Femdom Views: 1154
16-08-2015, 09:45 Femdom
Menareslaves - It's So Cute Watching You BegMenareslaves - It's So Cute Watching You Beg

Aww how cute, look at the little man beg! Its so adorable to watch him grovel and plead for pity as Lady Edyn and Miss Pris electrocute his cock and balls without care, they almost feel pity for him. Almost. They will at least reward him with some female ass for his efforts, as his suffering does amuse the girls.

Femdom Views: 893
14-08-2015, 12:12 Femdom
Proudandperverted - Bizarre BeingProudandperverted - Bizarre Being

Featuring - Bizarre Violet & slave lukas
Content - 18 mins video, 18 pictures
Tags - Fem-Dom. Rubber, Slave, CBT, pissing, strap-on, foot worship

BDSM, Femdom Views: 875
14-08-2015, 02:24 BDSM, Femdom
Proudandperverted - All Good Things Cum In ThreesProudandperverted - All Good Things Cum In Threes

Featuring - Madame Adore, Hedonia & Alex.T
Content - 18 mins video, 33 pictures
Tags - Fem-Dom, Rubber, Slave, CBT, pissing, strap-on, breath control, wands, sounds, sybian

Femdom Views: 705
12-08-2015, 17:39 Femdom
The Abandoned Airbase - Flogging in the WindThe Abandoned Airbase - Flogging in the Wind

In late May 2015, we visited an abandoned airbase from the old USSR in East Berlin, Germany. The weather was nice and Lady G and Anna Konda, was ready to have a little fun with their slaves. Lady G loves to course pain and now she got a chance to issue some to slave Ben. Slave Ben brought her a flogger that, as you can see in the pictures, has some where sharp edges making it much more painful than a regular flogger. Enjoy!

BDSM Views: 813
12-08-2015, 01:10 BDSM
Proudandperverted - Adoring AdreenaProudandperverted - Adoring Adreena

Featuring - Madame Adore & Adreena Winters
Content - 19 mins video, 37 pictures
Tags - Fem-Dom. Rubber, Slave, spanking, whipping, pissing, strap-on, wands, bondage

BDSM Views: 734
12-08-2015, 00:48 BDSM
Proudandperverted - Preggo PlayslutProudandperverted - Preggo Playslut

Featuring - Sasja
Content - 8 mins video, 18 pictures
Tags - Pregnant. Rubber, Masturbation, Dildo, slave

Femdom Views: 694
9-08-2015, 02:06 Femdom
Franch Slave for the Cats 01 Full VersionFranch Slave for the Cats 01 Full Version

This slave came extra from France to berlin to meet the cats. he was a litlle soft slave but no matter the cats gave him a leson in licking dirty feet, stomping on his balls, whipping his balls and sitting on his face.It looks like he liked the tratmant!

BDSM Views: 1017
2-08-2015, 00:35 BDSM
Darling and Bella Rossi - When the Cat's Away Slutty Slaves PlayDarling and Bella Rossi - When the Cat's Away Slutty Slaves Play

Bella and Darling's mistress leaves them alone in her dungeon, shackled and bound together with a kissing gag. Unsupervised, Bella struggles out of her restraints only to use Darling as her personal lesbian fuck toy. The scene intensifies with spanking, bondage, flogging, caning, pussy licking, ass worship, finger banging, pussy and anal strap-on and relentless orgasm torture!

BDSM Views: 739
26-07-2015, 01:25 BDSM
Squirting Anal Slave AJ Applegate Tied Tight & FuckedSquirting Anal Slave AJ Applegate Tied Tight & Fucked

Perfect blond slaves is not all it takes to please The Governess. She is a filthy Mistress and requires those asses to shake. Bubble butt slaves AJ Applegate and Cali Carter desperately bounce their cheeks while sexually servicing female guests, but eventually they both land on blow job duty and deliver a sloppy performance in form of the entire party.
The Governess ties AJ down to the table in a grueling rope bondage position nd sticks her entire fist in AJ's tight pussy, resulting in a fireworks display of squirting and begging. Cali receive's a sexual punishment all her own, being slapped around a violently fucked by one of our esteemed guests...

Femdom Views: 1136
26-06-2015, 02:01 Femdom
Madame Trixie Beats Her Shoe Slave - Sadistic FemDom ThreesomeMadame Trixie Beats Her Shoe Slave - Sadistic FemDom Threesome

Madame Trixie and Rae have a unique relationship based on give and take. Madame delivers the pain and Rae takes it. Enjoy this glimpse into their frequent "beatdown sessions."
Rae is being punished for her Madame's pleasure, not for any specific transgressions. Fortunately, she is a heavy masochist and Madame Trixie is a natural born sadist. They met through a mutually compatible love of pain.
I love the moment when Rae's moans of mingled pain and pleasure sharpen into cries of distress. The hiccup of pain when a particularly cruel or well-aimed strike hits home is music to a sadist's ear.
No part of Rae's body is safe from us...