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9-02-2016, 00:36 Femdom
Mistresszena - CBT - pt 1Mistresszena - CBT - pt 1

First installment of a session I had with one of my favorite slaves. This is to demonstrate how a CBT session would materialize. In it you will see him having his cock squeezed while wearing a spiked cock strap.

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8-02-2016, 15:36 Femdom
Mistresszena - CBT, doggie training and nipple torture, spanking AdamMistresszena - CBT, doggie training and nipple torture, spanking Adam

This is part one of me and my slave Adam. His girlfriend thought it a good idea to get me to whip him into shape as she was having trouble controlling him. Well, as you can see I am the one doing the controlling.

Part 2 of Adam receiving his training. Sensory deprivation is a specialty of mine, he didn't know what was coming next but I think he somehow knew it was going to involve something up his ass.

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3-02-2016, 15:28 Femdom
Mistresszena - Trampling, CBT and Nipple tortureMistresszena - Trampling, CBT and Nipple torture

Well, I have lots of fun here. Tugging on the nipple clamps I have attached to my slave he yelps in pain. Then I lay him down and whip his cock with my riding crop. Not content with this I then trample over his back with my spiked heels

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30-10-2015, 00:21 Femdom
Elegantfemdom Videos 1Elegantfemdom Videos 1

Including Scenes:
Feb 11 2014 - The lowly slave licks and worship Lady Amanda bare feet...
Feb 13 2014 - The maleslave sniffs and worship Lady Ann's hosed feet...

... and more...

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14-08-2015, 12:12 Femdom
Proudandperverted - Bizarre BeingProudandperverted - Bizarre Being

Featuring - Bizarre Violet & slave lukas
Content - 18 mins video, 18 pictures
Tags - Fem-Dom. Rubber, Slave, CBT, pissing, strap-on, foot worship

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14-08-2015, 02:24 BDSM, Femdom
Proudandperverted - All Good Things Cum In ThreesProudandperverted - All Good Things Cum In Threes

Featuring - Madame Adore, Hedonia & Alex.T
Content - 18 mins video, 33 pictures
Tags - Fem-Dom, Rubber, Slave, CBT, pissing, strap-on, breath control, wands, sounds, sybian

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27-06-2015, 23:53 Femdom
Pink Beard Sissy Hair Dye Genderqueer Feminization MakeoverPink Beard Sissy Hair Dye Genderqueer Feminization Makeover

Today Denali and I are fulfilling our long-time fantasy - DYING someone's BEARD BRIGHT PINK. I love hardcore sissy humiliation this is feminization that you can't just wash off!
First, the painful bleaching process. We decide her carpet should match the drapes and bleach her pubic hair. Denali is a trained hair professional - be very careful attempting this unique form of cbt at home!..

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23-06-2015, 02:23 Femdom
Leather Catsuit Gasmask Breathplay - CBT Forced Orgasms Crossdressing FetishistLeather Catsuit Gasmask Breathplay - CBT Forced Orgasms Crossdressing Fetishist

Some submissives love bondage so intense that it scares everyone else.
Instead of finding full body immobilization frightening, this leather slave welcomes the feeling of encasement and compression with a sense of safety. Bondage can be comforting as well as arousing. This slave lives by a motto: "the more bondage, the better!
We take extreme bondage to the next level, starting with a beautiful cobalt blue catsuit, then adding custom fitted leather gloves, booties and a sensory deprivation hood with a special built-in gasmask.
This shoot is a visual feast of color in the usually monochrome world of leather fetishists. There is not a speck of human skin visible on my colorful gimp when I start adding the locking straps...

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13-06-2015, 15:22 Femdom
Handcuff Humiliation Bondage and Lifestyle Chastity InterviewHandcuff Humiliation Bondage and Lifestyle Chastity Interview

I love turning the camera around and filming behind the scenes with my crew.
This sub is a good friend and part time videographer who has recently learned to enjoy pain, delving into kinky exploration with his wife.
Both of them are switches so they enjoy a very special mutual keyholding method of chastity play. Since it is just a month before a big annual bdsm event in their home town, they are both waiting 25 days until their next orgasm!
He predicts that it will be more difficult for her then for him, given her extreme response to tease-and-denial. Only time will tell.
Enjoy this interview and bondage playtime clip featuring a Bon4 Exobelt and CB6000 as part of my Chastity Fashion Show series.
We saw a striking image of double-handcuff CBT and set out to duplicate the image AliceInBondageLand style.

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13-06-2015, 13:45 Femdom
Ebony Muscleman Leather Sleepsack Bondage FemDom CBT HandjobEbony Muscleman Leather Sleepsack Bondage FemDom CBT Handjob

Ebony Muscle Man is a pleaser. He has a great body, but also a great attitude and a great smile. This scene is all about escalating his levels of helplessness and arousal.
It begins simple enough. Ebony Muscleman and I strike a bargain: he can TASTE my nipples, but I get to take away his sight.
After objectifying his nicely built, muscular body and his growing big black cock, it is time to put him into the sexy leather sleepsack.
I zip him into the bag and begin securely strapping him into the bondage bag, but then he is prone to rolling right off of the cage, so I use bright red rope bondage to keep him right where I want him. I lace Ebony Muscle Man into place with more and more layers of restriction and restraints...