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BallBustingChicks - No Underwear!BallBustingChicks - No Underwear!

He know she has no underwear on under her mini skirt the day he is due for a severe ball t*rture. Ruthless beating of his tied up ball sack with her hand. Deviously she opens her legs wide to tease him and in the next moment she kicks him hard in his tied up bollocks. Very ruthless of the young girl when she kicks him harder and harder in the aching and swollen balls...

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22-07-2017, 09:04 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Sophia - Small Dick Man Humiliated And TorturedBallBustingChicks - Sophia - Small Dick Man Humiliated And Tortured

He gets it verbally and corporal with no mercy at all. A rude and brutal face slapping and spitting on his face is followed by a hard slapping of his dangling bollocks and severe kicks in the nuts!

BallBustingChicks , Femdom Views: 249
22-07-2017, 08:44 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Pip - Jerk The Bruised Hard On!BallBustingChicks - Pip - Jerk The Bruised Hard On!

One of the most brutal handjobs you can imagine for a man. This girl beats his sticking out hard on so hard that his cock is bruised all over. Then she jerks him again. At the end of this game of pain and pleasure she decides to let him cum. For the ultimate orgasm she beats his cock hard, right at cumming!

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BallBustingChicks - Mistress Rapture please may I cum?BallBustingChicks - Mistress Rapture please may I cum?

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BallBustingChicks - Pip - Tight SqueezeBallBustingChicks - Pip - Tight Squeeze

Moste extreme scene of "Black man humiliated and tortured!". Full swing beating of big, dangling, tied up black mans bollocks with her hand and paddle...

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12-06-2017, 10:53 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Pip - A handful!BallBustingChicks - Pip - A handful!

The helpless, perverted masochist wants to get rid of his balls anyway. Before that happens she wants to have some fun with his unusual big bollocks. His cruel Mistress ties them up to make them even bigger. She burns them with her cigarette leaving a nasty spot on it. Then she beat them up with all her might. Maybe the reason why he wants to get rid of them is that she could not hurt them anymore...

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20-05-2017, 13:22 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Natasha - Kicked By The Angry MistressBallBustingChicks - Natasha - Kicked By The Angry Mistress

The ruthless Mistress lets her anger out on her doggy slave. He his forced to present his balls to the busty lady. She kicks him right between his legs with all her might. His balls are aching like hell after this "walk in the park".

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12-05-2017, 12:18 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Nuts Cracking BitchBallBustingChicks - Nuts Cracking Bitch

A helpless wimp gets his cock and balls beaten like hell. She makes him scream like crazy on the t*rture bench and just leave him with a smile on her face...

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BallBustingChicks - Marked and CuckoldedBallBustingChicks - Marked and Cuckolded

He is presenting his naked body which is spangled with terrible marks as she humiliates him further by talking his manhood down and talking about other men with big cocks she has available... She then squeeze his nuts brutal while talking him down again. She talks about strong, muscular men and what she's gonna do with them while she punishes this weakling cruelly. At the end he got finished as she talks about fucking other men while she kicks him hard in the balls!

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12-05-2017, 00:38 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Rose - Not As ExpectedBallBustingChicks - Rose - Not As Expected

Mistress Jessica, Mistress Rose and Rebekah Dee take brutal revenge on a disgusting man. Instead of dirty sex games as he planned, he gets his balls busted like crazy. They beat his swollen balls senseless. They kick him so hard in the balls that he would not even think about sex for the next weeks...