BDSM Views: 905
20-08-2015, 00:55 BDSM
Cindy Dollar - chicken wing hogtieCindy Dollar - chicken wing hogtie

We’ve always wanted to do a chicken wing hogtie on a beautiful big boobed girl! Cindy Dollar seemed like the perfect victim for this :) Watch her get progressively tied tighter and tighter, until she ends up in a pink chicken wing hogtie including a pink ballgag! Hot!!

BDSM Views: 741
19-07-2015, 17:37 BDSM
Kathy Sweet - tied on the bedKathy Sweet - tied on the bed

Famous German webcam girl Kathy Sweet wanted to give bondage a try! Her big boobs are perfect for rope bondage, so she soon ended up in a hogtie on her own bed! Kathy struggled and gave it all, but she couldn’t move much!
Apologies for the missing sound, we had a technical problem that day, but this update is too good to be missed!

BDSM Views: 729
19-07-2015, 17:33 BDSM
Vanessa - Hogtied on the couchVanessa - Hogtied on the couch

Vanessa seems angry in her red rope boxtie, so we quickly progress her into a hogtie. Strangely enough, it made her even more agressive. Next time we will have to gag her! Strange fact: once release, Vanessa asked if she could have another go!

BDSM Views: 1443
11-06-2015, 00:05 BDSM
Sylvie - boxtied and hogtiedSylvie - boxtied and hogtied

New girl Sylvie is just gorgeous! She is also super flexible and very fit! We have her completely naked in this tight boxtie which makes her boobs very perky, then we roll her over on the couch to hogtie her! Tight abs and escape attempts! Sylvie is a keeper!!


BDSM Views: 1788
8-06-2015, 14:21 BDSM
Sylvie - Harness gag hogtieSylvie - Harness gag hogtie

Gorgeous fashion model Sylvie has been captured again! This time she is bound in a cruel elbow tie, she can barely move her arms enough to give us the finger! She will have to be punished for that, of course! Harness gag it is! Tied to her ankles, this gag makes for a really extreme hogtie! Struggle all you want Sylvie, you are not going anywhere!

BDSM Views: 846
1-06-2015, 19:49 BDSM
Lily - Ballgagged and hogtiedLily - Ballgagged and hogtied

Flexi Lily is back! Her arms go together like butter! So let’s put her into a strict elbow tie, and then a hogtie! Tied to the frame of the bed with an overhead rope, Lily can’t wriggle too much! She did not complain about this at all! Well, maybe because she was ballgagged, but we think she loved it :)

BDSM Views: 1862
21-05-2015, 00:54 BDSM
Pepper's Legs Spread Reverse Prayer HogtiePepper's Legs Spread Reverse Prayer Hogtie

Pepper stands in darkness... neckroped and ballgagged, with her arms bound behind her in a reverse prayer position. A door opens and closes and the lights pop on. A masked man appears. He roughly manhandles Pepper. She grunts, and mmpphhs as he grabs her by her huge tits and slaps her ass repeatedly. By the marks already there, you can tell Pepper has endured this treatment for a while now. He finally unties her neckrope from above and puts her in a chair...

BDSM Views: 1081
20-05-2015, 23:20 BDSM
Dominika - Blue chicken wing hogtieDominika - Blue chicken wing hogtie

We wanted to practise this chicken wing hogtie some more, so we grabbed a random glamour model to wrap in blue ropes! Dominika has been in all the big men´s magazines, she is super hot! But this is different modelling! She loves bondage, but she wasn´t too sure about this position! It left her so open and vulnerable! Great struggling though!

BDSM Views: 936
9-05-2015, 02:49 BDSM
Ginary's TestGinary's Test

Ginary wanted to be a Futile Struggles model. I like to run new girls through a test shoot. They usually end up hogtied, but in the process, I subject them to spanking, manhandling, a few different kinds of gags, and maybe some clamps. Ginary waits patiently, but nervously on her knees with her arms behind her back as I prepare. The first thing I do is get her wrists tied behind her back. I have a longer length than I need right now. I kind of wrap the excess around her wrists to keep it out of the way. I have plans for it later. I grab Ginary by her hair and start groping her tits with my other hand. I tie a rope around her neck. I use it to pull her to her feet before I tie it off overhead. I now commence groping and slapping Ginary's tits, ass, and thighs...

BDSM Views: 1163
8-05-2015, 02:10 BDSM
Ellen Hogtied in Black Jeans and BootsEllen Hogtied in Black Jeans and Boots

Ellen showed up the other day wearing some sexy black jeans. I thought that she'd look good hogtied in them. I had her put on some boots and I got out the rope. I have her pose for a bit so we can get a good look before I start binding her. We chit chat as I tie her wrists and add a neck rope. The chit chat ends on her part when I strap a ballgag in her mouth. I tie the neckrope above before I grope and manhandle my new captive. The remainder of the clip is the on screen tying of Ellens legs...