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12-08-2015, 01:44 BDSM
Armani CEO to Bondage Toy - Hogtied, Parts 1-2Armani CEO to Bondage Toy - Hogtied, Parts 1-2

Armani is the CEO of a big company. All day and almost every day, she is in charge. She is paid to make all decisions, and oversees many employees. Armani finally has a few days of vacation and wants to relinquish all control. Right after work, still wearing her suit, I have her meet me in my studio. I waste no time binding her wrists. I manhandle her just a bit. Her legs are tied next. I lift her long conservative skirt revealing her not so conservative lingerie. I tie her thighs in 3 places...

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5-08-2015, 13:22 BDSM
Penny Post TiedPenny Post Tied

Penny finds her self with her wrists tied around a sturdy post. Her legs are spread and tied apart. Her hips are pulled forward by her crotchrope. She is ballgagged with Vetwrap over her gag and eyes. She whimpers and struggles for a while, before her captor returns. He has a new position planned and he gets started. He removes the rope pulling her crotchrope forward and unties her ankles. He places 2 paint cans by her feet. He lifts her and then kicks the cans under her feet. He gets more rope and starts tying her to the post. He gets her hips and her upper thighs tied securely before he walks away to get more rope. He soon returns...

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2-08-2015, 00:51 BDSM
I Try Out My New M0Co Jute and Hood on RachelI Try Out My New M0Co Jute and Hood on Rachel

I just got some new custom rope from M0co jute and a new leather hood. I'm eager to try them out, so I bring out Rachel. I'm feeling energetic today, so Rachel undergoes some rough manhandling right off the bat. It's not long before I tightly strap a ballgag in her pretty little mouth. I rope her up starting at her waist. I work my way down her legs, adding multiple cinched bands. I periodically stop to grope and spank Rachel...

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28-07-2015, 17:43 BDSM
Prepping the Whore for the PartyPrepping the Whore for the Party

Adara is a whore. I bring her to a little warehouse space where I host parties. Adara does not like my little get away and complains. She complains more when I tell her that she is going to be put is tape bondage. All I have to do is open up my wallet and she agrees to the bondage. If you have enough money Adara will do anything. I rip open her shirt roughly grope her tits. I then tape her arms behind her back as Adara continues with her attitude. She asks why I have to be so rough as I bend her over and tie a rope into her hair. I tell her that compared to others, I am not rough at all. Adara grimaces, as I tie her hair off above. I then start showing her what other mean rough clients might do. I slap her tits and face. I tell her that I don't do things like that, but a lot of other customers will...

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20-07-2015, 12:53 BDSM
Allegra's TestAllegra's Test

Allegra C is next in line of some new models I've been testing. This is a laid back shoot, but the bondage is far from laid back. I start by asking her some questions about her experience and thoughts on bondage as I tie her wrists behind her back. I then try out my biggest ballgag to get an idea of how big her mouth is. I then test out her flexibility. The clip fades to black and we start fresh with me walking her in with a handful of her hair. I grope, smack her ass, and manhandle her as she smiles. I am soon adding a neckrope and her smile grows wider, lol. I then start tying her. I start at her waist, then I add a crotchrope. I then start adding bands of rope down her long legs...

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20-07-2015, 12:43 BDSM
Pony Girl Custom Outfit Try OnPony Girl Custom Outfit Try On

I was planning on shooting a Pony Girl Custom with Adara this day, but I had left some gear I needed at another location. I decided to make the best of the situation and do what I could with what I did have. I start the clip with Adara already in her jodphurs and riding shirt. I don't have the riding boots with me, so I put her in some heeled boots. I have her model it a bit before I smack her ass a few times. I like to hear the different sound that different styles of pants make. These have a heavy leather seat. They make a nice sound, but protect Adara's ass very well, lol. I have a very strict posture collar and that goes on next. I'd like to use it in the custom, but it's just to tall to fit properly when she's wearing the armbinder and the harness. The armbinder goes on next. I have to loosen the bindings quite a bit, as Adara is not very flexible...

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30-06-2015, 01:27 BDSM
Cassondra X HogtiedCassondra X Hogtied

Cassondra has been wanting to be bound and gagged for ages, but like a lot of women she had a hard time communicating her wants and needs. She then met a good friend of mine, JJ. She knew JJ got tied up for a living and was secretly jealous. One day JJ asked if she'd like to try it and Cassondra agreed. She loved it just like she thought she would. She then did a suspension and fell in love. She decided she wanted to take it up a notch and contacted me. She had some things in mind she wanted to try. They were pretty extreme, so I decided to break her in a little more slowly. I figured a nice tight rope hogtie would be a good starting point. I bring Cassondra in and start roping her up...

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30-06-2015, 01:21 BDSM
Cat Burglar Breaks into the wrong HouseCat Burglar Breaks into the wrong House

Amanda has been terrorizing the neighborhood. A master thief, She has been breaking into houses at will... even in broad daylight! Today is her unlucky day though. She is captured by an angry home owner. She is played with, groped, taken to the basement, and tied up. She is not happy about her situation and lets the home owner know. For her efforts, He gags her with a huge dirty cleaning sponge. He makes her bondage even more strict by tying her elbows and her ankles...

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30-06-2015, 01:14 BDSM
Adara the Pony GirlAdara the Pony Girl

Just like in any sport or competition, people bet on Equestrian events. Adara has borrowed money from a group of unsavory characters, in return she promised to fix a big event. She failed for whatever reason and now she owes them 20k. They know that most likely she'll end up at the bar drinking. Sure enough, she shows up and one of the thugs is bar tending. He pours her a drink. After she's distracted he walks around the bar and grabs her. He shoves her up against a support post and straps her waist to it. She wants him to let her go, and he says he will if she's got his 20k. She of course does not, so to teach her a lesson, they are going to make an example out of her. Turning her into an obedient pony seems fitting, and they know a good strong ponygirl will sell for much more than 20k. He straps her wrists together around the post, before a few more are used to secure her to the post...

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12-06-2015, 01:18 BDSM
Courtney Begs For Bondage, Gags, and PunishmentCourtney Begs For Bondage, Gags, and Punishment

Yesterday was a good day. Former Playboy Playmate Courtney stopped by and begged for bondage, gags, and punishment. She said she had been bad. I ordered her on her knees to beg, which she did. She is very convincing and says she'll do anything. I decide this is a good deal, lol... I shove my thumb in her mouth to quickly gag her before I grab her by her hair and grope her tits through her sweater. Courtney moans as I pull her hair and manhandle her. I then bind her wrists behind her back and since I like hearing her beg, I make her beg more. She seems to really want to be gagged, as she keeps talking about objects being shoved in her mouth, and she really needs to be gagged. Before I ballgag her, I shove a few fingers down her throat to make sure she can handle the gag...