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21-08-2015, 01:29 Femdom
The Transformation Of ThorThe Transformation Of Thor

Featuring - Madame Adore & Slave Thor
Content - 41 mins video, 38 pictures
Tags - FemDom, rubber, strapon, anal, fist, trans, electro play, dildos, whipping, spanking, humiliation, pissing

Femdom Views: 726
20-08-2015, 20:51 Femdom
The Transendence Of Miss VelourThe Transendence Of Miss Velour

Featuring - Miss Velour, slave j & slave thor
Content - 23 mins video, 23 pictures
Tags - Rubber, FemDom, Anal, ATM, Spanking, Gagging, Deepthroat, Trans, Cock sucking, bi-sex, humiliation

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18-08-2015, 15:39 Femdom
Mademoiselle's Gym Bitch, Part 1Mademoiselle's Gym Bitch, Part 1

While Dava and Ela fit in a quick workout and chat, their male bitch is busy doing one of his many tasks in the background which for the moment is washing their clothes. The girls love to keep him in a French maid outfit for maximum humiliation at all times, after all that sissy look is very befitting of a male in their household. But there is no such thing as enough humiliation so they make him lick their shoes clean after they step away from the workout equipment.

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17-08-2015, 02:05 Femdom
Broken By Bullies Part II: Clear HDBroken By Bullies Part II: Clear HD

The second part to the first popular action finds superstars Loren and Nikki Next again working together like a violent machine, dominating Thin Man in disparate and sadistic ways. Part One ended with Thin Man locked in blonde beauty Loren's throatscissors. The pretty girl seems always to look even more radiant when she's hurting Thin Man. He answers the question she left him with in Part One through a compressed windpipe. Nikki Next sits on him and mercilessly mocks his wild gasping sounds as the two striking girls' mean streaks merge on the head of the bony bastard of Tampa Bay. Nikki sticks her hand in his mouth, hand gagging him as Loren cranks on her infamous one-legged calf choke. As he's talking -- Nikki in perfect sync, puts HOM and tells him "Shhh, shhh ..." They smear his spit on his face. In Loren's neckbreaker and Nikki's HOM he start to cry! Sometimes emotion takes over when you are completely controlled -- it doesn't mean Thin Man isn't a tough bastard...

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Princess Rene - Dicks GalorePrincess Rene - Dicks Galore

You guys always ask why I make so many forced bi clips. Why? Because you guys fucking love them! I can't tell you why you love dick so much, you just do! Today I won't hold back, intricately describing my (and your) fantasy of keeping you as a sexual party favor to service all my hot male friends, all the while inundating you with picture after picture of HOT juicy cock in your FAG face! Yummmm, right?

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10-08-2015, 02:44 Femdom
London Lix - 10 Years Of JoILondon Lix - 10 Years Of JoI

July 2015 marks 10 years in the industry for me! To celebrate, I've put together a compilation of jerk off instructions from my best clips throughout the years, resulting in a solid hour of masturbation games and encouragement. There will be edging, there will be cum countdowns, stripteases and denials before I finally allow you release. This has been constructed to literally work as 60 minutes of JOI; each clip streams effortlessly into the next, or you can choose to pause throughout. Features 50 unique clip segments; some of these clips have NEVER been released before, and some are yet to be released. Listen to me dirty talk as I strip down to my panties (or even less) and enjoy the transition from my perky A cups to 32DDs ;-) No humiliation, just straight up sexy encouragement.

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The Nymphomaniac Slave Punished with Double PoundingThe Nymphomaniac Slave Punished with Double Pounding

House Maid Warner is sent to turn down the beds and makes a terrible error when she finds the lead nympho slave in a strict rope deprivation punishment. Veronica is practically slavering all over her tightly bound tits. It's been two weeks since she was last given sex, and she will do anything to get it.

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2-08-2015, 00:05 BDSM
Disgusting Piss Guzzling Slut Paraded Through BudapestDisgusting Piss Guzzling Slut Paraded Through Budapest

Longtime PD Fan and public whore Lucia Love is greedy to be used on Public Disgrace!!! Fetish Liza steps up to that task and brutally shames and humiliates this natural busty whore all over Budapest. Lucia barks like a dog, gets disgusting food smeared over her face, and then pissed on to wash it all off. This greedy anal slut can't get enough, she is humiliated with a hard pounding double penetration in front of a huge crowd.

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1-08-2015, 23:53 BDSM
Blonde Brat PunishmentBlonde Brat Punishment

Jenna is a beautiful all natural blonde whore that has a bratty side to her. She fights off being submissive, but I have no problem with that. She starts on her knees and leaning back exposing her tits and pussy. She is flogged and tormented with a cat o' nine. She spits and screams from the pain and then figures out that that will not make it stop. Next we have her on her back and the torment continues. Her nipples are punished until she can't endure it anymore.Her pussy is then made to cum so hard that she begs for it to stop. In the final scene she is perched atop the sybian with all of her weight pressing down on her over stimulated pussy. She screams, begs and pleads to make th orgasms stop, but we just sit back and enjoy her suffering.

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26-07-2015, 01:03 BDSM
The Girlfriend CollectionThe Girlfriend Collection

A classy casanova wine and dines his new girlfriend. When he takes her home to get a little intimate Adley Rose realizes she is not the only one there. As she further investigates this guys home she stumbles upon a collection of girls bound and caged. Mr Pete finds Adley snooping around the basement. He grabs her and places her with his girlfriend collection. He proceeds in skull fucking Adley until she slobbers all over his cock. He also displays Juliette March as she gets ass fucked and pounded into submission. Mr Pete punishes and fucks Сadence Luxx to tears. He ultimately fucks all three girls through every hole until they all submit.