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Goddess Amanda - Public Humiliation Task Part 2Goddess Amanda - Public Humiliation Task Part 2

Congratulations you have successfully made it to Part 2 of my tasks. Give yourself a pat on the back. Today I have a few things you need to pick up for my task today. Are you ready to hear my instructions? Just remember, if you complete all of these there is a reward at the end of the tunnel.

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Princess Lexie - Teasing the SissyPrincess Lexie - Teasing the Sissy

I know My perfect little ass gets you so excited, especially when I wear this sexy black bodysuit. So I have a little twist in mind for you today. I want you to get a big butt plug, and each time I flash My Princess ass to the camera, I want you to slide that plug up your slutty little hole. In and out, with each flash of My butt-you know I'm just going to be DESTROYING your fuck hole!

But the fun doesn't stop there, you little sissy. Nope, I think it's time for some public humiliation tasks while I'm teasing you with My body. I'm going to tell you exactly how you should dress as My slutty little sissy whore, doesn't that sound fun? And then once you're all dressed up-it's obviously time to hit the streets! Hahahaha...we both know you'll do ANYTHING for My amusement.

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Wasteland - Goddess is DispleasedWasteland - Goddess is Displeased

Ava loves when her Goddess plays with her. Her ministrations always make her so wet, sometimes she even manipulates the situation so her Goddess doesn’t stop….SO…what happens when Goddess figures it out. Watch and find out.

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Wasteland - AfterpartyWasteland - Afterparty

Everyone has a good time at a business social but it’s the after-party that people look forward to.

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Hardtied - Bush Barrel - Roxanne RaeHardtied - Bush Barrel - Roxanne Rae

Roxanne Rae isn't sure how she ended up where she is, bound in rope hanging from the ceiling as a strange man plays with her body. More than that, she can't tell if she likes it or not. He toys with and bites her long hair and runs his hands along her curves. He runs a crotch rope through her legs, then, when he realizes he can't reach every inch of her body he wants to touch, he cuts off her panties. Roxanne is scared but excited. While she moves away when he goes to bite her hair and tickle her, the little moans and sighs she lets out when he slaps her tits and touches her pussy give away the fact that she's having at least a little fun.

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Ballbustingpornstars - Schoolgirl Ballbusting with the Flasher and Layla Price

Layla punishes her dick-flashing neighbor by busting his balls!

Layla Price was home alone studying in her room when her neighbor paid her a visit, wearing nothing but a large overcoat. She didn't give him much attention when he was hanging out in her room until she felt something wet and stick on her legs. When she turned around she realized he was masturbating in front of her!


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Toaxxx - Giant Breasts in heavy BondageToaxxx - Giant Breasts in heavy Bondage

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Toaxxx - Giant Breasts Predicament ChallengeToaxxx - Giant Breasts Predicament Challenge

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Toaxxx - Night of Torture 2 - Part 6Toaxxx - Night of Torture 2 - Part 6

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Toaxxx - Night of Torture 2 - Part 5Toaxxx - Night of Torture 2 - Part 5