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15-12-2015, 01:13 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Stood UpKinkyKicks - Stood Up

At our latest shoot for Kinky Kicks we had a record 100% no-show of guys. That’s right, out of a total of four guys arranged to come and film not a single one turned up! So because of all you time -wasters out there this movie is the first of several featuring the KK producer and Victoria Summers in some fun one on one action. Victoria starts the afternoon in some rather dangerous looking very high-heeled boots. She tries to break in her victim gently but even the softest of kicks is going to hurt a lot with these boots! He crazily asks her to trample his cock and balls with her heels, which could quite easily have meant bye bye balls! We see lots of point of view footage, demonstrating to all you losers what sort of view you may have had if you had turned up your selves! Clearly everyone on set has a good time on set during this scene, despite the obvious painful implications, which we feel makes for a good reality style ballbusting move.

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15-12-2015, 01:08 Femdom
KinkyKicks - BustathonKinkyKicks - Bustathon

Hannah and McKenzie are taking part in a sponsored Bustathon today. They have received a generous amount of sponsorship and we have captured footage of the first two victims who have kindly offered their services. However, seeing how hard these two girls kick the guy’s balls they may need to recruit additional guys to help them fulfill the task. The first guy is broken within a few minutes after some good hard solid kicks to the balls and the second guy is brought in to take his place. The girls appear to be on a mission though and don’t slow down the pace with the next guy. They are both wearing some sexy black patent heals with a bit of a platform and they seem to have developed a knack of hitting the guys knackers square on with full force of the front of the shoe! Guy number two seems to be able to handle the ballbusting punishment slightly better then the first, but judging by the hard kicks of the girls it must only be a matter of time before he begs for mercy!

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15-12-2015, 01:05 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Song-a-GramKinkyKicks - Song-a-Gram

Zoe is somewhat surprised when a naked man arrives at her door and starts singing to her. Suspecting a case of mistaken identity she goes along with the song-a-gram and decides to have some fun. Feeling rather mischievous Zoe kicks the naked man in the balls. Of course he seems a little shocked by this to say the least, but as he is there offering a paid service he goes along with it. Zoe gives the guy more kicks to the balls, and we are not talking little taps but full force hard kicks. In fact there are many hard ballbusting kicks delivered in a variety of positions plus some hard punches to the groin. This is proper stomach churning pain that is being delivered, but Zoe does it in such a sexy way that the guy just goes along with it! We can't help wondering though if the poor guy is thinking that a career change may be in order!

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3-12-2015, 00:14 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Contract OwnershipKinkyKicks - Contract Ownership

Paige and Shay have a new male temp in the office who is given all the crappy jobs to do, such as cleaning the toilets. He hasn't worked there very long and doesn't seem to be doing a very good job. The two girls get particularly cross with him today for not doing his toilet duties properly and decide to show him what happens to guys who piss them off. Forced to strip he then has to stand and take a barrage of ballbusting punishment from both girs. They take it in turns to kick, knee, punch and slap his balls, giggling all the time and clearly enjoying his suffering!

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2-12-2015, 23:22 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Equestrian SquishKinkyKicks - Equestrian Squish

Victoria has a new pair of riding boots on which she intends to christen on the genitals of the guy laid naked before her. This is pure and simple cock and ball squishing! We have great point of view footage of Victoria stomping and kicking balls putting you the viewer in the centre of the action. This is hot ballbusting and CBT featuring lots of cruel ballbusting stomping and kicking!

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2-12-2015, 23:17 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Can't Do RightKinkyKicks - Can't Do Right

Kacie and Roxy previously punished their neighbour for perving on them from his bedroom window. Now that he has stopped they are worried that he now thinks that they are ugly. So they decide to take action on him once again and bring him round to their house to bust his balls for not paying them any attention. It seems that this poor guy just can't to right!

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2-12-2015, 23:10 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Down A PegKinkyKicks - Down A Peg

The house slave of Victoria and Taylor appears to be getting too cocky for his own good. He has clearly lost the etiquette of how to behave for his Mistress' and they decide that he needs to be brought down a peg or two! The ballbusting punishment that they unleash on this guy is unbelievable. The girls really go to town on him, swinging hard and accurate full force kicks over and over again at his bollocks! The ballbusting punishment really is relentless and we feared that this guy may finish off losing those sorry balls of his! This truly is hard ballbusting at its finest feating two very hot blonde ladies.

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2-12-2015, 08:29 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Property Of CarlaKinkyKicks - Property Of Carla

Carla Mai is a sexy dominant porn star who today has claimed your cock and balls as her own. Shown in POV style Carla gives a slippery handjob, but not wanting you to enjoy it too much uses her hands to slap, tease and squeeze your cock and balls! Her intention is to give you the ultimate pleasure and pain experience!

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1-12-2015, 10:39 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Nowhere To RunKinkyKicks - Nowhere To Run

Jess and Zoe have grabbed a vulnerable guy and dragged him into a field in the middle of nowhere. Stripped of all his clothes this poor naked guy is left completely naked and unable to protect himself against these two bad girls. And its bad things that they have in store for him and his balls in particular, for no reason other than ‘because they can!’ This weak and pathetic guy is no match for these ballbusting girls. No one can hear his screams and there is nowhere to run!

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1-12-2015, 10:35 Femdom
KinkyKicks - Bring A BollockKinkyKicks - Bring A Bollock

Holly and McKenzie are all set for a girls night in but they have one problem. The guy they send out to get booze for them returns empty handed and has spent all their money! To teach him a lesson they have him strip and kick him hard in the balls. So hard that the guy is practically crying and the girls take pity and send him on his way. They decide to give another guy a shot at delivering some booze for them, but that doesn't go so well either. The girls are even more pissed when the next guy arrives at their door empty handed! They really go to town on this guy kicking and kneeing his balls full force and attempting to rip them off! All they wanted was someone to bring a bottle or two but it wasn't to be. At least they brought bollocks!