal humiliation, degradation, and slobbery machine face fucking are what this case file is all about. Dr. Mercies' took away Audrey's senses as in her previous treatment, then used her mouth and asshole for his pleasure until she was sore. Then he shot a huge load over her face and told her that was the end for her regular face. Her ass would be her new face--her new eyes, ears, nose, and mouth would all be on her ass now. Her ass is all she would have to face the world, because that's all she was good for. It was all for her therapy, of course.

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18-01-2017, 23:29 BDSM
Assylum - Fuck my Ass, Flush my FaceAssylum - Fuck my Ass, Flush my Face

Charlotte Sartre Added on October 12, 2016

After her long domination session in the padded cell, Charlotte asked Dr. Mercies for a reward. She really wanted him to fuck her ass with her head in the toilet. This was truly her fantasy, because she is a genuine filthy slut. Dr. Mercies decided to oblige. He came in at a time of his choosing while Charlotte napped in the bathtub, pissed on her to wake her up, then gave her what she wanted. He tied her neck to the bowl and flushed her head in the water as he assfucked her. Unlike our other case files, this one has no special props or costumes. It's back-to-basics filth and domination of a nasty little Goth girl by an older man. Dr. Mercies also filmed this one himself. It's as authentic and spontaneous as it gets.