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Wasteland - Turning the Paige: Chapter 3Wasteland - Turning the Paige: Chapter 3

In this third installment of a 7-part episodic series inspired by the literary works of Ernest Hemingway, we see the Master’s domestic servant, Ami dusting his dungeon and chatting with Paige. Ami decides it’s time tor some play and seduces Paige. After some hot girl-on-girl action, Master Doc catches them en flagrante. As a punishment, he puts them through the paces in a classic predicament scene.

Anal hooks are inserted into both girls while on their knees, and then he makes them painfully kneel on dry rice. He then administers the crop, cane and a tazzapper to motivate movement, where they are forced to pull on each other and move around on the rice. A very painful lesson for both of them indeed!

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Wasteland - Lily Exposed!Wasteland - Lily Exposed!

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Wasteland - But I Earned It MasterWasteland - But I Earned It Master

After all the training and all the punishments, Violet knew that a day would come where Master would bestow upon her a day of blissful pleasure. Well, almost blissful…after all you can’t let your submissive think that they are due anything, but rather all pleasure must be earned.

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Wasteland - Coffee, Tea or Me, Goddess?Wasteland - Coffee, Tea or Me, Goddess?

After using Violet as a human coffee table that also serves as a shoe polisher, she allows her to worship her legs ass and legs to get things warmed up. Violet then turns her attention to Goddess’s lovely breasts and nipples, leading to a hot session with a vibrating magic wand which brings her to several enthusiastic orgasms. What’s for desert, Violet?

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Wasteland - Peaches and ScreamsWasteland - Peaches and Screams

Master Shadrack has Peaches right where he likes her: Bound to a bamboo rod and suspended from the ceiling! In this scene, he puts her through the paces of multiple dildos and insertion toys that bring her to many screaming orgasms!

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Wasteland - Turning the Paige - Chapter 2Wasteland - Turning the Paige - Chapter 2

In this second installment of a 7-part episodic series inspired by the literary works of Ernest Hemingway, we see that Master Doc has taken Paige to his Sanctum Santorum Dungeon for punishment and training. After putting her n a partial rope suspension, he warms her up with a hard flogging and them proceeds to a harsh single tail whipping and caning which breaks her down into sub space. As a reward, he brings her to a massive squirting orgasm (well, not a reward for him as he now has Paige Juice all over this dungeon floor!)

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Wasteland - All Wrapped Up With Nowhere To GoWasteland - All Wrapped Up With Nowhere To Go

Master of kinky sex, Dr. Swallow, is at it again. This time with a very unusual set of implements! Dressed in only 7 inch ballet point heels, saran wrap and wrist cuffs, Sicilia submits to him as he suspends her from above and uses a delightful combination of clamps and clothespins to the nipples and tongue, a large vibrator bound to her clit, a truly remarkable suction device applied to her engorged clit, and a bit of loving bdsm play. After teasing and bringing her to several massive orgasms, he sits beneath her as she takes his cock into her pussy while still suspended from above for a dramatic happy ending.

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Wasteland - Lily In Suspense!Wasteland - Lily In Suspense!

Master Shadrack treats Lily Ligotage to an intense Shibari full suspension and then brings her to multiple orgasms through pussy play, fingering, a vibrator, accented by some great flogging.

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Wasteland - Playing with the New GirlWasteland - Playing with the New Girl

Once again Master Shadrack brings a new submissive to his dungeon. Just where does find these willing participants? Today he shows his new friend what he like to do for fun and from the moans and screams she seems to be having a good time too.

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Wasteland - A Women With Many SkillsWasteland - A Women With Many Skills

We find ourselves in a strange and unusual story. Lilly is tied to a chair, which is lying on the ground. Her sister is upstairs visiting and Master is running around fucking them both and asking Lily to be on cleanup duty as cleanliness is next to…