BDSM Views: 811
20-08-2015, 01:03 BDSM
Svetlana - Tied tightSvetlana - Tied tight

Cute tattoo babe Svetlana needs some rope very tight rope! Maybe it’s a little cruel, but we like seeing this girl in natural fiber ropes, struggling on the floor! Svetlana loves bondage in her private life, so don’t worry about her, she could stay like this forever!

BDSM Views: 905
20-08-2015, 00:55 BDSM
Cindy Dollar - chicken wing hogtieCindy Dollar - chicken wing hogtie

We’ve always wanted to do a chicken wing hogtie on a beautiful big boobed girl! Cindy Dollar seemed like the perfect victim for this :) Watch her get progressively tied tighter and tighter, until she ends up in a pink chicken wing hogtie including a pink ballgag! Hot!!

BDSM Views: 759
16-08-2015, 00:45 BDSM
Dina - Bondage morningDina - Bondage morning

Our new girl Dina from Russia is tied up in hemp first thing in the morning! She is such a lovely and quiet submissive, and she loves getting tied up as often as possible in her private life! Couldn’t ask for more than that!

BDSM Views: 692
14-08-2015, 12:40 BDSM
Crystal - Hogtied in blueCrystal - Hogtied in blue

Tall blonde Crystal is a high fashion model from Italy! She has never been tied up before, but she said she was willing to give it a try! Tied up in beautiful blue rope in the blue archive room, Crystal is in it for the ride. She enjoyed this shoot so much, she definitely will be back!

BDSM Views: 710
10-08-2015, 23:18 BDSM
Nicole - yellow ropeNicole - yellow rope

Glamour babe Nicole! You have seen her in the latest men’s magazines, but you have never seen her like this! The tall raven-haired beauty is tied in bright yellow rope, eventually ending up in a hogtie, leaving her to struggle on the floor. Topless and helpless!

BDSM Views: 735
10-08-2015, 23:08 BDSM
Nelly - In troubleNelly - In trouble

We tried a little different tie for Nelly! Should be easier without the upper arms restrained! But Nelly is hogtied on a very high and very narrow table, so she doesn’t have much struggling room one false move and she will fall down about 5 feet! She is in big trouble!

BDSM Views: 1353
10-08-2015, 02:53 BDSM
Nastya - Reverse prayerNastya - Reverse prayer

Nastya is definitely our youngest and most talented bondage star! She can do everything, even a reverse prayer while being ballgagged! For a girl without any experience, this is certainly impressive!! Enjoy the pictures and video of Nastya in this great bondage position!

BDSM Views: 895
10-08-2015, 02:49 BDSM
Jenni C - Afternoon punishment in blueJenni C - Afternoon punishment in blue

The gorgeous Jenni C tied to the bed, spread eagle style! The color coordination of her panties and the rope is fabulous! She is completely helpless and defenseless, but that doesn’t stop her from struggling!


BDSM Views: 1316
21-07-2015, 21:04 BDSM
Ariel Anderssen - Reverse prayer in yellowAriel Anderssen - Reverse prayer in yellow

Ariel Anderssen!! One of the world’s most famous bondage models! She can do a reverse prayer like no one else! Ariel looks so hot in this yellow rope, with her hands folded neatly between her shoulders! Don’t try this at home!


BDSM Views: 825
21-07-2015, 20:57 BDSM
Nelly - Tied to a pillarNelly - Tied to a pillar

Poor Nelly is tied up all alone in a big empty building! She is tied with her hands overhead to a pillar, her ankles and waist are also tightly secured! But we used pink rope! And a pink gag! Nelly doesn’t seem to appreciate pretty colors today… she just wants to get out of here.