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Mistresszena - Fucking with my Chastity slaves headMistresszena - Fucking with my Chastity slaves head

Nothing I like better than a little psychological head play.
And what better way to do it than to place my slave in chastity, cover his eyes, and make his head do all sorts of weird things to him.
Well as well as me doing weird stuff to him as well.
Shocking his tiny cock when he doesn't please me, making him suck my big fake dick, tease his sissy hole with my strap-on, making him listen as I lube up a cock and make squelching noises while wanking it off.

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Mistresszena - Subgirl Plaything - Part 2Mistresszena - Subgirl Plaything - Part 2

Well the electric pinwheel around her pussy seems to have made her all wet. So better take the opportunity to slip some cold hard steel in her, oh and it's electric as well.
She seems to like that, lets make her like it even more by tickling her clit with my magic wand.
Slavegirl is writhing about with pure pleasure, but I haven't given her permission to cum , no no no, I will tell you when, until then take it.

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12-05-2016, 10:25 Femdom
Mistresszena - Trample board with oil and bare feetMistresszena - Trample board with oil and bare feet

Torturing and tantalizing my slave with my tiny feet. Teasing his pathetic cock massaging oil into it all the while giving him an eye full up my skirt, wearing no knickers usually gets his attention.

As his cock gets harder, I kick it more, training him to not get excited unless I tell him he can.

Complete control is the name of the game.

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Trample board high heelsTrample board high heels

If it's one thing I love doing, it's trampling pathetic little cocks. And the best way of doing this is through the use of the trample board.Today I am doing a prolonged session, first off I am doing it with my high heels on, pointy heels, solid soles, and very sharp toes, what could possibly be better.

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Mistresszena - Subgirl Plaything - pt 1Mistresszena - Subgirl Plaything - pt 1

Here is my subgirl getting the sensory depravation treatment. When she is in this position I then insert a dildo into her pussy and make her cum.

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Mistresszena - Rubber james - pt 1

Here we have my rubber slave. His idea of a good time is to have my electro sound in his cock, straps around his balls, and a Estim plug up his arse.

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Mistresszena - Boot and stocking worship - pt 2Mistresszena - Boot and stocking worship - pt 2

After allowing him to enjoy my feet, it is my turn to enjoy his ass. By the end he was begging Mistress for more of the same.

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Mistresszena - Boot and stocking worship - pt 1Mistresszena - Boot and stocking worship - pt 1

My slaves sure seem to like my tiny feet. This little creature enjoys cleaning my boots with his tongue, then I allow him to worship my feet, licking and sucking my toes.

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Mistresszena - CBT - pt 1Mistresszena - CBT - pt 1

First installment of a session I had with one of my favorite slaves. This is to demonstrate how a CBT session would materialize. In it you will see him having his cock squeezed while wearing a spiked cock strap.

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Mistresszena -  My foot worship slavesMistresszena - My foot worship slaves

This is one of my foot worship slaves. See him kiss and caress my tiny size 3 feet before cuming in gushes all over them. This service is not available to my clients, it was shot especially for this site. You will never get to see my breasts or place your spunk on my body.