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7-12-2016, 21:08 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Deep ImpactWasteland - Deep Impact

Master treats his new submissive to a long series of impact play while she is bound, Shibari style, from above. Starting out with simple but highly painful wooden paddles, he stirs things up with a flogging and them moves on the much dreaded cane! Once she can take no more, he rewards her with a pussy fingering and then allows her to suck his cock until he cums on her lovely face.


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7-12-2016, 00:58 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - A Commanding PerformanceWasteland - A Commanding Performance

Nora provides a great BDSM show for three dungeon spectators! After Master Shadrack has her securely bound in rope, he treats her to a world class series of electro-stim, zipper clothes pins, and a bone shaking set of orgasms to the delight of the live audience who cheers her on every step of the way, and then instruct her to give Master a blowjob which she does with great enthusiasm!

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24-11-2016, 01:15 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Goddess is DispleasedWasteland - Goddess is Displeased

Ava loves when her Goddess plays with her. Her ministrations always make her so wet, sometimes she even manipulates the situation so her Goddess doesn’t stop….SO…what happens when Goddess figures it out. Watch and find out.

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23-11-2016, 23:25 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - AfterpartyWasteland - Afterparty

Everyone has a good time at a business social but it’s the after-party that people look forward to.

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19-10-2016, 00:25 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Her RewardWasteland - Her Reward

Having now completed her submissive slave training, young Cat is rewarded by Master Argus by being collared for her very first time. After a firm but loving warm-up with a wooden paddle and a flogger, Master treats her to some intense pussy play bringing her to orgasm repeatedly. The scene culminates with Cat getting a proper fucking whilst suspended from above. Being a good girl does have its rewards!

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12-05-2016, 00:49 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - A Very BDSM ChristmasWasteland - A Very BDSM Christmas

Shadrack comes down to his dungeon on Christmas morning to find that Santa has delivered a very large box with his present inside! Out pops a pretty elf girl who gives him his special presents, and then gives him his real treat! Best christmas ever, for Shadrack!

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26-04-2016, 15:51 BDSM, Wasteland
Wasteland - Truth SeekerWasteland - Truth Seeker

Some Masters go to great lengths to make sure their submissive’s tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When Shadrack discovers that Lily has lied to him and has had many indiscretions, it then becomes Shadracks one goal to discover the truth, using some very unique methods.