BDSM Views: 692
14-08-2015, 12:40 BDSM
Crystal - Hogtied in blueCrystal - Hogtied in blue

Tall blonde Crystal is a high fashion model from Italy! She has never been tied up before, but she said she was willing to give it a try! Tied up in beautiful blue rope in the blue archive room, Crystal is in it for the ride. She enjoyed this shoot so much, she definitely will be back!

BDSM Views: 1028
12-08-2015, 01:44 BDSM
Armani CEO to Bondage Toy - Hogtied, Parts 1-2Armani CEO to Bondage Toy - Hogtied, Parts 1-2

Armani is the CEO of a big company. All day and almost every day, she is in charge. She is paid to make all decisions, and oversees many employees. Armani finally has a few days of vacation and wants to relinquish all control. Right after work, still wearing her suit, I have her meet me in my studio. I waste no time binding her wrists. I manhandle her just a bit. Her legs are tied next. I lift her long conservative skirt revealing her not so conservative lingerie. I tie her thighs in 3 places...

BDSM Views: 924
2-08-2015, 00:51 BDSM
I Try Out My New M0Co Jute and Hood on RachelI Try Out My New M0Co Jute and Hood on Rachel

I just got some new custom rope from M0co jute and a new leather hood. I'm eager to try them out, so I bring out Rachel. I'm feeling energetic today, so Rachel undergoes some rough manhandling right off the bat. It's not long before I tightly strap a ballgag in her pretty little mouth. I rope her up starting at her waist. I work my way down her legs, adding multiple cinched bands. I periodically stop to grope and spank Rachel...

BDSM Views: 810
20-07-2015, 19:26 BDSM
Anastasiya - Naked and boundAnastasiya - Naked and bound

New girl Anastasiya still doesn’t understand how she ended up on a sofa all hogtied and naked! It all went so fast! And then it took soooo long for us to take all the pictures and video ;) Yes, we really take our time with our girls in bondage, even new girls! Best way to let them get used to the ropes!


BDSM Views: 1998
20-07-2015, 12:53 BDSM
Allegra's TestAllegra's Test

Allegra C is next in line of some new models I've been testing. This is a laid back shoot, but the bondage is far from laid back. I start by asking her some questions about her experience and thoughts on bondage as I tie her wrists behind her back. I then try out my biggest ballgag to get an idea of how big her mouth is. I then test out her flexibility. The clip fades to black and we start fresh with me walking her in with a handful of her hair. I grope, smack her ass, and manhandle her as she smiles. I am soon adding a neckrope and her smile grows wider, lol. I then start tying her. I start at her waist, then I add a crotchrope. I then start adding bands of rope down her long legs...

BDSM Views: 1216
20-07-2015, 12:43 BDSM
Pony Girl Custom Outfit Try OnPony Girl Custom Outfit Try On

I was planning on shooting a Pony Girl Custom with Adara this day, but I had left some gear I needed at another location. I decided to make the best of the situation and do what I could with what I did have. I start the clip with Adara already in her jodphurs and riding shirt. I don't have the riding boots with me, so I put her in some heeled boots. I have her model it a bit before I smack her ass a few times. I like to hear the different sound that different styles of pants make. These have a heavy leather seat. They make a nice sound, but protect Adara's ass very well, lol. I have a very strict posture collar and that goes on next. I'd like to use it in the custom, but it's just to tall to fit properly when she's wearing the armbinder and the harness. The armbinder goes on next. I have to loosen the bindings quite a bit, as Adara is not very flexible...

BDSM Views: 729
19-07-2015, 17:33 BDSM
Vanessa - Hogtied on the couchVanessa - Hogtied on the couch

Vanessa seems angry in her red rope boxtie, so we quickly progress her into a hogtie. Strangely enough, it made her even more agressive. Next time we will have to gag her! Strange fact: once release, Vanessa asked if she could have another go!

BDSM Views: 747
12-07-2015, 01:31 BDSM
Dominika and Megan - Hogtied duoDominika and Megan - Hogtied duo

The gorgeous Dominika returns, this time she brought along a new friend called Megan! Megan was a little bit shy, but she had such a great body we just had to tie her up next to Dominika. Awesome chest harnesses make this duo look even more spectacular! Gorgeous struggling!

BDSM Views: 735
11-07-2015, 18:25 BDSM
Jessica - Young girl in pink ropeJessica - Young girl in pink rope

Cute little Jessica was sooo curious about being hogtied! But only if we would use the pink rope! Well, okay, let’s go easy on her, it’s her first time!!

BDSM Views: 1014
11-07-2015, 17:39 BDSM
Victoria Sweet - Hogtied to the tableVictoria Sweet - Hogtied to the table

Victoria Sweet! An agressive struggler despite her name! It’s probably not enough to just hogtie her in black ropes, so we...