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Assylum - Anything You Wish - Pt - 2Assylum - Anything You Wish - Pt - 2

18 Year-Old Anastasia Rose Added on July 7, 2016

Something different today. Dr. Mercies had a dream and decided to make it real with the beautiful, filthy Anastasia. She was already a genie in her previous therapy session, but now she literally raises herself into the air for a hard ass fucking from Orderly Damian. Then Dr. M takes her down and goes to town. Honestly, it would be hard to call this a therapy session. More like Dr. M (with help from Orderly D) doing what he loves the most by turning this teenager into his little exploited slavegirl. This is intense and twisted anal domination in authentic form. Others fake it, we make it.

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29-01-2017, 02:10 BallBustingChicks , Femdom
BallBustingChicks - Isabella - Dominant SmokingBallBustingChicks - Isabella - Dominant Smoking

Smoking outdoors in riding clothes. Extinguishing cigarette with riding boots. Dominant posing in stable with whip and in pantyhose. Showing her dominant legs and ass...

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Assylum - Fuck my Ass, Flush my FaceAssylum - Fuck my Ass, Flush my Face

Charlotte Sartre Added on October 12, 2016

After her long domination session in the padded cell, Charlotte asked Dr. Mercies for a reward. She really wanted him to fuck her ass with her head in the toilet. This was truly her fantasy, because she is a genuine filthy slut. Dr. Mercies decided to oblige. He came in at a time of his choosing while Charlotte napped in the bathtub, pissed on her to wake her up, then gave her what she wanted. He tied her neck to the bowl and flushed her head in the water as he assfucked her. Unlike our other case files, this one has no special props or costumes. It's back-to-basics filth and domination of a nasty little Goth girl by an older man. Dr. Mercies also filmed this one himself. It's as authentic and spontaneous as it gets.

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Mistresszena - Fucking with my Chastity slaves headMistresszena - Fucking with my Chastity slaves head

Nothing I like better than a little psychological head play.
And what better way to do it than to place my slave in chastity, cover his eyes, and make his head do all sorts of weird things to him.
Well as well as me doing weird stuff to him as well.
Shocking his tiny cock when he doesn't please me, making him suck my big fake dick, tease his sissy hole with my strap-on, making him listen as I lube up a cock and make squelching noises while wanking it off.

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Mistress-jennifer - Interracial Domination - Part 1Mistress-jennifer - Interracial Domination - Part 1

Mistress Severa puts big slave chocolate right where She wants him…bent over and ready for Her strap-on. First She attaches some nipple clamps with little bells on them to his tiny buds. She knows he hates this and enjoys it even more when She makes him shake and jing.e She buckles Her cock on and lubes him a bit and then fucks his big black ass. Mistress Severa loves humiliation and She pulls out not to give him a break but to have him kiss the cock that is fucking him as She strolls in front on Her thigh high black shiny high heeled boots.

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Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Stella - Tight Ass - Part 2Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Stella - Tight Ass - Part 2

He is introduced to the cock between Her legs for a quick suck and then She probes his tight tight hole. It is lubed and explored by the blonde Goddess before She takes the plunge. Strap-on action as Mistress Stella pegs the tight ass. She dominates him from behind as his tight hole gets stretched for Her. It is his first time and She savors his agony. After She is done humiliating him he is made to kiss the cock that penetrated his little hole.

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Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Stella - Tight Ass - Part 1Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Stella - Tight Ass - Part 1

Mistress Stella plays with a slim boy toy. The thought of fucking him makes Her wet and She has him taste Her hole. This turns into a nasty sensual pussy worship session as She stands and dominates him under Her cunt, then lays back on the couch and again from the stool. She has him kiss Her ass and worship Her feet a bit before putting on Her cock.

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Mistress-jennifer - His hungry holes - pt 3Mistress-jennifer - His hungry holes - pt 3

His mouth is practically foaming from the face fucking as She moves him to all fours on the bed and then pulls out a big jar of white lube to grease his slut hole. She smears up the huge rubber cock She is wearing and then proceeds to open his hole. Her perfect huge pierced breasts bob in time with Her hip thrusts. So gorgeous and dominant She smiles and feels alive taking him from behind. Good shots down between Her breasts as we see Her fuck him without mercy.

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Policewomen torture the prisoner FullVersion HDPolicewomen torture the prisoner FullVersion HD

This clip contains all parts from the "Policewomen torture the prisoner" series:
1. The two policewomen, Lady Zita and Lady Anett leads the prisoner to the caning bench. It's their duty to tie him down very hard and spank him with the cane very forceful. He gets a hundred hard strokes and the policewomen count it loud.
Features: hard caning, corporal punishment, spanking, female domination..

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16-08-2015, 18:08 Femdom
Princess Rene - Dicks GalorePrincess Rene - Dicks Galore

You guys always ask why I make so many forced bi clips. Why? Because you guys fucking love them! I can't tell you why you love dick so much, you just do! Today I won't hold back, intricately describing my (and your) fantasy of keeping you as a sexual party favor to service all my hot male friends, all the while inundating you with picture after picture of HOT juicy cock in your FAG face! Yummmm, right?