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Wasteland - Turning the Paige: Chapter 3Wasteland - Turning the Paige: Chapter 3

In this third installment of a 7-part episodic series inspired by the literary works of Ernest Hemingway, we see the Master’s domestic servant, Ami dusting his dungeon and chatting with Paige. Ami decides it’s time tor some play and seduces Paige. After some hot girl-on-girl action, Master Doc catches them en flagrante. As a punishment, he puts them through the paces in a classic predicament scene.

Anal hooks are inserted into both girls while on their knees, and then he makes them painfully kneel on dry rice. He then administers the crop, cane and a tazzapper to motivate movement, where they are forced to pull on each other and move around on the rice. A very painful lesson for both of them indeed!

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BallBustingChicks - Pip - Tight SqueezeBallBustingChicks - Pip - Tight Squeeze

Moste extreme scene of "Black man humiliated and tortured!". Full swing beating of big, dangling, tied up black mans bollocks with her hand and paddle...

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BallBustingChicks - Pip - A handful!BallBustingChicks - Pip - A handful!

The helpless, perverted masochist wants to get rid of his balls anyway. Before that happens she wants to have some fun with his unusual big bollocks. His cruel Mistress ties them up to make them even bigger. She burns them with her cigarette leaving a nasty spot on it. Then she beat them up with all her might. Maybe the reason why he wants to get rid of them is that she could not hurt them anymore...

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BallBustingChicks - Natasha - Kicked By The Angry MistressBallBustingChicks - Natasha - Kicked By The Angry Mistress

The ruthless Mistress lets her anger out on her doggy slave. He his forced to present his balls to the busty lady. She kicks him right between his legs with all her might. His balls are aching like hell after this "walk in the park".

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BallBustingChicks - Rose - Not As ExpectedBallBustingChicks - Rose - Not As Expected

Mistress Jessica, Mistress Rose and Rebekah Dee take brutal revenge on a disgusting man. Instead of dirty sex games as he planned, he gets his balls busted like crazy. They beat his swollen balls senseless. They kick him so hard in the balls that he would not even think about sex for the next weeks...

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BallBustingChicks - Liza - How to beat downan erection!BallBustingChicks - Liza - How to beat downan erection!

She first tease him, then she get the most fun when beating an erect penis so hard and brutal with her leather gloved hand that it shrivels up in front of her in a very short time. She humiliates him further when she force him to wag his tail like a . His cock must hurt like hell taking all these hard beatings from her leather gloved hands!

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Wasteland - Why Santa’s Elves Don’t Wear PantiesWasteland - Why Santa’s Elves Don’t Wear Panties

Tis’ the night before Christmas when all through Santa’s workshop the elves are all hustling and bustling away. All except one elf that is. Head-Elf Irony had to hire a lot of extra help this year, it seems the demand for “toys” had increased. Elf Cheri seemed to have all the right qualities for the job, how could Irony have been so wrong.

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Wasteland - But I Earned It MasterWasteland - But I Earned It Master

After all the training and all the punishments, Violet knew that a day would come where Master would bestow upon her a day of blissful pleasure. Well, almost blissful…after all you can’t let your submissive think that they are due anything, but rather all pleasure must be earned.

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Wasteland - Coffee, Tea or Me, Goddess?Wasteland - Coffee, Tea or Me, Goddess?

After using Violet as a human coffee table that also serves as a shoe polisher, she allows her to worship her legs ass and legs to get things warmed up. Violet then turns her attention to Goddess’s lovely breasts and nipples, leading to a hot session with a vibrating magic wand which brings her to several enthusiastic orgasms. What’s for desert, Violet?

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Assylum - Slop YogaAssylum - Slop Yoga

This super-hot yoga babe gets exploited and used like a filthy piece of meat. Dr. Mercies discovers her in the garage of the A$$y!um, where she has been hanging out in hopes of being a patient. Then he admits her, knowing he can use her any way he wants--all for her therapy, of course. He jams different types of anal beads all the way up her asshole, then pulls them out and shoves them down her throat--again and again. He fucks her face and makes her eat his ass too. During all of this, she has to spit her slop into a big bowl. Then He fucks her ass really hard, making her cry and does lots of ass to mouth on her. She says she has to go to the bathroom due to the anal sex, but he ignores and just does more ass to mouth. Finally, he pours her bowl of slop into an enema bag, drips the mix into her ass, makes her squirt it out and eat it. This is just part 1. Orderly Damian takes his turn in part 2... and it gets even rougher for this poor little teenager.