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24-07-2015, 23:44 BDSM
Mistress Yin - Part-1Mistress Yin - Part-1

In this 15 minute video, Mark interviews Mistress Yin on the rooftop of her studio located in the financial district of New York City. In preparation for this interview, Yin utilized an inflatable hood and a slew of heavy nylon zip-ties to restrain her rubberized 'pet' to a metal bench. This allowed the interview to be conducted without unwanted interruption from her cocooned submissive. As it turns out, Mistress Yin uses this same zip-tie procedure to attach her clients to park benches in public - only the zip-ties are concealed under their clothes and fed through openings in their sleeves, jackets and pants. How cool is that? Additionally, as we discover during the interview, Mistress Yin loves bondage and is especially fond of exerting complete control over her subject's bodily orifices and fluids during play scenes. Hang on to your hats my friends, Mistress Yin is the real deal!

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24-07-2015, 23:36 BDSM
Zoie In A Heavy Rubber Strait JacketZoie In A Heavy Rubber Strait Jacket

This video is of Zoie our rubber fetishist. She put on a very heavy rubber strait jacket from Regulation. It fits her quite well and also seems to be a crowd pleaser. This is a fun video with lots of play.

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24-07-2015, 23:30 BDSM
Super Hero Rubber Playtime at the Serious Bondage InstituteSuper Hero Rubber Playtime at the Serious Bondage Institute

Super hero rubber fetish comes to the Serious Bondage Institute. The day was perfect for rubber fetish play outdoors in San Francisco, not too hot or cold. The light rain was also a fun addition to the experience. This shoot was not hardcore; lighter hearted, and what is more fun than dressing up in rubber? The surer hero theme was set as our guest displayed his latest purchase. Mistress Minax could not be out shined so she brought out her own version of a super hero. Not to be out done, our third guest simply had some of the most over-the-top boots that would make any super hero drool.

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22-07-2015, 22:25 BDSM
Rubber Couple Chained To The WallRubber Couple Chained To The Wall

Friends of Serious Bondage travel through the area from time to time. This young couple came for some of the local San Francisco kink scene and stayed with us for a few days. The institute has a great deal of bondage gear and before we knew it, the rubber went on and the metal was locked on. Enjoy this video and their playful interaction.

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22-07-2015, 22:20 BDSM
Zoie In Industrial Heavy Rubber Catsuit First impressionsZoie In Industrial Heavy Rubber Catsuit First impressions

Zoie tries some extra heavy industrial strength rubber. The full catsuit fit her well, but she is used to thin shin tight fashion latex. This type of rubber fits more of a specific fetish. Both types of fetish are based on the smell and sensations. The heavy rubber is less forgiving so skin tight would be very difficult if not impossible to put on. This video begins as she first put it on. If you like women who enjoy rubber this is one for you.

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22-07-2015, 22:09 BDSM
Rubber Couple Afternoon Play TimeRubber Couple Afternoon Play Time

Our rubber couple tries our butterfly strait jacket. I fit her perfectly and so did her boy friend. We put away all of the electronics and dildos and brought out the real thing. This video is hot.

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21-07-2015, 01:33 BDSM
Epic Bondage BattleEpic Bondage Battle

The energy this couple brings is intoxicating. Their playfulness and competition is fun to watch. I hand them some gear they haven’t tried yet and away they go. She starts on him - then he starts on her. This video has suspension, metal gear, rubber, and hot sex.

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20-07-2015, 13:57 BDSM
Serious Bondage Visits Kink EngineeringSerious Bondage Visits Kink Engineering

KinkEngineering has been in business since 2008. We were fortunate to have met these two when they began their journey. The name Kink Engineering caught Mark's attention so on one of our SBI road trips we gave them a visit. They were in an industrial space where they began their small business and also lived. They are a young energetic couple well connected to the local kink community. They were rubber fetishists with a love for bondage. The items they created seemed to break away from the traditional black formal or traditional fetish wear; it was much more colorful and playful. The idea of having fun with bondage is right up my alley. The bright pink hello kitty vac bed is an early example of this creative cutting edge company. Since our visit their list of original items has grown to an impressive size. They have fun and enjoy what they do, it shows in everything they produce.

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19-07-2015, 14:47 BDSM
Rubber Oompa LoompaRubber Oompa Loompa

Princess Naughty and Petgirl Kako spend some time in our gear room fooling around like two kids in a candy store. This is Princess Naughty's first experience wearing rubber, and we hope she becomes hooked on the feeling and wants to return for more. Copping a feel of Kako's breasts with the heavy rubber gloves is the most bizarre part of this video and is not to be missed!

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19-07-2015, 14:43 BDSM
Zoie In industrial Rubber Bondage Part 2Zoie In industrial Rubber Bondage Part 2

Zoie loves latex; I mean Zoie really loves latex. This outfit does not exactly show off her curves, but for any hard core fetishist this video will do it for you. The fun part of this video is that it captures her first reaction to this heavy rubber experience. The gasmasks and Clejuso Cuffs She has tones of fashion latex, but nothing like an extra thick industrial strength full coverage Studio Gum cat suit. I have seen her several times styling around in some pretty impressive custom made latex outfits. Zoie has a very curvy figure and a very beautiful bottom/ass. A note to the rubber fetishists, Zoie smells the rubber before she put it on.