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2-07-2015, 16:26 Femdom
Basement Rubber Gimp - Chastity Facesitting FemDomBasement Rubber Gimp - Chastity Facesitting FemDom

It has been 6 months since this slave has experienced an orgasm or release from chastity. I am driving him insane with lust.
Each time that I allow him to experience sexual pleasure, I have included my feet as part of the stimulation. Through repetition I am training him to share my foot fetish. I am remaking his mind in my image.
Chastity can enhance certain mind control techniques. The man laying at my feet twitching and crying is also quite successful outside of the dungeon. This is a private sanctuary of debasement, where we meet for his chastity "check ups."..

Femdom Views: 936
27-06-2015, 23:53 Femdom
Pink Beard Sissy Hair Dye Genderqueer Feminization MakeoverPink Beard Sissy Hair Dye Genderqueer Feminization Makeover

Today Denali and I are fulfilling our long-time fantasy - DYING someone's BEARD BRIGHT PINK. I love hardcore sissy humiliation this is feminization that you can't just wash off!
First, the painful bleaching process. We decide her carpet should match the drapes and bleach her pubic hair. Denali is a trained hair professional - be very careful attempting this unique form of cbt at home!..

Femdom Views: 1136
26-06-2015, 02:01 Femdom
Madame Trixie Beats Her Shoe Slave - Sadistic FemDom ThreesomeMadame Trixie Beats Her Shoe Slave - Sadistic FemDom Threesome

Madame Trixie and Rae have a unique relationship based on give and take. Madame delivers the pain and Rae takes it. Enjoy this glimpse into their frequent "beatdown sessions."
Rae is being punished for her Madame's pleasure, not for any specific transgressions. Fortunately, she is a heavy masochist and Madame Trixie is a natural born sadist. They met through a mutually compatible love of pain.
I love the moment when Rae's moans of mingled pain and pleasure sharpen into cries of distress. The hiccup of pain when a particularly cruel or well-aimed strike hits home is music to a sadist's ear.
No part of Rae's body is safe from us...

Femdom Views: 716
26-06-2015, 00:04 Femdom
Gender Deconstruction Mummification - Transformational Handjob BondageGender Deconstruction Mummification - Transformational Handjob Bondage

One of my greatest fetishes is to take a man and deconstruct him... then rebuild him into a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN instead!
This fun "gender queer pride flag" mummification video began as a fan mail exchange regarding my previous movie featuring a similar scene where I duck taped Denali Winter as a rainbow flag to the Castro Pride Flag in downtown San Francisco. Things quickly escalated from email to real life friendship since this lucky submissive is local.
This is Didi's video debut but I think it won't be her last time in the dungeon. Everyone present before, during and after the scene remarked upon how profound her transformation was when she went from "male" in street clothes, through a chrysalis of duck tape and into makeup while still in bondage...

Femdom Views: 795
25-06-2015, 23:35 Femdom
Kitty Girl Punishment Pet Play - Spanking Flogging Boot LickingKitty Girl Punishment Pet Play - Spanking Flogging Boot Licking

Fancy the Cat Girl is adorable playing with all of my floggers in the dungeon but she soon learns that some are fun and some are MEAN.
It is punishment time since she "forgot" to wear panties today. This sends a clear message and I can tell she wants to push things a little naughtier compared to our other lesbian bondage movies together.
Enjoy a delightful view of her pierced clit hood and sexy ass as I spank her for being so slutty, going without panties and trying to seduce groundskeeper while her owner's back was turned. Underneath her innocent kitty girl exterior, there is a NAUGHTY KITTY waiting to come out. She makes the most adorable squeeky noises when I spank her perky, round ass...

