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15-03-2016, 23:56 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Lydia in Force Fed with slave woody - Pt 1Mistress-jennifer - Mistress Lydia in Force Fed with slave woody - Pt 1

Mistress Lydia, in red vinyl bikini and black high heels gives you point of view body worship and masturbation instructions. Next, Mistress Lydia, now in boots, sox, dress and beret begins to humble slave woody who is before Her in the portable stock. She smacks his cock with the slapper and spikes and kicks him all over before removing Her boots and making him feast on Her feet which are clad in sox. She puts him to the floor, tramples him and then removes Her dress.

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10-03-2016, 12:35 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - Steel stiletto session - pt 1Mistress-jennifer - Steel stiletto session - pt 1

Loyal slave trampy is seen finishing the upper laces on Mistress Tangent’s beautiful thigh high shiny black boots. She is going to warm him up and then unleash Her steel spikes into every part of him. He licks the bottoms of Her boots clean and then She stands for some boot worship before laying him down and beginning to trample him with these beautiful boots.

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4-03-2016, 12:38 Femdom
Mistress-jennifer - His hungry holes - pt 1Mistress-jennifer - His hungry holes - pt 1

Mistress Tangent sits and casually lights a cigarette. She gestures her slave to crawl in and assume the boot worshiping position he grumbles and licks at her high thigh high black boots. She stands any tongue worships her boots from tip the top. She makes some kiss worship her ass her perfect tight ass. Boot slaves rejoice as She sends him down Her boots to lick and clean and then has him suck the pointy toe like a cock.

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30-10-2015, 00:21 Femdom
Elegantfemdom Videos 1Elegantfemdom Videos 1

Including Scenes:
Feb 11 2014 - The lowly slave licks and worship Lady Amanda bare feet...
Feb 13 2014 - The maleslave sniffs and worship Lady Ann's hosed feet...

... and more...

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16-08-2015, 10:02 Femdom
SubbyGirls - I Think I Wanna Borrow HerSubbyGirls - I Think I Wanna Borrow Her

Kate and Nickey are just casually chatting while their servant Val tenderly licks between Nickeys legs. It makes for more comfortable conversation this way, having her pussy licked while the girls talk. Eventually Kate wants some oral service and borrows Val so the cute pet can serve between her legs as well.

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25-06-2015, 00:19 Femdom
Newbie Initiation - Rocked By Double Latex Domme ThreesomeNewbie Initiation - Rocked By Double Latex Domme Threesome

Virgins are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!
In this case, our studly young submissive man has been with women before but is brand new to bdsm. He has never served a dominant woman and this is also his first threesome. What a day!
The only thing harder than serving a truly dominant woman is serving TWO dominant women at once.
He raced across state lines to answer our distress call when a model fell ill before a schedule shoot during our kink-filled romp through Las Vegas. We want to prove that redheads have more fun!..

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9-06-2015, 20:22 Femdom
Introducing Mistress Toni - Under her boots - FemDom ThreesomeIntroducing Mistress Toni - Under her boots - FemDom Threesome

Introducing Mistress Toni in "UNDER HER BOOTS"...
I promised her a treat during our Las Vegas vacation... Mistress Toni wants to put my slave deep into subspace using her beautiful leather stiletto boots.
Not all submissives are created equally. This one is reliable, punctual and sexy. He has also endured hard labor digging ditches for my latest art project. Only real slaves serve with no promise of reward... which is why he is so fun to pass around! He is all dressed up and polished to a glossy shine in his best skin-tight rubber...

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6-06-2015, 23:00 Femdom
Bottle Party - FemDom Forced Intoxication Bondage - Whiskey HumiliationBottle Party - FemDom Forced Intoxication Bondage - Whiskey Humiliation

How do you truly punish a submissive who enjoys kinky, painful and humiliating female domination?
Make him drink an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WHISKEY, in a single sitting, while being humiliated and tortured. Keep the bucket handy in case there is a sudden and unfortunate eruption!
I have a hilariously good time in this forced intoxication scene as I literally reduce my slave to tears as I get him progressively more and more shitfaced on camera...

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14-05-2015, 00:38 Femdom
Your Time with Sasha's Size 6 FeetYour Time with Sasha's Size 6 Feet

You're alone in the room with Sasha Foxxx, one of the hottest girls on the planet! She is wearing sneakers and white cotton socks and you just can't help staring at her feet. The thing is, she catches you in the act. She saw you staring at her feet. But then, just when you think she's going to be disgusted with you, she tells you that it's alright and that she knows about your foot fetish. Just to hear speak those words will give you butterflies!
Sasha takes things even further though. Not only is she ok with your foot fetish, she is more than happy to let you indulge in it as well. That's right! So she sexily removes her sneakers and peels off her socks, revealing two of the nicest, softest feet you'll ever encounter!..

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14-05-2015, 00:22 Femdom
Bratty Bunny - Think ButtBratty Bunny - Think Butt

Just think about it. Touch yourself to my ass. Worship my perfect booty.