Femdom Views: 684
25-06-2015, 00:19 Femdom
Newbie Initiation - Rocked By Double Latex Domme ThreesomeNewbie Initiation - Rocked By Double Latex Domme Threesome

Virgins are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!
In this case, our studly young submissive man has been with women before but is brand new to bdsm. He has never served a dominant woman and this is also his first threesome. What a day!
The only thing harder than serving a truly dominant woman is serving TWO dominant women at once.
He raced across state lines to answer our distress call when a model fell ill before a schedule shoot during our kink-filled romp through Las Vegas. We want to prove that redheads have more fun!..

Femdom Views: 1277
25-06-2015, 00:10 Femdom
Birthday Double Penetration Pegging - Mistress Jenna Crossdressing ThreesomeBirthday Double Penetration Pegging - Mistress Jenna Crossdressing Threesome

It is Didi's birthday and we've organized a very special party for her. I invite my friend Jenna over for some sensual strap-on fucking in this intimate and intense threesome full of multi orgasmic pegging!
If you like sexy, curvy, punk girls covered in tattoos, you are going to love Domina Jenna Rotten!
We seduce the birthday sissy into submission by brushing her luxurious long hair up into cute, slutty pigtails. Once the "handles" are attached, we entice her to suck our big, hard femdom dicks deeper and deeper for advanced gag-reflex training.
She locks great with a cock in her mouth, especially when it is a sexy woman's cock! She also makes great noises while she has orgasms while stuffed from both ends!..

Femdom Views: 1289
24-06-2015, 01:55 Femdom
Steffy the Rubberdoll As the PlayBoy Bunny - Latex Crossdressing Pinup IconSteffy the Rubberdoll As the PlayBoy Bunny - Latex Crossdressing Pinup Icon

"Every crossdresser secretly wants to be the Playboy Bunny because she is the ultimate symbol of western femininity." That is what Steffy the Rubberdoll claims because she has longed to be one of the sexy, sophisticated Bunnies since she was a young sissy first exploring the adult side of newspaper stands.
Come behind the scenes with me as I take the infamous "Steffy the Rubber Doll" from drab to fab in layers of inflatable rubber.
My friends describe this shoot as a "magical transformation" because of the profound way Steffy's shape and body language go from very masculine to incredibly feminine once she is a fully encased Rubber doll.
This iconic feminizing costume is a closely guarded secret by the Playboy company but, in the 1980's, Steffy bought copies of leaked documents from a club that was closing. This costume was made using the actual patterns of the classic Bunny uniform including the corset, bow, cuffs, collar and name ribbon.
Steffy has also been training using a vintage book featuring comportment lessons for bunnies as well as bunny hop dance instructions...

Femdom Views: 1347
24-06-2015, 01:49 Femdom
Alice In Wonderland Chapter 2 Pool of Tears Sissy BondageAlice In Wonderland Chapter 2 Pool of Tears Sissy Bondage

This clip is about an exquisite and unique Bondage Journey.
I find that bondage is something that some people just rush through in bdsm. To some people, bondage is only a means to an end. Many kinky porn movies begin with the equivalent of "we cut to this bondage already in process..." making it obvious that the woman doing the gloating over the capitve sub is NOT the one that did the rigging.
In my world, sometimes bondage IS the main course...

Femdom Views: 1145
23-06-2015, 02:23 Femdom
Leather Catsuit Gasmask Breathplay - CBT Forced Orgasms Crossdressing FetishistLeather Catsuit Gasmask Breathplay - CBT Forced Orgasms Crossdressing Fetishist

Some submissives love bondage so intense that it scares everyone else.
Instead of finding full body immobilization frightening, this leather slave welcomes the feeling of encasement and compression with a sense of safety. Bondage can be comforting as well as arousing. This slave lives by a motto: "the more bondage, the better!
We take extreme bondage to the next level, starting with a beautiful cobalt blue catsuit, then adding custom fitted leather gloves, booties and a sensory deprivation hood with a special built-in gasmask.
This shoot is a visual feast of color in the usually monochrome world of leather fetishists. There is not a speck of human skin visible on my colorful gimp when I start adding the locking straps...